How to turn on Sony soundbar without remote; Tips that Work

Do you feel like turning on your TV and Sony Soundbar with two different remotes is an excruciating task? Or did you recently misplace your Sony Soundbar remote control, making it impossible for you to use your Sony soundbar?

Whatever your reason for learning how to turn on the Sony soundbar without a remote, you should know it is valid.

You invested money in the soundbar, and nothing should stop you from enjoying your money’s worth. Unless if a plug or two got fried, or it just stops working.

Nevertheless, stick with me, and I’ll show you how to keep enjoying your Sony soundbar when you no longer have the remote.

How to turn on Sony Soundbar without remote

If you’re familiar with the Sony soundbar, you’ll know that some (if not most) of their models require you to use and access certain functions with the remote control effectively.

So, when you lose the remote, you most likely won’t have access to certain functions unless you get another. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The safest way to use your Sony Soundbar without remote control is to sync it to your TV.

Once you successfully sync it with your TV, you’d only need your TV remote to control both the TV and the soundbar.

If you misplace the remote of the soundbar or the power on button on the soundbar no longer works for some reason, you don’t need to worry too much. You can control it with your TV as long as you already sync before the remote control is missing.

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If you’re wondering how to do a TV and Sony soundbar sync, follow these steps.

  • Ensure that the TV and Soundbar are compatible. You can check the specifications. If both your TV and Soundbar are from Sony, the chances are that they are both compatible.
  • Proceed to connect your soundbar to your TV via the HDMI cable. Ensure that both the TV and Soundbar have an HDMI port that supports Audio Return Channel (ARC). Then, set your soundbar to the arc input.
  • While connecting the HDMI cable to your TV and Soundbar, ensure that both devices are turned on. If it’s your first time setting up the sync, you’ll get an “easy setup” prompt on your TV screen. Click on it and watch Sony guide you through the remaining setup process.

Once you’ve completed the syncing process, you’ll practically no longer need to use your soundbar remote.

But before you finally ditch your soundbar remote control, ensure that you set up your preferred listening experience.

The recent Sony soundbar models give you the comfort of modifying the listening experience you’ll get. Of course, you’ll need the soundbar remote control to do that.

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Wrap Up

There you go! You should try it out since you already know how to turn on the Sony Soundbar without a remote.

It’s safer to sync your soundbar to your TV as it breeds convenience. You don’t need to bother yourself with two remotes.

Also, you can always keep the remote someplace safe so that you can always access it when you need it.

A quick reminder, when you successfully do the sync, don’t forget to adjust the listening preference to your taste.

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