Is It Possible to Power Passive Speakers without an Amp?

power passive speaker without an amp

In audio systems, a speaker’s primary function is to produce an audible sound output. The two types of speakers based on amplification method are active and passive. Most speakers nowadays are passive. You need a stand-alone amp or subwoofer to set up a passive speaker system. To know if it’s possible to power passive speaker … Read more

How To Successfully Connect Powered Speakers To Mixers

connect powered speakers to mixers

Establishing a good connection between the components is essential in audio system set-up. This helps produce a clear and high-quality sound. Mixers help improve the quality of audio signals and dynamic range. To get the best audio output, learn how to connect powered speakers to mixers properly.The Powered SpeakersPowered speakers are also called active speakers or self-powered speakers. … Read more

The Difference between Powered & Unpowered Speakers, and How to Choose


Buying speakers, in contrast to what most people think, is not just a straightforward task. You would not want to go into an electronics or music store and buy the first speaker you see. If you want to get your money’s worth, it is better to know first the general differences between the types of … Read more