RPX VS. IMAX, A Comparative Review for your Movie Watching Experience

As a movie enthusiast, I never want to miss any detail of the film I am following closely. For that reason, I always check the type of screen a movie theatre has before I decide to pay. What I look for is the size of the screen, video and audio quality, and clarity of the screen. Today, we will debate which screen is the best between RPX Vs. IMAX. You might have gone to IMAX to watch a movie and liked the experience. However, you would want to know if it is worth trying RPX.

The main difference between the two screens is that RPX has designed its seats to be high-end. You are, therefore, likely to feel more comfortable during the movie in RPX compared to IMAX.

This article will focus on the other major differences that might affect your viewing experience with the two screens.


RPX Vs. IMAX: Comparison Table

The table below is a side-by-side comparison between RPX and IMAX. This table will help you understand the difference between the two even better.

Screen sizeSmallerLarger
Video QualityBetter for 3DBetter for 2D
Sound Quality12 channels of high-quality sound7.1 channel surround sound

Differences between RPX and IMAX

Screen size

We go to the theater to watch movies on large screens. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the same movie on your TV, phone, or laptop.

The size of the screen differs with location. You might find an IMAX with huge screens and another with less huge. However, the standard size of IMAX screens is around 52×70 feet. On the other hand, RPX screens are 40×60 feet. You can, however, find theatres with Large screens than that.

Video Quality

When going for a theater format, one major factor you should consider is how clear the film appears. You might also want to know how you experience 3D and 2D films. So for the two formats, which is the best?

You will have a different experience watching 3D and 2D with either RPX or IMAX. RPX is a bit better than IMAX. It makes the image darker, achieving the 3D effect, but the images won’t be as clear. But what if you are watching a 2D film?

IMAX has seats closer to the screen than in RPX. For this reason, the film will appear clearer and brighter in IMAX. The video quality of RPX when watching 2D is not that bad. The problem is the seats are pushed further from the screen.

The image format for most IMAX screens is a 1:90: 1 aspect ratio with three times the resolution of standard or digital format.

Sound quality

Your movie experience will be determined further by the quality of sound. Among the two, IMAX Is far the best for sound quality.

IMAX offers 12 channels of high-quality sound. On the other hand, RPX has a 7.1- channel surround sound system with inbuilt speakers on the chairs.

The inbuilt speakers on the chair can be so extra for some people. When the movie has effects, your chair might vibrate, which might be uncomfortable. Some people enjoy the vibrations and the individual speakers.

You will get high sound quality in both compared to the traditional movie setting. So when choosing a theatre based on sound quality, IMAX  wins on this.

Comfortable seats

There is nothing that completes a nice movie experience than comfort. You will need your head to rest and legs to stretch as you snack on your popcorns. So how comfortable are the two settings?

One thing that RPX beats IMAX is in the comfort aspect. RPX seats are unique and very comfortable. With the inbuilt speakers on the chair and the featured expensive and soft leather seats in the theater. They also have a comfortable headrest. Despite the comfort, some people complain that the leather seats are too loud and the space between the seats is too small.

IMAX seats are comfortable too. They are placed closer to the screen to improve your visual experience. However, it cannot beat RPX on comfort. IMAX  seats are too basic.


The amount of money you will spend for you to experience a film matters. Technically, both are premium formats. Therefore, you are likely to spend more than on your traditional movie setting.

IMAX has been around for a long. You will spend about $20 when watching a movie on IMAX. The prices do not differ that much. You are likely to spend only $1 more on RPX.

There are, however, people who charge more for RPX since it’s still new to the market.

Factors like location and age matter when it comes to the amount paid in a theater. For example, you might pay a minimum of $15 in RPX and IMAX if paying for a child or a senior.

Theaters located in huge busy malls might charge you more than theaters with less traffic.

Since you get almost the same experience with the two, it would not make sense to travel looking for the cheapest theater. Even the theater closer to your home will offer the same experience.

Similarities between RPX and IMAX.

Both are premium formats.

Despite RPX and IMAX having different properties, they are the best premium films. You will definitely have a better experience watching your most anticipated film on either screen compared to the basic traditional movie setting.


RPX Vs. IMAX: which to choose?

We have seen both screens have some unique features. So when choosing a screen, your preference will play a huge role.

The first thing to consider is the location. Since both offer almost similar features, you can watch a movie in the theater closer to your residence.

If you are bothered by the vibrations associated with sound effects on a film, then RPX might not be for you. IMAX offers clear and quality sound.

You better go with RPX if you are looking to enjoy the 3D movie. However, for 2D movies, IMAX is the better option.

For those who value comfort when watching a movie, you should go with RPX. Seats in RPX theaters are soft and have a headrest. IMAX seats are basic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the experience with RPX?
    RPX has concentrated more on luxury and improving your movie experience. Seats in RPX theaters are soft leather and are very comfortable. When it comes to the audio experience, RPX has sound speakers in chairs inbuilt in chairs.
    If you want to enjoy 3D movies, RPX screens are large enough. The dark visual effect makes the experience even better.
  2. Between Dolby Cinema and IMAX, which is the best?
    Dolby Cinema and IMAX offer premium experiences when it comes to movies. However, Dolby Cinema images have a higher contrast ratio, about 500 times better, and resolution four times more than IMAX. IMAX has large screens, about 40% of those in Dolby cinema.
    Both Dolby and IMAX use dual 4K laser projectors. Their sound system is upgraded to give you a fantastic experience. Therefore, you cannot use these metrics to determine which is the best screen. The experience in the two cinemas is determined by personal preference.
  3. Was Avengers shot in IMAX?
    Both avengers Endgame and Infinity war were shot using IMAX cameras. If you watched the two films, that is exactly the resolution you will experience in IMAX cinemas.
  4.  Will I enjoy the IMAX experience?
    IMAX cinemas feature comfortable seats, high-quality audio quality with about 12 channels, high contrast video quality, and it is quite affordable.
    You can therefore enjoy your very anticipated movie at IMAX. IMAX cinemas are widely spread within different states and countries. You will never have trouble finding one.
    Seats in IMAX are pulled closer to the screen. This makes the videos seem clearer than screens in RPX and Dolby’s cinemas.


I hope to tackle most of the properties that differentiate the two screens in RPX Vs. IMAX guide. This guide will help you make a sound decision when choosing to enjoy the latest movie.

Since RPX is the latest movie format, they designed their cinemas with the aim of achieving luxury. RPX cinemas feature expensive soft leather seats with inbuilt speakers on each chair and a headrest. The only disadvantage is the tiny space between the aisles. You will still part with more coins if you watch a movie at the RPX theater.

IMAX, on the other hand, is quite affordable and available. For example, there are high chances that the cinema in your neighborhood mall is IMAX. There are over 1500 IMAX cinemas all over the world. You will pay about $20 for the latest hot movie.

 IMAX screens are large than those found in RPX. However, you will enjoy a 3D movie way much in RPX theaters.

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