Polk Audio Atrium 8 Review

Sometimes it's not enough to hear the music through your headphones – sometimes you have to share it with the world. And one of the best ways to share your music is by playing it out loud through outdoor speakers.

There are a lot of speakers out in the market, but today, we are going to see if this particular speaker would work for us – the Polk Audio Atrium 8.


What’s In the Box

So what does the Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speaker have in store for us? Let’s get to know this outdoor speaker better.

Inside the box, you’ll find the white speaker (can also come in black), the mounting bracket, the brochure, the Owner’s Manual, and the online product registration card.

The Polk Audio Atrium 8 Review has the following dimensions:

  • Weight: 9.7 lbs
  • Height: 32.7 cm
  • Width: 21.59 cm
  • Depth: 23.34 cm

It’s a bit heavy – you’re dealing with a 9.7-pound speaker here – so you might be surprised upon taking it out of the box. Don’t worry about the installation, though, as the mounting bracket will make it easy for you. A bit of adjustment, then wait for the click, and you’re good to go.

The speaker also has its unique "single/dual input switch. This feature allows you to switch from an individual stereo loudspeaker to an L/R stereo pair so that you can still have that indoor sound even if you went outside.

Polk Audio Atrium 8


Its grills and bracket are made with aluminum, and the hardware is made of stainless steel and brass. Its 5-way binding posts are gold-plated, and as previously mentioned, the speaker has a 180-degree “speed lock mounting system”. The dual voice coil driver is made of polypropylene cone plus rubber surround, with an anodized aluminum cone.

The speaker also has this power port venting that helps minimize distortion and turbulence, leading to a better sound with deep, extended bass. The venting also is water-resistant to ensure sounds won't be affected even during a torrential downpour. Even when outside, the music is clear – you'll hear both the tune and the lyrics well.

The speaker is created with keyhole slots, and you can choose to mount it horizontally or vertically. It has the all-weather certification; it has proven its capability of enduring extreme temperatures as well as heavy rain. You can choose to protect it from harsh elements for it to last longer, but the speaker itself is prepared to be exposed outside.

What’s Good About the Atrium Speaker

We’re done discussing the technicalities, so we’re now moving on to the good stuff. What’s good about this Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speaker?

Well, for one, you'll get both the left and right channels on the same speaker. And so, you'd get surround sound for less price. It's easy to set up – even a beginner can connect the cables and have it installed in a jiffy. But don’t get fooled; its simple appearance actually packs a punch.

Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI


Compared to other outdoor speakers, the bass on the Atrium sounds better – it sounds fuller and doesn’t get distorted, even when you wanted the sound to fill out a large space, whether you want low or high volumes due to the water-resistant venting. To add, its low-frequency response filters background noises, so all that’s left is clear music that sounds realistic.

Being outdoor speakers, they also can withstand a heavy downpour and be able to perform well right after. They tend to function well regardless of the weather. Of course, it’s still recommended that you shield them from the elements, but their durability makes them work well even under harsh conditions.

The Good vs. the Bad

Let’s check the product further – what else do we need to know about the Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speaker?

 Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Flagship Outdoor Speaker

First, setting it up is a breeze. How you mount them isn't really different from other outdoor speakers: you'd need two screws to mount the simple bracket, then there are the big yet easy to handle screws to connect the speaker to the said bracket. Setting them up isn't fussy, but you should still be careful when you're mounting them as the pole can snap and break. It rarely happens, but it can happen.

Once you’ve arranged everything, you’ll see how this speaker lives up to its promise. It’s a speaker that can blast music outdoors and play your favorite songs clearly, even in an open area. You could listen to music in solitude, or if you’re looking for a speaker that can draw your neighbors into your home perhaps for a party or to bond, then this would do the trick.

There’s one drawback, though. Yes, it comes with clear sounds and is distortion-free, but if you prefer booming bass, then you’d need a subwoofer to provide the deep bass sounds of songs. Otherwise, if you’re good with clear sounds without much emphasis on the bass, then you’re going to be okay with it. Subwoofers can help enhance the sound, but they’re not a necessity.

Polk Audio Atrium review


The Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speaker is ideal for those who wish to experience their music not only inside but also outside their home. Once mounted and set up ultimately, you can enjoy your favorite songs and even share them with other people. The speakers come with clear bass sounds, making you feel as if you're right there as the band plays their music.

So are we going to recommend this? We'll have to say 'yes' to this; we highly recommend that you purchase these outdoor speakers. Music lovers will cherish this; those who don't may still be able to appreciate it. How good are they? They're right – probably good enough to make you want to buy another one for the insides of your home.

This marks the end of our review for the Polk Audio Atrium 8 SDI Review. We hope this review helped you in deciding if it’s indeed the one that you’re looking for. If yes, then order yours now and see the benefits for yourself.

1 thought on “Polk Audio Atrium 8 Review”

  1. I spent hours, way too many hours researching outdoor speakers for my deck/yard. I have a pretty large deck with a large lawn located right off the deck. I have a 2 acre property but only utilize about 1 acre worth of lawn space.

    I decided to go with these after reading endless amounts of reviews. These sound very clear, crisp and premium, although I do with they had a little more bass. The bass would be my only complaint but all around when I crank these guys up you can hear them basically anywhere on my property, although you may go deaf standing on my porch.

    I bought a Yamaha receiver, with an Amazon Echo Input device so I can stream music off the speakers from anywhere, I don’t need to be connected to the wifi, the receiver, I simply just needed the Echo Input to connect the receiver to my other audio devices in the house and I can play whatever I want through the Alexa app. Its a fantastic set up and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in multi-room audio.

    -Michael John


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