Singsation karaoke machine reviews

Music is something that everyone can enjoy, whether you are professional or not. And the best way to have fun with music is karaoke.

As a music enthusiast, I have gone through a bunch of karaoke machines over the years. In those years, I came across a lot of quality karaoke machines. Here, I will be talking about Singsation karaoke machines.

When I set out to find some quality karaoke machines, this is the company I found to be interesting. So, I went ahead and got the ones I liked. Now, I will be sharing my knowledge and experience about these karaoke machines if you want to enjoy some karaoke with friends.

Before we dive right into the machines, let’s go through a little overview of the company.

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Singsation Karaoke Machine Brand Overview

When it comes to karaoke machines, Singsation is a popular name you will surely come across. The reason is that they are dedicated to making karaoke machines and put their maximum effort into it. As a result, they can bring you some top-notch karaoke machines that are hard to compete with.

While the quality is of top grade, the prices are quite reasonable. They try to put out their machines in the market so everyone can get a taste of it. And with the quality, they are sure to end up satisfied.

Over time, Singsation karaoke machines are coping up with the technology as well. They have a line of karaoke machines that comes with wireless functionality. This brings up the option to use them with smartphones.

Now, another reason for their popularity is the unique sound quality that they put out there. And it’s not only the sound you get from these karaoke’s, but it’s also the atmosphere. Their karaoke machines are set to create a whole party mode all by themselves.

Lastly, this is the company where you can rely on getting the best karaoke machines out there. And from their wide range of karaoke machines, you will never have to look anywhere else at all. Also, they are upgrading their line of products keeping up with modern times, so you get the latest thing from them.

In short, Singsation is your solution to all kinds of karaoke needs you might have. They serve you with their affordable and wide range of quality karaoke machines that you love to have.

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The Singsation karaoke machine Reviews

Well, let’s get real here, how good a company is that doesn’t matter if the products can’t speak quality. So, here I have got three top-class karaoke machines from Singsation that will for sure help you understand why I am so obsessed with these machines.

Also, these are based on my experience and other people’s experiences of using these machines that I found through research. Here are the choices you might want to check out.

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808 Singsation All-In-One Karaoke System & Party Machine

Short on space but want to go all out with the party? Well, this is the perfect karaoke set up for you then. It comes with a stand, a mic, and the whole system within one setup. There is simply no hassle of wires running all around the place.

It doesn’t matter what age you are; you can enjoy karaoke when you have this one. The stand has height adjustments that go from 2 inches to 6 inches. So, even kids can enjoy some singing just like their favorite rockstars.

When I said no trouble with wires, I meant no trouble with wires because this one has Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your device with this one and enjoy karaoke music direct from YouTube and many other streaming sites.

To spice up the party atmosphere, you get disco lighting and some fun voice effects that you can try out. Well, when it’s about the party, it doesn’t matter if your voice sounds a bit robotic, right? So, go all out and have fun with this complete party machine.

808 Singsation All-In-One Karaoke Specifications 

Singsation All-In-One Karaoke System

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  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 
  • Voice effects: 10
  • Sound effects: 8
  • Lighting effects: 16
  • Weight:7.39lbs
  • Dimensions: 20 x 7 x 16.5 inches


  • It’s a complete setup in one, you can just carry this like a stand, and that’s all you need.
  • The sound quality is better than you can expect with loud volume from the built-in speakers.
  • It comes with some amazing features like lighting, voice effects, and sound effects.
  • There is no trouble of tangling wires due to Bluetooth connectivity
  • The height adjustment option makes it usable for all ages of people


  • It’s not the best for large party rooms
  • The microphone tends to have more bass than usual

808 Singsation Karaoke Machine - Main Stage All-In-One Premium Karaoke Party System

If you don’t mind giving some extra space to the machine and want to enjoy some duet, then this one is here for you. It comes with a stand and two mics along with the machine itself. And your fun doesn’t end there because the lighting on this one is no less than a dance club.

Singing with friends becomes much more fun with the built-in 60 voice effect accompanied by 10 sound effects. Combining these two features alone can lift the mood of a party instantly. And with the two mics on the package, two people can enjoy singing at the same time.

Unlike the previous one, this one has a separate box that has all the controls and settings. Well, a separate box just means that it comes with a whole lot of added features. Among them is the 25-room filling light show that just creates the complete party atmosphere around you.

To power all that up, you get the 40w amp that produces some top-quality sounds right off the bat. And, of course, to make things easy and convenient for you. In short, there is nothing you can nitpick on the quality and features of this one.


Singsation Karaoke Machine  Karaoke Party

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  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 
  • Voice effects: 60
  • Sound effects: 10
  • Lighting effects: 25
  • Weight:17.31lbs
  • Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 10 inches


  • It comes with multiple mics so two people can enjoy karaoke at the same time.
  • The unit is powerful enough to create a whole party atmosphere
  • This one feature a bunch load of effects to elevate the level of fun
  • With the Bluetooth feature, you don’t need to worry about wired connections
  • The sound quality and volume are just perfect to have a home party altogether


  • This karaoke machine unit is a bit heavy, so it’s hard to carry
  • It can take up a good amount of space, so get ready to bump onto the machine

808 Karaoke Machine - Full Karaoke System with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

To bring life to your party, this karaoke machine comes with all you need. It’s nothing fancy like the other two, but it’s enough to give life to a boring party. It comes with some basic functionalities with some advanced features here and there.

Your party will not be bland anymore, thanks to all the colorful lights on this karaoke machine. It comes with 9 multi-color lighting modes that have a different vibe to each of them. The lighting comes from the speaker's diaphragm, which just makes this one look surreal.

While this may lack the same features as the other two, this one doesn’t lack the quality. What you will get here is a full-on speaker that emits some top-quality sounds out there. Your room will just fill in with music, and the big bass from this one has a lot to play there.

Not having fun with generic voice? Well, then you have three different voice effects on this to change up the atmosphere and laugh out loud a little. Along with that, it has got an extra mic input, so bring your friend up on the stage and enjoy singing together.


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  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 
  • Voice effects: 3
  • Sound effects: None
  • Lighting effects: 9
  • Weight:4.8lbs
  • Dimensions: 6 x 6.3 x 11.3 inches


  • This karaoke machine is super light and compact, so you can carry it easily
  • It comes with cool lighting features to spice up your party
  • The sound quality is top-notch, and the bass just fills up the room
  • You get 3 different voice effects to get out of that generic voice and have some fun
  • It comes with Bluetooth connectivity for easy and convenient connections


  • There aren’t many options like the other ones I discussed
  • The music quality loses balance when you go into loud volumes


To sum up, you simply can’t get better deals than Singsation karaoke machines. They offer top-notch sound quality within a budget and loads of features that seem unreal at times. I tried a lot to find flaws in some of them but couldn’t come up with much.

As you can see from the karaoke machines I have listed above, none of them lack quality. They have a unique set of features that will suit different people’s tastes and needs. But if you are hunting quality, then the Singsation karaoke machine will never fail; I can assure you that much.

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