Singtrix Party Bundle Review, A Karaoke Machine

Singing is an entertaining hobby. A lot of people love singing karaoke. If you are one of these people who have a great passion for singing, and you are planning to hold karaoke parties in your home, you may be engrossed in Singtrix Party Bundle.

This model is a voice inflection system that can hook up to almost any kind of music source and turn you into a professional performer in the solitude of your home.


Pros & Cons


  • The bundle already includes all parts
  • Unique voice effects
  • User-friendly


  • Does not have a screen
  • Lacks Bluetooth
  • Certain connection options not available
  • Lacks built-in recording ability

Review Methodology

It took me around 15 to 20 minutes to finish unboxing and powering up the Singtrix Party Bundle. After getting the entire cords, hardware, and other parts of the box, and then assembled the microphone stand, the whole system blends rather swiftly.

There are numerous cords to keep up with; hence it will be best if you secure a bag where you can store them. You can manage the microphone stand for storage as you can nicely fold it down. Generally, assembling the whole system is quite easy and direct. The only drawback I can point out is the number of cords lying around. Nevertheless, that can be quickly addressed with some electrical tape or twist-ties to maintain the neatness of things.

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What is Singtrix Party Bundle?

The Singtrix Party Bundle, also known as Singtrix SGTX1, is a sophisticated karaoke machine that is perfect for celebrations and even more suitable for people who enjoy decking out their performance with lots of unique effects.

The machine is introduced with an amp attached to a subwoofer, effects board, and microphone stand which were made to improve the singing experience. However, it does not have a monitor and its connectivity options are limited. These limitations restrict it from providing a karaoke-centric experience.

Although it is not the best machine for a genuine karaoke experience, I still believe that Singtrix Party Bundle would make a good candidate for the best karaoke machine for a comprehensive party experience.

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Short Version

Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct a review on Singtrix Party Bundle. I was first doubtful about its quality, but later on, realized that I made a good decision in making this review.

In this SIngtrix Party Bundle review, I will discuss what this machine does and how it makes your singing sound like a pro. I will also put into detail the common features available in this model. And by discovering the various traits of Singtrix SGTX1, you will soon understand the limitations of this device.

Key Features of Singtrix Party Bundle

1. Music Sources

This machine is devised to be plug-and-play. This simply tells that you do not have to perform any arduous assemblies the moment your device is attached to it. You can attach MP3 players, laptops, CD players, smartphone, or any qualified devices provided that carries a headphone port.

With the Singtrix Party Bundle, you can go to Youtube and play karaoke songs or any other relative sites such as If you prefer your original songs stored from a playlist, the karaoke system will uncover the vocal tracks.

Although this model does not directly play karaoke CDs or CD+G, you can easily bypass this by employing a karaoke player by using a laptop. Furthermore, it does not include any Bluetooth. Nevertheless, the lack of Bluetooth does not stop the show since its 3,5mm connectivity can take in more devices.

2. Microphone

No matter what bundle you pick, you will have access to an excellent-quality microphone that allows you to turn on the voice effects by simply pressing a button. It comes with a cord and has a length of 12 feet. Nevertheless, only the Singtrix Party Bundle has a microphone stand – making your singing experience more convenient.

The microphone stand features a Boom Arm and a holder of the device. These further make a more professional approach when singing. The model can hold a maximum of two microphones. However, if you wish to get a wireless microphone, you can buy a wireless microphone bundle and attach it to the supporting port.

3. Sound Quality

An impressive design trait that I truly admire about this machine is the floor speaker. Aside from creating an excellent sound output, it also contributes to a singing experience that is close to being a professional.

Its 40W 2.1 stereo speaker also features a subwoofer that is meant to achieve a gratifying crisp and broad sound simultaneously. It also features three knobs to regulate the level of treble, bass, and volume.

You can fill an averagely big room by turning the volume nearly half way. If you still find the output extremely low, you may consider connecting an external speaker.

4. Vocal Effects

I have only tried this model several times, but these times were enough to say that the vocal effects are satisfactory. The machine slightly enhances the vocals if employing the auto-tune feature. More than 300 options are analyzed with all of them. This can consume so much time and may impede the performance. I find this feature entertaining and fun, however, other people may find it annoying.

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The Slingtrix Party Bundle is a sophisticated machine, but appears to be more converged on voice effects instead of offering a comprehensive karaoke experience. With everything being discussed, it is rational to say that this machine is one of the best comprehensive karaoke machines present nowadays.

Although it is not equipped enough when matched to a karaoke machine assembled with excellent components. I like a pleasing sound system with the nice build quality, portable, and easy to assemble. The Singtrix Party Bundle touches all these sectors while comprising voice effects, voice correction, and the competence to conveniently use other kinds of devices for playing music. Overall, I can say that the Singtrix Party Bundle is an incredible product!

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