Should you wear Over-Ear Headphones While Running? (Important Facts & Tips)

Listening to some music while you go on those morning running sessions can be pretty awesome. It gets you hyped, and you enjoy it the whole time as well. However, when it comes to running while listening to music, a tough decision is with headphones or earbuds.

When you run, you naturally sweat. This can damage both headphones and earbuds. So, what to do then. Should you use over-ear headphones for running, or do earbuds do a better job? I will answer all of these questions here today. Stick with me till the end to find out the answers to these and see which one will be perfect for you.

Let's not waste any time and get started with it right away.


Is there a way to deal with the sweat problem? 

Yes, there is a way to deal with the sweat problem, and it comes from the manufacturers. You simply need to get headphones or earbuds with sweat resistance technology in them. Usually, an IPX4 rated headphone should be enough for resisting sweat and splashes of water.

With this kind of headphone and earbud, sweat will never concern you. Running miles after miles becomes possible without harming these earbuds even a little bit. In the case of over-ear headphones, you can also go for water-resistant or sweat-resistant padding.

The issue with most over-ear headphones comes with the headphone's padding rather than the actual headphone. So, the risk of damaging the whole headphone is comparatively lower than earbuds. This is why using over-ear headphones might seem like a better idea for running.

Still, I think going in-depth into the comparison between over-ear headphones vs. earbuds for running will give you a better idea about the whole thing.

Over-ear headphones or earbuds for running?

Now, there are several things that you have to think about when choosing between headphones and earbuds. To get a better grasp of this concept, let's take a look at each of them individually and see how they stand out.

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Using an over-ear headphone for running purposes 

The first thing to know here is that headphones will give an excellent sound quality that an earbud may not be able to provide. You can find a lot of headphones out there that come with great quality sounds featuring in them. Unless you choose a cheap quality headphone, you will always be satisfied with a headphone over an earbud in terms of sound.

Next up is the noise cancellation factor. Over-ear headphones provide top-notch noise cancellation in the headphones. They are also great for isolating noises, as they can cover your whole ear. This creates a different soundstage for the audio you are about to listen to through your headphone.

This works out great for running out in public, as none of the outside noise can distract you from the music. You will be focused on music and running only.

However, this can be risky as you might even miss out on vehicle noises. So, make sure you know your surroundings while running with noise cancellation headphones on, especially if you are crossing roads or running around roads where vehicles can be an issue.

One more thing that makes headphones worthy for running is the comfort they provide. With fluffy, comfortable paddings, you don't feel any fatigue in your ears. Although you won't probably be running for hours, still it's essential to consider comfortability as a factor.

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Drawbacks of over-ear headphones for running 

It's not all good about headphones. Just like anything else, this one has its flaws. The first issue is that you will sweat more in your ears. Since they will be covered with cushions and paddings, your ears may sweat more than they would in earbuds.

Another issue is the low portability factor. You have to carry them on your neck or hand when you have headphones, which isn't that convenient.

However, these aren't that big of a deal, so they are still a pretty handy choice for running headphones.

Using earbuds for running purposes 

Now, compared to a headphone, the earbud lacks quite a lot of features. Before I take you through those, let's take a look at the things that are good about earbuds for running purposes.

The first one is the convenience you get from them. There are no issues with the portability factor of earbuds. You can simply keep them in your ears, or you can carry them in your pocket.

Another factor where earbuds come out as a winner over headphones is their affordability. Earbuds are usually much more affordable than headphones. So, even if they can get damaged because of sweat, you can easily find a cheap option.

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Drawbacks of earbuds for running 

For the drawbacks, there are quite a lot of them. The first issue has to be that they don't provide as good sound quality as headphones. You can never get earbuds that give you a better sound quality than quality headphones.

Another issue is their fit. Earbuds can easily fall off your ears if you are running too fast. And if they don't fit in your ears perfectly, they are bound to fall.

Even though their compact size is great for portability, they are also very easy to lose. You can forget where to keep them, and they can go to places where you can't find them without looking for them too hard.

Also, earbuds are much more prone to sweat damage than over-ear headphones as they don't have any padding or cushioning to prevent direct damage.

Wrap up 

All in all, choosing over-ear headphones for running is a better solution than choosing earbuds. They are much more comfortable and have more significant benefits than earbuds. Also, they will last longer than any earbud while providing you with a better music experience for your running sessions.

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