Best Satellite Speakers In 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Satellite speakers enable you to enjoy surround music in ways you thought were impossible. You can use them to liven up a house with soft music from different angles or absorb yourself into a film you are watching.

Where do you get the best satellite speakers, though? True, there are so many available in the market. However, choosing the best can be quite a daunting task. That’s because most people wouldn't know what to look for in the best satellite speaker.

That is why we have taken the liberty to bring you several options you can choose from. It will be easier for you to select that satellite speaker that will delight you with our guide.

Let's dive right in.

our top pick

Best Performance

Best Budget Option

Bose 161 Satellite Speaker System

JBL Professional Control 52-WH

Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 Satellite Speaker

How Did We Pick the Best Satellite Speakers?

There are several things that we considered when we were picking the best speakers for you.

For starters, we looked at the price of the speakers. We understand that the budget at anyone’s disposal will determine whether they buy a particular product or not. It is for that reason we considered the prices of the various speakers.

Some brands are better known than others. Therefore, in coming up with our list, we looked at the top brands of satellite speakers to have a wide range of top-quality products.

If the quality of sound is below par, you won’t much consider the speaker. That is why we went through all the speakers' specs and looked at the quality of the sound they are likely to give you.

Another thing, the satellite speakers are supposed to be relatively small, right? We, therefore, looked at the different sizes of satellite speakers to come up with this list. Granted, some will be quite huge, but you could have installation issues if the speakers are large.

Finally, we also considered the ease of connecting the speakers on our list. You won’t have issues connecting most of the speakers on our list, as we specifically looked into that before drawing up our list of the best.

Detailed Reviews

1. Bose 161 Satellite Speaker System

Why Is it Our Top Pick?

  • It has a performance that can pretty much rival that of any established home theatre system. It is for the reason that it is our top pick.

Weighing just over 3.3 pounds, the Bose 161 speaker is our top pick for the best satellite speakers. But does it deserve being the top pick? You be the judge.

The Bose 161 speakers are used for pretty much anything. You can watch movies or listen to music with them sat on the bookshelf or mounted on the wall. That’s because of the quality of sound that these speakers produce.

These speakers have magnetic shielding technology that ensures you can use them as close to the tv as possible. That wouldn’t be possible with other satellite speakers that would interfere with the TV’s waves.

Additionally, the Bose speakers come with mounting brackets that ensure you can place them nearly anywhere. The mounting brackets will also allow you to spread the sound over a wider area.

If you are into speakers and sound systems, you must have heard of the quality associated with Bose products. These satellite speakers don’t depart from the script, thanks to the Syncom computer testing that enables them to give the highest sound quality.

If you want to enjoy the sound quality that would be as close as possible to more prominent stereo speakers, this speaker would be your best bet.

Key Features

  • Compatible with 10-to-100-watt amplifiers
  • Has custom bracket for mounting
  • Has stereo everywhere technology for all-round sound
  • Come with magnetic shielding technology

The Pros

  • Syncom computer system enables it to give quality sound
  • It gives multidirectional sound travel, unlike other speakers
  • Magnetic shielding technology allows using close to the TV
  • They come with mounting brackets

The Cons

  • They tend to produce muffled sound at times

2. Polk Audio Blackstone TL1 Satellite Speaker

Why it’s the best budget option

  • The Polk audio satellite speaker has several features that enable it to provide you with quality sound while coming in at an affordable price.

With a 2.5-inch driver and 0.5-inch silk dome tweeter, it is easy to see why this speaker is among the best. The tweeter and driver enable you to detail audio from the speaker more specifically.

The shape of this speaker also plays a significant role in the quality of sound you will get. It has a curved shape that aligns the mid bass's acoustic centers and the tweeter in the same plane for the best sound experience.

Additionally, the Polk speaker is also easy to use. That is notable when connecting them to receivers. They easily attach to the receiver. As a result, you can have an immersive experience listening to music or watching a movie.

Key Features

  • Comes with a 2.5-inch driver and 05-inch silk dome tweeter
  • It has a unique curved surface that accentuates the sound
  • Compact sized
  • Compatible with the TL series

The Pros

  • It is quite affordable for the quality it offers
  • Has a unique shape that boosts the quality of sound
  • The compact size means you can place it anywhere
  • It is easy to operate and connect to a receiver

The Cons

  • The speaker doesn’t work at overly loud volumes

3. JBL Professional Control 52-WH

Why It is the Best Performance Speaker

  • The JBL will provide you with quality sound that will envelop any average-size house thanks to its wide frequency range and unrivaled sound quality.

JBL is a globally acclaimed brand when it comes to quality speakers. They have some of the best sounds around, which is why it is a no brainer that we have the 52-H on our list.

The JBL control 52-H speakers come with a frequency range of 140 to 20 Hertz and an impedance of 16 Ohms. Those features enable you to enjoy the best surround spun as well as get immersive experiences watching movies.

That’s not all. The JBL speakers also come in a stylish design that seamlessly fits into any interior décor style. The design is not only discreet but also compact to fit better into spaces.

They also come with bracket mounts that will enable them to stick them pretty much anywhere you like. The mounts will also enable you to use them in the car if you so wish.

Additionally, the Control 52-H can mix it up with other JBL speakers, notably the Control 42-C and 62-P. You can thus use them in tandem.

Key Features

  • 16 Ohms impedance
  • Peak sound of 100 DB
  • 50 watts of continuous program power
  • No Transformer taps

The Pros

  • Easy to use and operate
  • Compatible with other JBL speakers
  • Come with bracket wall mounts
  • Have a stylish, discreet design

The Cons

  • They work with an amp that is difficult to find

4. NHT Media Series 2-Way Dolby Atmos Satellite Speaker

The NHT media satellite speaker comes in a low-profile design that will enable you to mount it on the wall or place it atop a tv or shelf. That’s because it has a compact design that ensures mounting it anywhere isn't that hard.

Thanks to Dolby Atmos's license, you can use this speaker to brighten up your sound experience in the house or your car. The Dolby Atmos license also allows you to enjoy playback for the best sound experience.

You can also connect it to the Dolby Atmos channels, thanks to the inbuilt firing driver. They usually come with dedicated terminals. That will enable that connection.

Equally important is the ability to use this speaker with other speakers in tandem. That enables you to enjoy a fully immersive listening experience that will have you hooked to these speakers.

Like the other higher range NHT tower series come with the same tweeter and 5.25-inch mid-woofer. That markedly improves the quality of sound you will get.

Key Features

  • 5.25-inch mid-woofer
  • Connectible to Dolby Atmos channels
  • Low profile and compact design
  • 5-way binding post connection

The Pros

  • You can connect them to the Dolby Atmos channels
  • The low profile means you can place them anywhere
  • They bear the same tweeter and mid-woofer as high range NHT speakers
  • Relatively easy to use and operate

The Cons

  • They won’t sound on all drivers if your speakers are flat Atmos

5. Eton Rugged Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Satellite speakers are meant to make it easier for you to listen to music from anywhere. And what better way to do that than with a Bluetooth speaker system? That’s what the Eton Rugged wireless system guarantees you.

It is a dual powered rugged, and splash resistant speaker that enables you to carry it anywhere with you. You don’t need any wires to connect to this speaker as they are Bluetooth powered.

Additionally, these speakers feature two internal speakers and bass radiators that extend the sound to enable you to enjoy the best listening experience. The rechargeable battery ensures you always have it to use anywhere.

You can also charge the speaker with a solar panel that comes with it. That, therefore, means you can go to the most interior places yet still enjoy great music or a movie with this speaker.

The fact that it's Bluetooth enabled, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work with non-Bluetooth devices, no. It comes with an Aux input that allows you to use devices that lack Bluetooth compatibility.

Furthermore, after a lot of time using it and aren't sure whether the battery is still full, the LED indicator clarifies any doubt.

This speaker is no doubt a handy speaker that you can go with anywhere. It even has straps that make it easier to carry with you.


  • Bluetooth powered
  • 5300 Mah battery
  • Has the Aux input
  • Carrying strap included

The Pros

  • The rugged construction makes it durable
  • The Aux input allows one to use non-Bluetooth devices as well
  • It comes with a large rechargeable battery
  • The strap means you can carry it anywhere

The Cons

  • The loud beep when you turn it on might be annoying

6. Definitive Technology Procenter 1000

Definitive Technology has been around for some time, and they make products that delight many with their quality. The DefinitiveTtechnology satellite speaker will speak to you with its high sound quality and ease of use.

This single-center speaker is equipped with dual 4.5-inchcast basket drivers that boost the quality of surround sound. Coupled with dual 4.5-inch low-frequency radiators, you can be sure of getting the best quality sound.

In addition to those features, it has a one-inch aluminum tweeter that ensures high audio frequency from this speaker. With the ease to use and connect this speaker, you will appreciate adding it to your home entertainment cast.

To ensure it fits better into places in your home, it comes in a handy size. However, the size shouldn't fool you as it will give you surround sound performance that belies its relatively small size.


  • Dual 4.5-inch bass radiators
  • Gas an aluminum dome tweeter
  • Dual 4.5 inch cast bask drivers
  • Easier operation

The Pros

  • The speaker is easy to operate and connect
  • It comes in a handy size that you can place anywhere
  • The aluminum twitter significantly boosts audio quality
  • Produces better surround sound for movies

The Cons

  • At times it might have rather substandard highs

7. Acoustic Audio Satellite Speakers

Acoustic audio speakers are another excellent option if you are looking for the best satellite speakers on the market right now. It is no surprise that they are Amazon's choice for speakers for tv.

They come in a traditional passive speaker design that easily drives power from the amplifier to the receiver for the best quality sound. With a frequency range of 150 to 20 hertz, the dual speakers are sure to light up your listening experience.

The two 2.5-inch polypropylene speakers provide you with full-range sound thanks to the 88 dB of sound and 8ohms they produce. The speakers are also mountable, enabling you to place them at various locations in your house.

The speakers' raw wire connectors make for a compact system that won’t take up too much space, whether you place them on your shelf or desk. They can work with amps no more than 200 watts to under 20 watts per channel.

It is also easier to connect these speakers thanks to the spring-loaded terminals. The terminals ensure you easily connect wires to get more out of the speaker.

Key Features

  • Swivel wall attachments and brackets
  • Spring-loaded wire terminals
  • Easy installation and simple operation
  • Maximum watts of 200 w

The Pros

  • The swivel wall attachments make them easy to install
  • Has spring-loaded terminals make it easy to connect wires
  • The compact size ensures you can place them, even on a shelf
  • Heavy-duty construction makes them durable

The Cons

  • They wouldn’t work that well in a large room

8. Cambridge Audio Minx

Another speaker you can look at if you’re looking for a satellite speaker for your car or house is the Cambridge audio speaker. You won’t have space issues when you buy this speaker since it is only three inches tall and three inches wide.

The Cambridge, however, doesn’t stop at the compact nature as they also give you great sound for speakers so small. The compact size doesn’t get in the way of quality sound, thanks to a succession of features.

First, it has balanced mode radiators (BMR) that render size irrelevant in the quest to produce high-quality sound. BMR is responsible for great sound and extraordinary detail, even for low volumes of sounds.

Secondly, the BMR speakers scatter sounds more uniformly to ensure you can get sweet audio even from the relatively small speakers. The audio dispersion from these speakers is top-notch, bellying their small size.

With the high gloss finish, this speaker will fit right into your interior décor. That’s because they are not only beautiful, but also discreet.

Key Features

  • Have a high gloss finish
  • Balanced mode radiators for better quality sound
  • Compact size only a few inches long and wide
  • Easy operation and installation

The Pros

  • The balanced mode radiators ensure top-quality sound
  • The high gloss finish ensures they fit right into your home
  • They are relatively easy to install and operate.
  • The compact size makes it easy to use

The Cons

  • It can’t be the main speaker

9. Definitive Technology ProSub 800

The ProSub 800 is another Definitive Technology satellite speaker on our list. That only speaks volumes about the quality on offer by Definitive technology. The ProSub 800 has a few better features than its sister already on our list.

Firstly, it has a 300 W booming bass that will provide you with high-quality sound. The large 8-inch size and the 8-inch low bass radiator are sure to enjoy using this speaker.

Secondly, the radiator has a unique design that provides a greater radiating area for deep, impactful sound. Additionally, the discrete Mosfet output devised will also add the sound quality produced by the speaker.

It also comes with feet that will enable you to place it anywhere. That is mainly because the feet are adjustable and give the speaker greater stability on whatever surface you place them on.

The speaker also comes with endless connections that make it easy for you to connect different output devices. You can connect it to various types of audio systems thanks to the many connections.

Key Features

  • 8 inches tall in size
  • Includes BDSS drivers
  • Multiple connections for output devices
  • Front mounting and direct-radiating woofer

The Pros

  • The considerable larger size enables it to produce high-quality sound
  • It has various connections to various output devices
  • The adjustable feet give it more stability
  • The radiator has a unique design that delivers better surround sound

The Cons

  • It might rattle when you play it at high volumes for long

Who Should Buy a satellite Speaker?

The satellite speakers are a significant addition to any home audio system. However, not all people would want to have them in their homes. So, who should buy a satellite speaker?

The first person who should buy a speaker wants to upgrade their audio system, but can afford the bookshelf speakers. The atellite speakers are much cheaper than bookshelf speakers and would make an excellent choice for such a person.

Anyone who is also tired of fixed standalone home theatre systems' inflexibility should get a satellite speaker. If you get a Bluetooth enabled satellite speaker, you can enjoy the music in any room instead of having to be in one room.

Finally, anyone looking for speakers that will seamlessly fit into their house should buy satellite speakers. They usually have a compact make that enables them to fit in any home and be as unobtrusive as possible.

Buyer's Guide:

Important Features to Consider in Buying A Satellite Speaker

The Frequency

The frequency of the speaker will tell you whether it will give you quality sound r not. That is because frequency plays a significant role in whether the sound covers a broader area or not.

You should thus consider the frequency rating of the speaker before buying it.

The Size

How large is the satellite speaker? Would it fit into your home or be easy to carry from place to place? Satellite speakers are by nature compact to fit in any place, whether on the floor or on top of a bookshelf.

Mounting Ability

You will want to mount the speaker somewhere if you are using it at home. That means the speakers should come with mounting brackets to make it easier for you. Not all, however, will come with mounting brackets.

Ease of Connection

Imagine buying a satellite speaker only for it to give you nightmares connecting it to your audio system. The ideal satellite speaker should thus be easy to connect to the system as well as operate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are satellite speakers better than bookshelf speakers?
    Quality-wise, the bookshelf speakers are way ahead of satellite speakers. Satellite speakers, however, are handier while also costing much less than bookshelf speakers.
  2. Are satellite speakers worth it?
    Yes, they are. Satellite speakers will transform your listening experience with their versatility and portability
  3. Are satellite speakers mid or full range?
    Satellite speakers are not full-range speakers. They instead are mid-range and mid-bass speakers.

Last Words

We hope our list of the best satellite speakers guides you in choosing the ideal speaker for you. A satellite speaker will not only give you quality sound enhancements, but will also improve your listening experience.

Do try them out and see. All the best.

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