Polk S30 vs S35, Center Channel Speakers and Surround Sound

Unlike the early days, speakers have a lot of impact on whatever source of entertainment you opt to consume. Whether it’s music or movies, or games, speaker and sound quality play a vital role. And to satisfy that need for excellent sound quality, people look for the best speakers they can find.

When it comes to watching movies, two popular and competing choices are Polk S30 vs. S35. These speakers come from the same brand, so you can’t choose one based on better quality. So, let’s get going and see which one holds up better for your needs. 

Before I go through the comparison, we should take a look at these speakers individually first. So, let’s take a little overview of both the speakers and their distinctive features.

Polk S30 is a central channel speaker that you can get alongside your satellite speakers and subwoofers. You can elevate your music and movie experience when you add this one to your home theater setup. First, let's check out the technical specs of the Polk S30.


Specifications of Polk S30 

 Polk Audio Signature Series S30

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  • Speaker type: Center 
  • Color: Black
  • Woofer size: 5 inches
  • Frequency response: 42 – 40000hz
  • Power: 125W
  • Impedance: 8
  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • Drivers: Dynamic
  • Dimensions: 10.6 x 20 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 19lbs 

About Polk S30

Now, let’s dive a little deep into the Polk S30 and take a look at the features and value this one provides you.

Design and build 

Well, I will be very honest with you, it doesn't come with the prettiest of builds and designs. It’s a bit bulkier than usual, which you may not like to have on a central speaker in these modern days.

Aside from the bulky structure, there is nothing wrong with the looks and build of this speaker. It comes with durable, high-quality materials that have a clean finish on them. You can expect this one to last for quite a long time if you are worried about durability at all.

Sound quality 

Coming to the sound quality of this speaker, all I can say is I love it. This one comes with some extremely balanced sound without any overwhelming frequencies. Everything on this speaker sounds clear and enriched. Also, you get to hear the definition in the sounds that you will love while watching movies.

While it has that clarity and balance, it doesn’t lack the bass either. You still get to hear that rich bass coming from the deep bass technology of Polk. And if you love to listen to that distortion-free bass, then this is the perfect thing to have as your sound system.

Something I particularly liked in this one was the vocal accuracy in the sound. This helps you in hearing all the dialogues much better than you would expect. Overall, you will have no complaints or issues with the sound quality of this speaker whatsoever.

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The best part of this speaker is that you can pair it up with any sound system you may already have. Whether it’s a 2:0 or 2:1 or 5:1 or 7:1, it doesn’t matter. You can use this as the center speaker for any setup.

So, even if you are worried about the bass of this speaker, you will always have the option to get an extra subwoofer to get that oomph in the bass anyways. And connecting this to an existing home theater system will also be very easy.

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Well, this is the latter version of the Polk S30, so that you can expect some upgrades from the other speaker. Let's take a look at the overview of Polk S35, starting with the technical specifications.

Specifications of Polk S35

 Polk Audio Signature Series S35

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  • Speaker type: Center 
  • Color: Black
  • Woofer size: 3 inches
  • Frequency response: 53- 40000hz
  • Power: 150W
  • Impedance: 8
  • Sensitivity: 88dB
  • Drivers: Polypropylene Cones
  • Dimensions:6.1 x 24.4 x 4.1 inches
  • Weight: 14lbs 

About Polk S35

Here are the things you should be looking out for when you are choosing the Polk S35. It comes with some fantastic features and designs that you will love to have.

Design and build 

When you talk about modern speakers and how they look, this is the speaker you should be referring to. It comes with some stylish and sleek design that will never ruin the outlook of your home theater setup. It just looks premium alongside all the other speakers you set up in your living room.

While it's stylish and sleek, it also comes with good build quality. The finishing on the speaker is excellent and satisfying to have with the extended durability you get from it. Overall, you can't complain about how the speaker builds and is designed.

Sound quality 

To enjoy movies and tv shows to the fullest, this is the speaker you should be adding to your home theater system. First of all, it’s a great speaker as an addition to your setup because it can integrate with any setup very nicely. The sound quality matches the whole setup, and everything feels smooth.

Even though it boasts of producing great sounds for movies, you also get to enjoy the deep rumbling bass on this one. It has got a decent grasp of the bass that comes with minimum distortion. So, if you love some bass in your music, you will surely enjoy having this one on your audio setup.


It doesn’t matter what kind of home theater setup you have; this will fit right in. It is compatible with almost any type of speaker setup, whether a stereo system or a surround system. Adding this to the setup is also very easy as it doesn’t require any complicated process to connect.

A great thing about this speaker is that you get similar sound quality to your existing setup. This speaker will not feel out of place even with your existing setup. And with its slim design, you can indeed find a place to keep this one as the centerpiece.

Comparison of Polk S30 and S35

Now, the real question comes up, which one is better and which one to choose. Well, for that, we will have to take a look at the comparison between these two. I will go through different factors to help you out with choosing one of them.

  • Design and looks 

It’s very easy to choose one of these speakers based on looks, and it has to be Polk S35. If you are concerned about how your setup will look, then Polk S35 is the one you should go for because of its modern and sleek design. On the other hand, Polk S30 comes with outdated methods with a bulky size that may not look the best.

As for build quality, both are equally durable, so there is nothing to distinguish there. Choosing one mostly comes down to the sleek and slim design of the Polk S35.

  • Sound quality 

Even though you might not hear much of a difference in the sound quality of these speakers, S30 is a bit ahead in this race. The S30 comes with dynamically balanced drivers that give it that crisp and clean sound over anything else. It’s great for vocals on the sound, which you would love to have while watching movies and shows.

As for the bass, both the speakers use the same technology, so there is no clear winner there.

So, if you want to have a better experience of movies and get the best frequencies, then S30 is a little better choice than S35. However, the difference is almost negligible, so it doesn’t matter that much.

  • Features 

Well, in terms of features, you will have a hard time choosing one of them. Both the speakers have similar characteristics, and you can't see much difference in any of them. The S35 is a later model of the same speaker line, so you get some extra benefits coming from it. But it’s not something that can dictate your decision, so there is no clear winner for the features.

  • Price 

As you already know, S30 is the older version, so it’s also priced lower than the S35. So, if you are thinking of saving up some bucks, then getting the S30 should be your choice. However, the price difference isn’t significant, so you should be OK with any of them.


To sum up, choosing between Polk S30 vs. S35 can be very tricky. Because there aren’t many differences and the only ones you get aren’t that significant. So, when choosing one, you will have to rely on the lower price or the sound quality.

Like I said earlier, Polk S30 has a bit better sound quality for the vocals and has more balanced sounds than S35. Also, it’s a little cheaper. However, if you are looking to get something that goes well with the looks of your setup, then I would go for the S35. It looks significantly better than the S30, for sure.

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