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Install Outdoor Speakers for your Party

The backyard lawn is neatly clipped, the food is prepared to feed, wave after wave of friends coming over, every item on your checklist completed. You are ready for the party of the year, yet wouldn’t you want to kick it up a notch or two? Your party needs a soundtrack – an anthem where […]

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The Perfect Pool Party Songs Playlist

Summer is here! It’s time to have fun under the sun. And so, what better way to start the summer than a pool party, right?Whether you’re the host or you’re the one attending, you got to have the best songs on your playlist. The task of choosing songs, however, can be pretty stressful; after all, […]

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QFX Speaker Review: The Best Portable Speaker with Wheels

There’s nothing better to spice up parties, gatherings, events, or even just plain boring days, than music. However, you can’t liven up your events with your regular phone or television. You’ll need speakers; and good ones. With big parties and events, the crowd will definitely be all over your place, thus the need for a […]

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Polk Audio PSW10 Review

Almost all subwoofers more or less look the same. What sets them apart is their sound performance – especially when it comes to reproducing bass. There are standout models, like the Polk Audio PSW10, that could satisfy an audiophile’s need for bass output impact. A subwoofer’s bass would improve a sound system’s audio performance. The experience […]

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Kenwood DDX9703S Review, The Best Car Play Head Units

The Kenwood DDX9703S is a DVD/CD/AM/FM car stereo. It is simple, yet beautiful and is packed with features that make the price tag worth it. There are countless consumer reviews on Amazon that testify to how much they loved this unit but is it worth its price?In this review, we lay down and dissect all […]

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The Best Party Speakers That Will Rock Your World

What’s a party without excellent music? Well, I hate to break it to you, but that’s one boring party! Whatever theme your party has, great music is a must to fill the air with a lively vibe! That’s why the great party speakers play an important role.Noticing awful music at a party is straightforward. I […]

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