Takstar PRO82 Review, A Professional Studio Reference Headphone

To get started with music production or audio engineering, you must invest in some quality peripherals. Among those peripherals, one of the most crucial investments is a studio headphone.

In my years of experience with audio engineering and production, I have learned how important it is to have professional quality studio headphones for the job. That’s why I always try to go through the best headphones I can find around. And I came across Takstar pro 82 while I was searching for some affordable choices.

I dug deep to see if it's worth a try or not. Then they got it for me. So, what I am going to share here is my experience and my research of these headphones.

Without wasting much time, let’s get into it, and you will know whether you should get this one or not.


Takstar PRO82 Specs

 Here’s a little rundown of the technical specification of Takstar Pro 82
Takstar PRO82 Professional Reference Monitor Headphone

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  • Driver: 40mm dynamic driver
  • Headphone type: Closed-back 
  • Frequency range: 10hz to 20000hz
  • Connectors: 2.5mm TRRS jack on headphones, 3.5mm jack for connection
  • Weight: 0.5lbs
  • Colors: Silver and black
  • Cable: 2.2 meters

The Benefits & Drawbacks of the product

Don’t have much time to go through the details? Then, take a look at the benefits and drawbacks you get from Takstar Pro 82 to make a quick decision.

Benefits of Takstar PRO82

  • These headphones offer you an extreme level of comfort so you can work for long hours.
  • The sound quality is excellent, with commendable high and low frequencies
  • You get an adjustable bass port, so you have control over how the bass will sound
  • Even with the closed-back design, it gives you great soundstage and imaging
  • This is surely a value for money headphone as it’s priced reasonably

Drawbacks of Takstar PRO82

  • It’s quite difficult to find the 2.5mm TRRS jack if you lose it
  • When you use it for extended periods, it tends to get a little hot

Well, in my opinion, the benefits of this headphone outweigh the drawbacks by a lot. And considering the price, it’s a worthy choice. However, if you are still not convinced, I recommend you check out the headphone details below.

About Takstar PRO82

Here, I will share what I have found about this headphone in my research and my experience using it. So, you can rely on them without having any doubts whatsoever.

What is the Takstar PRO82 like physically?

When I set out to find an affordable studio headphone, I wasn’t looking for a sturdy or good-looking headphone. Because that would be expecting too much. However, the Takstar Pro 82 has completely changed my mind in that regard.

It comes with a classy finish and amazing looks that are quite stylish. You can’t tell this is a headphone within a limited budget with that premium finish on it. In terms of design, it doesn’t lack anything from some high-end choices of headphones.

Coming to the build quality aspect, you won’t get disappointed, I can assure you that much. Even though it’s a plastic construction, it’s not a cheap one. You still get to see the sturdiness in it; it’s not flimsy like you would expect in a budget headphone.

Will it hold out heavy moving around? I am not quite sure of that. It doesn't have that heavy kind of built. But it can surely last for a long time if you plan to use it inside your studio without throwing it here and there.

All in all, I loved the physical aspect of the headphone, especially the aesthetics of them. And for the price you pay, you get a decent build quality on the headphone.

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How is the headphone used? 

Now, the thing about studio headphones is that you don't use them as typical day-to-day headphones. The purpose of using these headphones is strictly professional, and you would want that kind of performance from them.

To get the best out of these headphones, it's always better to use them with an amp or audio interface. It comes with a 3.5mm jack connection and a 6.3mm adapter if you need it. So, you can connect it to your device and start listening to the audio.

Something unique about this headphone is the quick bass settings you get on the headphone. It has a slider on the bezel of the headphone that allows you to switch between bass modes. You can get a lot of use out of that feature when you are listening to music. It switches from a neutral bass to more of a rumbly bass so that you can suit your needs with ease.

Other than that, the general sound quality suits the need for professional monitoring needs. So, it serves a lot of purpose at once.

What sets Takstar PRO82 apart from the competition?

It’s pretty common to ask why you should buy this one instead of the thousand other choices. Well, the answer is pretty simple here. You get great sound quality, with extreme comfort, and greater functionalities all in one within an affordable price that you won’t mind paying.

So, I would say the quality within the affordability is the thing that makes it a top choice among the competition. Surely, you can find better headphones than this one out there, but for a higher price. You can also find a headphone cheaper than this one but sacrificing the quality.

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Takstar PRO82 features and rating 

Even going through all that was not enough to convince you? I bet going through the details of the features and performance will surely convince you. So, let’s check out the features now.

Sound quality 

I would buy this one again and again solely based on the sound quality of these headphones. It doesn’t lack anything at all as a studio headphone that much, I can tell you. In a studio headphone, you are not looking for the most bass; you search for a balanced and neutral sound. That's what you get from this one.

Speaking of the sound profiles individually, I loved the bass I got from this. And the handy feature of switching between different bass settings makes it a whole lot better.

In the initial setting, you get a bass that is neutral and not overpowering. This is great when you are doing some editing or audio engineering. And when you are listening to music, you can switch to heavy bass. There are two levels of boost you get from it.

Now, moving from the bass, you get excellent clarity and details in higher and mid frequencies. You get to hear all the notes from the vocals and guitars on this headphone from the mid frequencies. As for trebles, they are pretty crisp in your ears, so there should be no issue at all.

Rating: 4.5/5


Coming to the performance aspect of these headphones, I couldn't find anything bad at all. It's a closed-back headphone, so it's supposed to be slightly isolated and give you noise isolation. This should result in a narrow soundstage.

However, I got shocked to find that it provides a wider soundstage than most other closed-back headphones. It may not be as good as some open-back ones, but you get pretty close to that; I mean, that's something to be impressed about.

Whenever you listen to a piece of music with this, you will find the audio placements surreal. It creates a great 3D soundstage vibe even without the open-back design.

Apart from that, the closed-back design is there to give you the perfect noise isolation. And you don't need to pump up the volume to feel it. Even in moderate volume, this can show you the effect of noise isolation with ease.

So, you will mostly get the best of both open-back and closed-back headphones on this one. Well, that’s a deal I wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Rating: 5/5


Unlike regular headphones that you use for listening to music, comfort is an important aspect of studio headphones. As you will be working on your computer desk for hours, perfecting the music, you will need something that makes the work comfortable.

On this one, you get excellent comfort with the padded earpads and headband. The padding is a pleather padding so expect a good comfort level from it with ease. Now, what adds up to the comfort is the super lightweight construction of these headphones.

You won’t feel any discomfort from the earcups, not even from the mesh material covering the driver. All the materials used in this one are soft and promote comfort before everything else. All in all, I loved the comfortability aspect of this headphone, and your ears don’t fatigue even after hours of working with these on.

Rating: 4.5/5

Looks and built 

Considering the affordability of the headphone, I would say it surpasses the expectations in terms of looks. This can very well compete with some high-end headphones, and you won't be able to tell the difference from its looks. The premium and clean finish on the headphone make it look very much pleasing to the eye.

However, I am not the biggest fan of plastic construction. Although it's not a cheap plastic body, so there is nothing to worry about durability either. So, I would say it has a pretty decent build quality, and also, there is only so much you can do within a budget, right?

Rating: 3.5/5

Value for money 

This is the part where the headphone takes the cake away. As you already saw the features and performance of these headphones, you would expect a high price after all that. But you don’t need to pay an awful lot to get your hands on such quality.

It’s a very affordable headphone considering the professional studio quality on it. And with the bass settings feature, I would say you get two in one package deal on this because the bass modes make it great for listening to music.

Overall, I think this one is the best value for money headphones you can get yourself for studio monitoring work and listening to music. And for a beginner, there is nothing like this one available.

Rating: 5/5

Takstar PRO82 Alternatives 

I don't see why you would still look for other options. But if you are still not satisfied, I have some choices for you that you may want to look into. Here are some headphones that are of similar quality with some slight changes here and there.

  1. Audio Technica ATH-M40X

I bet you already know about the most popular brand for making studio headphones. Yes, they are well known for their quality studio headphones that even professionals can't get over.

It’s almost similar to the quality of Takstar Pro 82, but the mid frequencies and vocals are much better for this one. So, for mixing purposes, this may emerge as the winner. Other than that, there are not many differences.

  1. Creative Aurvana Live

Even though I am listing this one as a competitor, there is a clear winner here. This one has a much more balanced sound compared to the Takstar Pro 82.

However, this doesn’t fill the shoes with comfort at all. Also, the details in the sounds are much better on the Takstar Pro 82. So, if you want to have the upper hand in balanced sound, you can go for this.

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To sum up, the Takstar Pro 82 is the absolute best studio reference headphone you can get within budget. Yes, you will get better headphones as you increase the price, but there is simply nothing better than this price.

Considering everything, I would say this may very well be one of the best studio headphones for beginners out there because no beginner likes to spend a whole lot on their equipment. However, without quality equipment, you can't get better either.

So, keeping everything in mind, this can be a perfect choice for people just starting. Even for intermediate and professionals, this can be a good choice. It’s worth a shot, is all I am saying.

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