How do I Put Peacock App on My Samsung TV? (Explained & Solved!)

Do you want to watch those exclusive shows on Peacock? When you have a Samsung TV, getting the streaming app on your device can get tricky. It always makes you wonder how I put the peacock app on my Samsung TV.

You can quickly get the Peacock app on your Samsung tv if the app is supported on your specific TV model. All you have to do is access the Samsung app store, and there you should find the Peacock app. Download it and install it to get access to the Peacock app.

This information isn’t enough because several other things go into getting the app. Mainly, what do you do if the model doesn’t support Peacock directly? So, let’s dive in deep to find out all the answers about putting Peacock app on your Samsung tv.


What is Peacock, and why would you need it?

Simply put, Peacock is a streaming service that comes up with various shows. Some popular shows like Will and Grace, Departure, Bates Motel, 30 rock Frasier, etc. So, if you want to watch these shows, you will need access to the Peacock app.

The app is available on several different app stores for various devices. For example, you can get the app on your mobile devices, computer, and several smart TVs. However, the thing with Smart TVs is that they have to be compatible with the app.

You may not get support for the app on the older intelligent TV models. But there are other ways to avail the app on your smart tv, specifically on your Samsung smart tv. That’s something you might want to find out on your tv.

Getting Peacock on your smart tv

Here’s the thing, before you go ahead and try installing the Peacock app on your device, you have to make sure that the app supports your Tv model.

Typically, any Samsung Tv model that came before 2017 won’t have direct support on your tv. You can’t get the app in your Samsung app store to install it directly. In that case, you will need to opt for the alternative method, which is to use a secondary device.

So, let’s check how you can get the app on your smart tv.

Peacock on newer Samsung smarts Tv’s

For a newer model of Samsung tv, you don’t have to go through much trouble at all. You can follow the steps I am about to discuss below to get the Peacock app on your Samsung smart tv.

  1. First, you have to look for the app. To do that, press your home button on the TV to remove the settings.
  2. From there, you have to go to the apps section. You should see a search button on the app section.
  3. You must type Peacock on the search bar, which should bring up the list.
  4. Select the Peacock app from the search list.
  5. Then, press on install. And that’s pretty much it.

After installing the app, you can look for it from your app list and access it. Make sure to create a peacock account on the official website. You will need a premium subscription to get all the shows on your service.

Peacock on older Samsung smarts Tv’s

Now, this is the real deal here. What do you do if you have an older model of Samsung tv that doesn’t have direct support for the Peacock app? In that scenario, you will need to find an alternative streaming device like Roku devices, Amazon fire stick, or another similar device.

You can also try casting the Peacock streaming service to your Samsung smart tv through your smartphone. How do you do all that?

Well, the process is very straightforward. If you can’t get the app directly on your Samsung smart tv, then you get it on another device and cast the programs on your smart tv, as it’s a widespread feature. Indeed, it involves some extra steps, but still, I would say it’s pretty effective.

Here’s what you do here,

First, you install the peacock app on your preferred device, whether it’s your smartphone, Google Chromecast, or Roku device. Then, you have to access your peacock account on the device and start the show you want to watch.

From there on, you have to connect the devices with your Samsung smart tv. After connecting the devices, you can easily cast the screen of your streaming device to your smart tv to get a similar experience to watching it on tv.

It is the easiest way to access the Peacock app on your Samsung smart tv. However, it’s undoubtedly not the cheapest or the most convenient one.

How do you use the Peacock streaming service on your Samsung smart tv?

Well, depending on how you have installed the app or put the app on your Samsung tv, you can use the app in different ways. If you have installed it directly from your app store, it should be available with all the other apps on your smart tv.

On the other hand, the process is a bit different if you have gotten Peacock through a secondary streaming device. Here, you have to set up the device for playing the Peacock app and stream it to your Samsung tv. It is an entirely separate process that you have to go through.


In short, if you were asking yourself, “How to put the peacock app on my Samsung tv?” you know it by now. The process is simple. With the Samsung tv models that came out after 2017, you can directly download them from the app store and have access.

People with a Samsung tv model that came out before 2017 will need to use a separate streaming device like a Roku device, Amazon Firestick, or similar other devices to use the app. Then, they can easily cast the show on Peacock to their Samsung smart tv.

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