Rockville RPG122k Review, An All In One DJ/PA Package

Give your best performance indoors or outdoors with the best 1000 watts PA speakers from Rockville. The Power GIG RPG-122k is a pair of Bluetooth-compatible speakers that's ready to use in any small to a medium indoor venue. The RPG-122k also comes in a set with a speaker stand, microphone, wires, and accessories. This truly gives you more value for your money.


  • These are high-performance, powerful speakers
  • Offers clearer sound reproduction, clear highs, and great bass
  • With built-in Bluetooth, USB inputs
  • Comes with wired microphones, wireless remote control
  • Easy to take anywhere, compact and lightweight
  • Components made from top quality ABS
  • Comes with complete speaker accessories like RCA lines, XLR, and adjustable tripod speaker stands


  • Complaints about the wireless microphone set up
  • No microphone stands
  • Complaints regarding sound quality

Review Methodology

The very first thing that you'll notice with the Rockville RPG122k is that it comes with complete materials to set up your gig anywhere. Open the box and you'll get complete mounting and setup accessories, microphones, receiver, and wireless remotes aside from the two loudspeakers. These speakers are light and compact, making these easy to take anywhere. We agree that this also gives users a lot of value for their money and despite some complaints and setbacks, we believe that the Rockville RPG122k could be the best PA system that will work best for beginner and professional users.

What is the Rockville RPG122k?

The Rockville RPG122k is a complete PA speaker system set. It comes with all you need to set up your system indoors or outdoors, including a pair of speakers with a built-in amp, Bluetooth, and USB/SD ports. These speakers also come with microphones, speaker stands, FM tuner, dual handheld microphone, RCA cable, remote control, and many more. This PA speaker system has 1000 watts of peak power at 250 watts RMS and 500 watts program power. It accepts all kinds of audio signals from any Bluetooth compatible music player or smartphone and does away with pesky and messy cables. If you're looking for true value in a PA system, then the Rockville RPG122k could be the one for you.


The Rockville RPG122k offers good value plus ease of use. It comes with complete accessories to get you started on your performance right away. It is ideal for small to medium-sized indoor or outdoor venues as it has all you could ever need. These speakers are built to perform with improved woofer, horn tweeters, and Bluetooth capabilities. You can use these speakers with the wireless microphone system with a receiver or just plug the wired microphone instead. This loudspeaker set could be the complete performance kit you’ve been searching for.

Key Features of the Rockville RPG122k loudspeaker set

Comes in a complete set

You can start using this pair of PA speakers as soon as you take it out of the box because it comes with all the accessories and components you need. Inside the box are the DJ and PA speakers with a built-in amp, Bluetooth, and USB or SD player. You also get speaker stands, one wired mic, a dual handheld mic system with digital display, cables, remote control, and microphone covers.

Impressive power speakers

The 1000 watts peak speakers are high-power speakers capable of producing clear highs and soothing lows. Get ready for clearer sound reproduction no matter what your sound input is. You can use this pair for a musical performance, for a lecture, for a choir at church, to a recital, or a live performance indoors or outdoors. These speakers also have built-in equalizer functions that let you select from Jazz, Pop, Rock, Country, Classic, and Normal.

Compatible with Bluetooth

Wires are just plain ugly and so inconvenient! This is why Rockville decided to do away with wired connections with this set of PA speakers. Connect and play your favorite tunes, audio tracks, podcasts, and so on coming from your smartphone, laptop, or PC. You can now skip the time-consuming cable installations with this PA speaker.

As a bonus, this package comes with two wireless microphones that are easy to set up and use. The microphone receiver has an easy-to-check LCD which lets you keep track of microphone volumes, easier Bluetooth paring, and many more. An extra wired microphone also comes with this set in case you want a wired connection.

More inputs to spare

Aside from connecting via Bluetooth, you can also connect using USB for MP3 files playback, AUX, or RCA inputs for iPhone and iPod connections and SD card slot. Connect this speaker set to a passive speaker using a ¼ -inch cable connection. You can also connect other devices like your laptop, PC, gaming console, or TV to this PA speaker system through an AUX wired connection.

Made from durable ABS plastic

This set of the durable speakers as these are made from very strong ABS plastic. These speakers won't dent, crack or split open even when dropped plus, are easy to clean as you only need to wipe the outer part of the speaker and the grille.

With speaker controls on the units

You can control individual speakers as there are volume, treble, and bass knobs on each speaker. Also, there are amplifier clips, LED indicators, and power LED at the back of the speaker. Meanwhile, the convenient remote control lets you control the wireless microphone system.


The Rockville RPG122k is a PA or DJ speaker system that boasts wireless capabilities. You can connect via Bluetooth plus use two wireless microphones that came with the package. These speakers guarantee improved audio output, multiple input capabilities, and easy controls. It is also a set with all the accessories and equipment you need to start using the speakers right away.

And because of all these impressive features and since these come as a set, we recommend the Rockville RPG122k for anyone who can’t resist true value. Despite some flaws, we believe that this set will give you an edge on your next live performance. If you think that the Rockville RPG122k is the best PA or DJ loudspeaker set for you, check this out at this link.

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