Pairing iHip Bluetooth Headphones ( Tried & Tested )

If you’re an audiophile and you stay updated with headphone trends, iHip is a brand name you’ve been hearing for as long as possible. Although their range of headphones and wireless earbuds is not as good as brands like Sony, audiophiles would agree that they are not that bad, especially when it comes to their sound quality.

In addition, the build quality of iHip headphones includes a button to turn on the Bluetooth on the body of the headphone. Since a Bluetooth button is strategically placed on the body of the headphone, pairing iHip headphones to any device wirelessly shouldn’t be a problem, right? Maybe! Because the truth is, new users of the iHip Bluetooth headphones follow a pattern; they always seem confused about how to pair these headphones. But fear not! Help is here. Keep reading to get rid of the confusion on how to pair your iHip headphone.


What’s the deal with iHip Headphones?

If you’re always in the market searching for budget headphones that still deliver awesome sound quality, you should opt for iHip headphones. They specialize in making headphones and earbuds that produce great sound quality, although they aren’t as standard as high-priced headphones from a well-known brand. They are innovation inclined with fantastic designs that look sleek, but they are quite fragile. Now, their sound quality isn’t perfect, but it sure isn’t bad either. For low-priced headphones, iHip has fantastic sound quality.

How to Pair your iHip Bluetooth headphone

The build quality of every iHip Bluetooth headphone also includes a control button at the side of one of the headphone ears. Most of the time, the button is usually multi-functional. In other words, don’t be surprised if that’s the same button you use to turn the headphone on and off. The headphone distinguishes the function you want the button to play based on how you press or hold it.

So, if the button is multi-functional, you’ll have to hold it down for long until an LED light (usually blue and red) starts flashing. Then, you know you’ve successfully turned on the Bluetooth. Now, if you’ve paired your iHip Bluetooth headphone with your device before, it should start to search for your device automatically. Once it finds your device, it will automatically connect, and then you’re set to use the headphone. If you want to pair a new device, follow these steps.

Turn On the Bluetooth: 

Long-press the multi-functional control button on the headphone for about 2-4 seconds or until the LED lights (blue and red) starts to flicker. This light means the Bluetooth is on. Also, turn on the Bluetooth on your device so that the headphone can locate it when searching for nearby devices.

Pair your device:

Wait till the iHip headphone show up on your device’s list of devices it can connect to. Once it pops up on the list, tap on the headphone’s name, so it starts the pairing process. It would probably request permission to pair etc. Just follow through with the pairing process. Once it starts to pair, it will start to load on your phone. Once the pairing process is complete, the headphone would make a sound. Viola! You can now enjoy your iHip headphone.

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Factors that could hinder successful pairing

Although the pairing process between your iHip headphone and your device is easy, some factors could make the pairing difficult than it should be. We’ve highlighted these factors below.

Multiple Bluetooth devices: 

You might encounter difficulty pairing your iHip headphone with your device because the headphone can sense multiple devices with their Bluetooth on. Hence, it might be confusing for the headphone as these other devices might interfere with the pairing process that should otherwise be smooth. This interference could happen, especially when the Bluetooth of devices you’ve paired with in the past is on. In this case, the headphone would randomly connect to any device without your permission.

Low Battery:

If the headphone’s battery is 40% or below, it could affect the pairing process. Hence, before using your iHip headphones, check the battery level. If the headphone is new, you might want to charge them first before you put them to the test because the new headphone comes with a 40% battery level.


  • Are iHip headphones compatible with iPhones and iPads?Yes, they are. According to the manufacturer, iHip headphones work with android devices, iPhones, and iPads.
  • Do iHip headphones have connection issues?While establishing a Bluetooth connection between your iHip headphone and other devices is easy, users of these iHip Bluetooth headphones have complained that the connection often drops while they’re listening to a song.
  • How long does it take an iHip headphone to charge?iHip headphones take as long as 2 to 6 hours to charge. But it all depends on the capacity of the USB you’re charging it with.

Wrap Up

iHip Bluetooth headphones are good budget headphones. Although the connection tends to drop midway while listening to your music, the sound quality is still superb. The best part is, it is compatible with almost any Bluetooth device, and the pairing process is seamless. At an affordable price, you can get any iHip headphone for yourself or gift it to a friend o r family member.

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