ScreenX vs. IMAX: What is a better option?

Nowadays, when you think about going to the movies, it’s not straightforward as before. Because of so many viewing options offering different experiences, it gets pretty tricky to choose one. That’s when you have a rough time choosing between ScreenX vs. IMAX. How do you choose between them?

Both ScreenX and IMAX are pretty advanced technologies for watching movies. While the ScreenX offers you a 270 degrees field of view, the iMax provides with 70-degrees. But in terms of immersive experience, none of them fail at all. In general, iMax offers a better experience because the images are set on the same wall, which is much more fluid.

Having said that, you still don’t know why it’s a better option and what the ScreenX lack. That’s why I recommend sticking with me until the end to determine how you can decide on one and why you should do it.


Comparison Table

Are you running busy lately? In that case, you can take a very quick look at the differences or comparisons between the two options to decide on your pick.

Screen qualityThis has a screen that comes with 70 degrees field of viewIt comes with a 270-degree field of view
Theater experienceIt has a large and curved screen for immersive experienceIt provides 3 sides of screens for that immersive feel
Sounds and audioThe sound quality has some advanced featuresIt doesn’t have any specialized sound design
Movie experienceThe video quality makes movies lifelikeWith 3 different screens, it’s not as fluid as you would expect
AvailabilityQuite available in certain placesQuite available in certain places Very rarely available
CostWorth the moneyMay not feel worth it


Before going ahead with the whole discussion, one thing you should know is that both are better options than regular movie theatres. They both provide a fantastic experience compared to a regular movie-watching experience.

But when it’s about the comparison between these two, several things differentiate them. These differences make one option better than the other. So, let’s check out the differentiating factors between these two options and see which one suits your tastes the most.

Field of view

The first and major difference you can easily identify between the two technologies is in the field of view. The whole setup of IMAX promotes increasing the field of view of your movie-watching experience to 70 degrees. Whereas, for the ScreenX, it goes up to 270 degrees.

Now, this may make you think that ScreenX is a better option then. But the field of view isn’t everything when it comes to watching movies. That’s where all the other factors that I am about to discuss are going to come into play.

Technology overview

You will notice several differences in the technology aspect of both these options. ScreenX is a multi-projection theatre technology, and it’s the first one of its kind. The screens expand to the left and right of the theater, which allows it to get that 270-degree viewing angle that I discussed above.

As for the IMAX, the purpose of the technology is pretty much the same, but the execution is a bit different. It doesn’t have screens on the sides like ScreenX. Instead, it features a curved experience providing you with a viewing angle of 70-degree. However, the key part of IMAX goes behind all the equipment and gears used for making an IMAX movie.


Producing films with these kinds of technologies is quite different from regular movie production.

Movies need specialized IMAX cameras for producing high-quality images with the best detail retention in the movies. With the cameras that are suited for capturing movies for the larger screens, producers and directors have different ideas while working on the movie.

On the other hand, with ScreenX movies, they have to think about suiting it to the technology in two different ways. They can either do it when shooting a movie with three cameras fulfilling the purpose of three different screens. Or they can create that magic in the post-processing part of the movie with CGI.

Either way, the production of the movies is done based on the purpose it’s supposed to serve.

Theater experience

Everything comes down to the theater experience when you are an audience. And there is a pretty significant difference in the theater experience of both these technologies. For the most part, choosing an option is all about the theater experience anyways.

Getting to that, IMAX provides a fantastic experience with movies. You can enjoy almost any kind of movie when you watch it on IMAX.

Whether it’s the high-definition image quality or the immersive audio experience throughout the theater, you get to experience larger-than-life details that can easily make you think you live in that movie world.

As for the ScreenX movies, it’s all about the 3D experience. With the screens on the left and right, the experience is a bit unusual. It provides a larger viewing angle, but you will just be looking around you and feel that you are inside the movie world. So, it still provides that immersive feel.

However, the issue with ScreenX is the fact that it’s not fluid. Since the whole movie will be displayed on 3 different screens, it feels like something is lacking in the viewing experience.

Typically, these are the differences you will have between the two technologies. Now, the real question is, which one is more worth it? Let’s discuss that a little.


Which one is a better pick?

Well, the clear better pick for you would be IMAX because it provides a much more fluid immersive experience of watching movies. Whereas, with ScreenX, there is much room for improvement with the system.

Also, you can watch most of the movies on IMAX. But with ScreenX, not all movies will work out great for you. However, if you want the complete 3D experience surrounding you, ScreenX should be the way.

Overall, for a better experience of watching movies, IMAX is the perfect option. And it’s not just a general statement; it’s the opinion of a larger mass who have tried out both the options.


In summary, the debate of ScreenX vs. IMAX has a clear winner, with IMAX leading the charge. It’s nothing wrong with ScreenX in particular. It’s just the fact that IMAX provides a much better experience to the audience over ScreenX.

Still, I would say try out both of them to see which one makes you much more interested because both the options have that immersive feeling that will give you an excellent movie-watching experience. Also, ScreenX tends to have a much better 3D experience than IMAX.

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