SVS sb1000 vs pb1000, Subwoofer Comparative Reviews

The heart of a good music system is the subwoofer. I mean, wouldn’t you love to have the pump in the bass whenever you listen to music. As an audiophile, I always love the boosted bass from my sound systems.

Among many choices I went through over the years, two very tough competitors come from SVS. The SVS sb1000 vs. pb1000 had me confused for a long time. So, I went ahead and got both of them to try them out.

Now, what you will get ahead of is my experience with these subwoofers, along with the information I found in my research. If you are interested in any of them, you don’t want to miss out on this.

Let’s get going then.


Product specifications

Here are the technical specifications of both the subwoofers, this may help you.

SVS SB1000 Spec

SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer

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  • Peak power: 720w
  • Max acoustic output: 115dB
  • Driver size: 12 inches
  • Weight: 34lbs
  • Dimensions: 13.5" x 13"x 14.6"

SVS PB1000 Spec

SVS PB-1000 Subwoofer

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  • Peak power: 720w
  • Max acoustic output: 122dB
  • Driver size: 10inches
  • Weight: 60lbs
  • Dimensions: 18.9" x 15" x 20" 

Pros and cons of the subwoofers 

Are you short on time? Well, then let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of each subwoofer.

Pros of SVS SB1000

  • It has a front-facing driver that's quite larger than usual
  • You will love the accurate low ends from this sub
  • It’s not very heavy makes it very convenient
  • The design and looks are quite elegant
  • This one is very compact, so you won't have to struggle with space 

Cons of SVS SB1000

  • The response may feel a bit slow at times 
  • The build quality could have been better 

Pros of SVS PB1000

  • You will love the sound quality and bass boost from this subwoofer 
  • It comes with a sturdy build quality
  • This subwoofer is value for money without any second thoughts
  • It also puts out accurate bass frequencies
  • The volume control on this woofer is beyond expectations 

Cons of SVS PB1000

  • The subwoofer is a bit big for a 10-inch driver 
  • It’s also quite heavy, so it’s hard to move around 

SVS SB1000 vs PB1000 

Now, if you have time, you should check out both these subwoofers in depth. Here I will go through a little overview of both of them. And then I will end it with a comparison that will be enough to know which one is a better choice for you.

Overview of SVS SB1000

The first thing you will ever notice on this subwoofer is the compactness. Even though it has a 12-inch driver, the subwoofer itself isn’t very large. The whole driver covers up the front panel, which gives it a unique look.

There is nothing much you can complain about the build quality. It has got an MDF construction which is quite decent. And because of the 2inch material layer, you get proper sound filtration from this system. All in all, the design and looks of the subwoofer are modern and stylish.

Coming to the quality of bass, there is nothing I could find wrong with it. It has got a great sounding bass which is very accurate. You get to experience the perfect bass frequencies that are differentiated properly. I enjoyed listening to music with this one because of the distinct bass frequencies.

Due to the sealed box design of the subwoofer, you get a tighter bass. This is a great thing when you want to use your subwoofer for music purposes mainly. Along with that, you get excellent low frequencies on this subwoofer which is always good to have.

As for the connectivity, you get the regular subwoofer stuff. It comes with some standard subwoofer connection on the back. Also, three knobs let you control volume, phase, and crossover.

A great feature in this subwoofer is the standby mode. This will help you cut costs and save up some energy as well. You don't get to see this power-saving feature in many of the subwoofers out there. So, it’s a great addition to have in your sub.

I had issues with this sub because the response wasn’t as quick as I would have expected. Even though it’s not that noticeable, but it’s there. Also, volume isn’t loud enough to cover up a large room which can be an issue if you are in a large room.

Overview of SVS PB1000

First impressions of this subwoofer? Large and heavy. That’s what I got for my first impression. However, all my worries faded away as I moved on to using this one. Although, before that, I must say this is an extremely good-looking subwoofer you can add to your setup.

The construction of the sub is quite good, and it’s nothing to worry about at all. As for the cabinet, you get that oak vinyl finish, making it look so good that you can’t take your eyes off of it.

You will see the 10-inch driver paired up with a 3.5 mm-inch high flow port on the front panel. The subwoofer's design is ported box design which has a lot of impact on the sound quality. The volumes quality and control get much better because of that.

Also, with a ported box design, you get much fuller sound coming from the subwoofer. It comes with extreme power when you plug it in. Unlike many other subwoofers, this one could hit the low frequencies easily without making it sound muddy.

Because of this, you will have a much better time enjoying movies using this subwoofer. With that openness and powerful sound, the action sounds elevate to the next level. It truly gives you an immersive experience of movies, and you can never have a bad time with them.

There is nothing special with the connection of the subwoofers. It follows all the standard subwoofer connectivity. You won’t have any issues setting this up either.

One thing I could nit-pick on this one is the size and weight of the subwoofer. It’s not the best thing for a small room. Or if you have to move around the sub too much, this isn’t the thing you would want. Also, if you need a tighter bass on your music, this isn’t the choice for you.

Comparison between SVS SB1000 vs. PB1000

Well, till now, you looked at them individually, here we will compare them. This will tell you which one is a better pick for your personal needs. I will go through several factors to help you understand better.

  • Sound quality 

For the sound quality, there is no clear winner here. It depends on what you prefer to listen to. The SB1000 has a sealed box design which gives it a tighter bass. This is great for listening to music.

On the other hand, the PB1000 has that ported box design, giving it more open space to move more air. This kind of open bass is great for watching movies.

So, I suggest you go for the SB1000 if music is your only priority. And if you want to enjoy some movies, PB1000 is a better option.

  • Size and weight 

They have a huge difference in size and weight. The SB1000 is much smaller than the PB1000, which is why it’s a better choice for smaller rooms. However, there is a catch here.

Because of the smaller size and less power, it can’t produce loud volumes. This can be pretty troublesome for a larger room. In that scenario, PB1000 is a better choice.

Now, just like the size PB1000 is way heavier than the SB1000. So, if you have a setup where you have to move around often, then SB1000 should be your pick.

  • Price

This can be a deciding factor for many people because there is a significant price difference between these subwoofers. The PB1000 has a lower price than the SB1000. So, when you try to save up as much as you can, then PB1000 would be your choice.

Aside from these three factors, there is nothing much you can compare between them. As they are from the same brand, they come with the same quality. The design and looks of both these subwoofers are pretty similar. Also, the connectivity and controls are pretty much the same.


All in all, choosing between SVS SB1000 vs. PB1000 won’t be as hard as you would expect. Surely, it isn’t easy to choose one based on quality because both excel in that. However, I shared some factors that will surely give you a clear choice for your needs.

In short, get PB1000 if you want to enjoy movies in your large living area with your family. But if you want to enjoy music in your small room with some tight bass sound, get the SB1000. Choosing one of them is as simple as that. As for sound quality, you will get that fulfilled in both of them for sure.

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