Mounting Amp to Sub Box in Your Car? Any Issues with it and the Tips

You got yourself a car amplifier but didn’t know where to install it? This is a very common issue with car amplifiers, as many cars don't have a dedicated space for mounting your amp. In that scenario, one common place that may pop up in your head is the sub box.

Now, there are some issues with mounting the amp to the sub box. It’s not the best or safest place to mount your amp. And, if you are wondering why then I have got answers for you. Also, I will take you through some locations that you can mount your amp on.

Let’s get going then.


Why not recommend mounting amps to sub boxes?

Even though many people mount their amps on sub boxes, it’s not advisable to do so. Because several obvious reasons can damage your amplifier, here, I will take you through all the different reasons for not mounting your amp on a sub box.

  • The sub-bass can damage the amp.

Your car amplifier probably has a lot of intricate soldering work. And you already know how much vibration your sub box can cause. Vibration and soldering don’t go well together.

So, whenever you mount your amp to your sub box, the vibration from the sub box can damage the soldering of the amp. Even if it doesn’t do it instantly, it will damage the amp sooner or later.

  • Risky in the open

The sub box of your car is the most prominent item to get stolen from your car as it’s very easy to open up the hood and steal the box. So, when a thief comes in trying to steal your sub box, you will be just presenting your expensive car amp to them if you mount that to the sub box.

I researched this matter and found out that many people already lost their amps to this issue. Even though it’s not very common, it can still happen. So, why should you take any chances?

  • Manufacturer warning

When you buy an amp, you should get a warranty alongside that. The warranty gets voided if you don’t follow proper maintenance, installation, and upgrades. Many manufacturers warn in the instructions about mounting your amp to the sub box.

So, if your amp comes with such a warning, then mounting it on a sub box will void the warranty. As you already saw, mounting the amp on the sub box will eventually damage the amp. And with a void warranty, you can't even get it fixed without a high cost.

I don’t think the last two reasons aren’t that serious of an issue. Because once you mount your amp on a sub box, you will most likely cause it to damage anyways, and it’s inevitable. So, please look for other places to mount the amp.

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The best location to mount your amp in your car

Having trouble finding a good place to mount your amp? Well, then I have got some great suggestions for you to try out. These locations typically work great for mounting your amp. Let’s check them out one by one.

Under the front seat

This is a great location to mount your car amp. First of all, it’s away from anyone’s vision, so people won’t even notice the amp. No one needs access under the front seat as there is nothing there for them at all, so no one gets to tamper with the amp either.

Also, when you mount your amp under the front seat, you don’t need larger cables or wires. This helps get better sound quality, as longer wires usually result in getting more noise and distorted sound.

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Things to be aware of:

While it’s a great location, you will need a specialized amp to mount in this location.

  • First of all, your amp needs to be compact enough to fit under the front seat of your car. Otherwise, you can't even fit it in properly.
  • Another thing you have to make sure of is that your car amp doesn't overheat. Because under your front seat, your amp may not get proper ventilation. So, if your amp has overheating issues, then it will get damaged sooner or later.
  • One more issue you can face with this location is the tuning. You won’t have enough room to tune the amp, which can be a bit annoying if you often change your settings. Although you can get an amp that is controllable using a remote or an app.

Behind the seats

You can try mounting your amp on the back of your seats. You can do that on your front seat and your back seat wherever you prefer. Each one has its perks and drawbacks.

  • If you mount the amp behind the front seat, it gets good ventilation. Also, you get easy access to the amp for tuning and changing the settings. However, this is also a drawback.
    When the amp is easily accessible, kids may tamper with it. Or if you have random passengers in your car, then they may do that too. So, in such cases, avoid mounting your amp on the back of the front seat.
  • Mounting amp on behind the back seat is the overall best choice. It gets enough room for ventilation, and it stays away from other people’s vision. However, there is an issue that you still have to tackle.
    You will need longer wiring for this to work out. You have to keep some extra length on the wires because it can stretch the wires when you fold your seat.

On the firewall

The firewall of your car is a great place to mount your car amp. The reason is that it doesn't require long connections, which gives you a greater sound quality.

Another advantage of this location is that it’s very easy to mount and manage. So, you won’t have trouble installing this or managing the amp.

There are some other issues that you have come across. When you install it on the firewall, you have to follow the engine's common noises. This can cause an issue with the sound quality you get from the amp.

Also, the space on the firewall can’t fit a large amp. So, you have to get a smaller amp that comes with remote control or app control feature.

Buy or make an amp rack

I think this is the best solution for mounting your car amp. It’s perfect for managing your amp, and it keeps everything organized. So, you shouldn't have any issues with it.

Now, there are two ways to go about this. You can either make an amp rack yourself. Or you can buy an amp rack to suit your needs.

If you are making an amp rack, you have to keep in mind that you leave proper ventilation paths on the rack. Also, do the measurements correctly. Then, you just set up the amp on the rack and attach the rack to the location where you want to mount it.

And if you choose to buy, make sure you are buying the correct rack that suits your car. Consider the size of the amp when you are buying a rack.

While choosing the perfect location for your amp, you have to consider the amp first. The size, the quality, the overheating issues, the wiring, and all. Considering these will lead you towards the perfect location for mounting your amp.

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Tips of car amplifier installation 

Whenever you are installing your car amplifier, there are some things you can do for better results.

  • Always make sure to leave enough room for ventilation. Overheating is a common issue in car amplifiers, and you don’t want to keep them in a cramped-up space.
  • Getting smaller amplifiers is a great way to save up space. You can use some great locations when you have a smaller amplifier.
  • Try to keep the wiring as short as possible. This way, you can ensure the best possible sound quality.
  • Make sure to install the amplifier tightly. If the amp is loose and bumps on the road, there can be issues inside the amp.
  • While you are installing, try adding some form of padding on the amp. This will help the amp stabilize better and give you better sound quality.
  • You can use wire ties to keep the wires secured in place. Remember, if your wires move around too much, they can have an impact on the sound.

Final words 

In short, mounting an amp on a sub box is a big no, and you should avoid it at any cost. It’s not like you don’t have any other place to mount your amp, right? And even if you were confused with locations, now you have several ideas for the location.

You can choose any of the locations I shared with you. Since I get in-depth with it, you know when and where it will work and when it won't. I hope this helps you in getting the perfect location for your car amp.

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