How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Other Devices: Pair Bluetooth Speakers Successfully

Portable and easy-to-use Bluetooth speakers are quite popular these days.

You can enjoy listening to your favorite music anywhere by simply connecting these speakers to your smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth-capable devices. 


About Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets two devices communicate with each other over short distances. When Bluetooth speakers receive audio signals from devices with which they are paired like smartphones, these wireless devices prompt their built-in amplifiers and speakers to play music. Bluetooth speakers produce a better sound quality compared to that of cellphones, tablets, or iOS devices’ built-in speakers.

Bluetooth pairing is the process of establishing a connection between two Bluetooth devices. You need to establish a Bluetooth connection between two devices to start the operation. Pairing bluetooth speakers to smartphones, tablets, and other compatible devices, is a one-time procedure. Within a specified range, Bluetooth speakers are able to recognize a connected and paired device. Your speakers will remember your device, and you don’t need to pair them again.

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Why use Bluetooth speakers?

Aside from being portable and accessible, here are some of the other advantages of using Bluetooth speakers:

  • They consume less power.
  • There is no installation required.
  • They can be used as home decoration.
  • They are cheaper compared to audio systems.

How to Setup

Before operating the Bluetooth speakers, do the following:

  • Place the Bluetooth speakers 1m (3ft) away from the Bluetooth device.
  • Provide an available power source to plug in the speakers.
  • Disable the automatic playback of your Bluetooth device to avoid sudden loud sound output from the speakers.
  • Use the user manual of your device to guide you in the operation.

How to Pair Bluetooth speakers with different Bluetooth devices.

Pairing Bluetooth speakers to Android phones.

Follow these steps to successfully pair the speakers to your Android phone:

  1. Turn on the speaker. Press the Power Button once to open the device.
  2. Turn on the speaker’s Bluetooth. Hold the Bluetooth button for three seconds to make your speaker “Discoverable” to other Bluetooth-capable device.
  3. Open your Android phone’s Bluetooth. Go to Home, Menu, Settings, Wireless and Networks, Bluetooth Settings to find this feature. You can also find it in your Android phone’s Home screen.
  4. Make sure your Android phone’s Bluetooth feature is in “Discoverable” mode. This will help your device discover the Bluetooth speaker.
  5. Scan for devices. Tap the Scan for devices command then wait for the name of your Bluetooth speaker to appear on the list. Click on the name of your bluetooth speaker to start establishing a connection.
  6. Use passcode if necessary. If your smartphone doesn’t automatically pair, enter the passcode given by your speaker.

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Pairing Bluetooth speakers to iOS devices.

  1. Turn on the speaker. Press the Power Button once to open the device.
  2. Turn on the speaker’s Bluetooth. Hold the Bluetooth button for three seconds to make your speaker discoverable.
  3. Open your iPhone/iPad’s settings. You can find this on your Home screen; this is a gray app with gears on it.
  4. Slide Bluetooth right to the “On” position. This will activate your Bluetooth feature. You will see a list of Bluetooth devices in the “Devices” heading. Find the name of your speaker on the list.
  5. Tap your speaker’s name. This will start the pairing process that may take up to a couple of minutes. If you didn’t see your speaker’s name in the list of Bluetooth devices, disable and re-enable Bluetooth on your iPhone to reset the devices list. Some speakers have a default password. Consult the speaker’s manual if necessary.

Pairing Bluetooth speakers to Windows 10 (PCs, Laptops).

  1. Turn on the speaker. Press the Power Button once to open the device.
  2. Turn on the speaker’s Bluetooth. Hold the Bluetooth button for three seconds to make your speaker discoverable.
  3. Open the Bluetooth. On the taskbar, select Action Center, then Bluetooth. If you didn’t see the Bluetooth icon on the task bar, click Start, then Settings, Devices, Bluetooth and Other Devices, and turn on Bluetooth.
  4. Connect. In action center, select Connect, then the device name.

Connecting to a Paired Device

To connect your speakers to a previously paired device; first, press the Bluetooth button on the speaker. The Bluetooth indicator is expected to blink repeatedly until your device – smartphone, iOS device, tablet, PC, or laptop – connects. When the Bluetooth indicator stops blinking, this indicates that the two devices have successfully connected.

Pairing Additional Devices

To pair additional devices, turn on the additional Bluetooth device and your speaker. Press the Bluetooth button on the speaker for three seconds to put it in “Discoverable” mode again. Then turn on the additional device’s Bluetooth. Scan for devices and click the name of the speaker to make a successful connection. Enter the passcode if they don’t automatically pair. You can pair more than two devices depending on your speaker’s memory. When the memory is full, and an additional device is paired, the least recently used device is deleted automatically and replaced by the newly-paired device.

Clearing Memory

To clear the memory, press and hold the Bluetooth button of your speaker for 10 seconds or more and wait until you hear a tone. The sound indicates that all connected and paired devices from speaker’s memory are cleared.

Terminating the Bluetooth Connection

To end the operation, first turn off the Bluetooth function of your device. Then turn off the speaker.   


Though the speaker can be paired with multiple devices, you can only play music from one paired device at a time.

If you have already established the connection, do not pair them again except:

  • If the pairing information is lost due to repairs, etc.
  • It has already been paired with maximum number of allowable devices.
  • If the pairing information of the speaker is removed from your Bluetooth device.

Pairing Bluetooth speakers to different Bluetooth devices require a simple understanding of those easy steps provided above. If you have trouble pairing your speakers with different Bluetooth devices, do the following:

  • Get your speaker and your device as close together as possible while you troubleshoot.
  • Reset the Bluetooth feature on both devices.
  • Don’t panic; read the user’s manual for additional instructions.

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