Is It Possible to Power Passive Speakers without an Amp?

power passive speaker without an amp

In audio systems, a speaker’s primary function is to produce an audible sound output. The two types of speakers based on amplification method are active and passive. Most speakers nowadays are passive. You need a stand-alone amp or subwoofer to set up a passive speaker system. To know if it’s possible to power passive speaker … Read more

How To Successfully Connect Powered Speakers To Mixers

connect powered speakers to mixers

Establishing a good connection between the components is essential in audio system set-up. This helps produce a clear and high-quality sound. Mixers help improve the quality of audio signals and dynamic range. To get the best audio output, learn how to connect powered speakers to mixers properly. The Powered Speakers Powered speakers are also called active speakers or … Read more

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Other Devices: Pair Bluetooth Speakers Successfully

Pairing bluetooth speakers

Portable and easy-to-use Bluetooth speakers are quite popular these days. You can enjoy listening to your favorite music anywhere by simply connecting these speakers to your smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth-capable devices.  About Bluetooth Speakers Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets two devices communicate with each other over short distances. When Bluetooth speakers receive … Read more

How to Play Music from Phone to Car without aux?

play music from phone to car without aux

If you own a car and you are a music aficionado, you’ve probably made sure that your car audio system is already set up for your hearing pleasure.  However, if you don’t own a car, or you ride along in someone else’s chariot from time to time and still want to be the passenger DJ, … Read more

The 2 Way vs 3 Way Speakers

2-way and 3-way speaker design

Understanding speaker design is an art. Usually, consumers would go to audio stores and pick out either the most expensive or the cheapest speakers set they can get their hands on without factoring in the qualities that make up a good speaker. A term you would often come across when buying (or building) speaker sets … Read more

The Perfect Pool Party Songs Playlist

Pool Party Playlist

Summer is here! It’s time to have fun under the sun. And so, what better way to start the summer than a pool party, right? Whether you’re the host or you’re the one attending, you got to have the best songs on your playlist. The task of choosing songs, however, can be pretty stressful; after … Read more