Shure Super 55 Review, a Deluxe Karaoke Microphone

The best karaoke performance comes from a standardized karaoke set up which includes a quality vocal microphone. Then it hit me that the Shure super 55 qualifies for one of the best karaoke microphones, thanks to its outstanding features. So come along with me, because I will tell you about my experience with the microphone alongside giving it an honest review.


Using Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone

I used the Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone in my studio, and I agree with its description on Amazon that says it is a combination of updates from Shure. It does an excellent job in delivering the highest vocal quality at an economical price. Additionally, it is a great way to bring vintage back into modern music. As a note, the Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone allows tilting through 80 degrees backward and 45 degrees forward. For me, this is another level of comfort and customization while on stage.

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About the Shure Super 55

The Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone weighs 1.45 pounds. Its product direction is 3x4x10 inches which is a reasonably standard measure for a stand-mounted microphone. It was first released to the market on November 20, 2007. The Shure box includes a super 55 microphone integrated with a swivel stand mount, a user guide, and zippered storage bag. Another thing is that the silver color and the vibrant blue foam addition deliver a classic scene whenever it is used.

Whatever your music preferences are, rhyme and blues, rock and roll, the Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone help to define your sound amazingly.

Shure Super 55 feature and Reates

As earlier mentioned, the Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone is a combination of updates like the Shure SM7B cardioids dynamic microphone. There is a high gain before feedback and an excellent off-axis rejection when used on stage. But that is not all. It produces a quiet operation that is free of noise owing to the shock-mounted cartridge embedded in it. The self-tensioning swivel mount is a plus to allow a higher degree of customization. From 45 degrees forward to 80 degrees backward, you have total control of the vocal microphone on stage.

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Shure Super 55

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  • Ease of use
    Unlike most karaoke microphones with tough settings, the Shure super 55 setting has a relatively friendly user interface. It looks classy, yet there is no difficulty in setting it up. If you are a beginner, this is your go-to microphone because it is easy to use and has a good compression characteristic. Honestly, it is your go-to karaoke microphone, especially if you are a beginner. I will give the Shure super 55 microphones a rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 as per their ease of use.
  • Features
    An iconic chrome–plated design with vibrant blue color addition. It is ideal for studio recording, broadcasting, or any other sound application that requires a stand-mounted microphone. The Shure super 55 has a vibrant blue foam, a tailored frequency response, and super cardioid's polar pattern that comes together to give it a desirable look. The microphone has got a 4.7 out of 5 on its features.
  • Value for money
    Weighing the Shure super 55 microphones on money to value scale is such a good investment. With many karaoke microphones in the market, it is tough to get an economical karaoke microphone and still deliver sound quality. Without mincing words, this microphone deserves 4.6 out of 5.0 ratings on this.
  • Durability
    Thanks to its rugged die-cast casing, the super 55 deluxe vocal microphone is suitable for use under any condition. It has a long-lasting effect and thus deserves 4.3 out of 5.0 ratings for durability. The best part is that you can boast of having a reliable karaoke microphone at any period in time.

Pros and Cons


  • Gives a consistent response across the vocal frequency range.
  • It is more affordable than other microphones.
  • The Shure super 55 has a sound quality and an excellent tone that showcase the original voice.
  • It has a good look with its old-school features and still gives a modern sound.
  • Rugged and solid to serve for a long time.


  • It is not very sensitive like the other Shure microphones.
  • Volume output may be low, especially in a crowd.
  • It does not support an XLR cable plugging due to some design defects.


  • Q: Can I use the Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone for a comedy show?
    A: The Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone is recommended for any performance that allows you to station behind the stand. Since the microphone is usually attached to a stand, it is not a good option for a comedy show which will not support a stationary position.

  • Q: Does the Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone require a battery or a cord?
    A: It is a dynamic microphone and does not need any source of power source, whether a battery or a cord. What it does is drawing its power from the amplifier. All you need is to get a cable with a three pin female XLR connector at the microphone end.

  • Q: What is the microphone made of?
    A: It is made of metal with chrome that is resistant to scratches. Although this is not a wireless microphone, it is great on a tall stand for a studio and live performance. N.B. The Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone does not come with a protective case, so you must keep the package box to serve as a casing for the microphone.


In summary, the Shure super 55 microphone is a transecting offer from Shure updated from the combinations of Shure microphones. On Amazon, the Shure super 55 microphone has 4.8 out of 5.0 ratings.

Overall, with its outstanding features, the microphone does not need phantom power, but still delivers a sound quality with an unmistakable vintage design. Expect to get the best of your sound on stage with the Shure super 55 deluxe karaoke microphone.

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