Midas MR18 vs Behringer XR18, Digital Mixers Comparison & Reviews

Digital mixers have been around for many years, helping musicians, composers, and regular music enthusiasts to create great music. There are so many digital mixers available in the market but two brands have shown their best features and amazing ease of usage: the Midas MR18, an 18-input multi-channel digital mixer, and the Behringer XR18 tablet-controlled studio or live digital mixer.

Let's go into details about Midas MR18 vs Behringer XR18 and see which one is better when it comes to specs, features, quality, and ease of use.


Midas MR18 Review

Midas 18-Input Digital Mixer

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Midas is one of the most prominent names in digital audio mixing equipment and other digital equipment. The MR18 is one of the most in-demand studio mixers because of its versatile design, lots of inputs, updated features, and cool interface.

How Midas MR18 works

The Midas MR18 has a straightforward design. Instruments and other studio equipment are connected through the mixer inputs; you can connect up to 16 different instruments and equipment and each input is appropriately labeled. Connect the Midas MR158 to your Wi-Fi and use your iOS or Android tablet to control it. You may also connect this mixer to your PC, Linux, or Mac computer and control it via Wi-Fi, LAN, or Ethernet.

This digital mixer comes with a built-in router for easy operation, you don’t have to connect it to your home router. Under the hood are enhanced signal processing engines, protection bumpers, and a durable power supply. Use your tablet or computer to access the digital interface to manipulate the MR18 controls and features.

Where to use Midas MR18

The Midas MR18 digital mixer is great for professional studio use, home use, or anywhere you want to record, mix or create music. It is portable, easy to take anywhere (13 x 5.9 x 5.8 inches), and weighs less than its counterparts (only 3 pounds). Just place this in your accessories bag and take it to your studio or take it home. The MR18 from Midas can be used to work with all types of musical instruments and equipment with compatible inputs.

Midas MR18 Specs

  • Dimensions: 13 x 5.9 x 5.8 inches
  • Number of Inputs: 16 channels
  • Connectivity: musical instruments/equipment cables, Wi-Fi, LAN, Ethernet
  • Audio Effects Engine: 4 true stereo internal effects engines
  • Special Features: USB recorder, protection bumpers, stereo FX return channels, 40-bit floating-point signal processing, cooling fans, handles, antenna
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty or plus 2 years warranty, extendable

Features of Midas MR18

  • Multi-channel interface
    The Midas M18 multi-channel interface lets you connect more equipment and instruments so you can do more and work more. It lets professionals work more efficiently as this digital mixer is all you need. Aside from the 18 input channels, you also get 4 stereo FX return channels and 6 aux connectors. Left and right main channels let you connect to speakers.
  • Direct operation tri-mode router
    Skip connecting this device to an external router as this comes with a built-in tri-mode router for fast, easy operation. Connect the M18 to your tablet to access the Midas interface. You can easily tweak this digital mixer to work with your specific configurations.
  • Flexible rack
    The Midas M18 is so flexible you can use a variety of compatible devices, audio equipment, and musical instruments. Install this rack with your other audio equipment and use this to create all kinds of mixes, process tracks, and work with different audio inputs. The rack can easily work with different equipment as it is universally compatible with almost all brands and models.
  • Graphic EQ
    The Midas M18 interface is easy to use and quick to learn. Modify tracks, increase or reduce effects or work with different kinds of equipment with ease. The graphics EQ is so simple to use that even a beginner can use it without any hassles. Professionals also love how easy the Midas interface works and recommends this to fellow music aficionados.
  • Regular firmware updates
    Midas ranks higher than other digital mixers as it offers regular firmware updates. This keeps their products updated, adaptable, and ready for all new audio equipment and instruments. These updates also give you more value for your money as you don't need to purchase a new piece of equipment.
  • Get more FX plug-ins
    Visit midasconsoles.com and register your M18 to get downloadable FX plug-ins. These free features let you get more out of your Midas digital mixer and also lets you enjoy your device more. The Midas M18 is one of the many Midas consoles that are ready to receive these cool plug-ins so be sure to take advantage of this feature.
  • Extended warranties available
    The Midas M18 is covered by a 3-year warranty. You can also buy extended warranties for your device from authorized Midas dealers and suppliers. With this long warranty and extended warranty, you’ll get more value out of your money.


Here are great reasons to choose the Midas M18

  • More inputs, more stable channels
  • Connects through Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and LAN
  • Compatible with more music equipment and instruments
  • With enhanced sound processing features
  • Easy to use the system, works with your Android and iOS devices and computers
  • Lightweight, easy to take anywhere
  • Midas offers regular firmware upgrades
  • Good value for your money with longer warranties and extended warranty


Take time to think about the following disadvantages of the Midas M18

  • Problems with the wireless access point.
  • Complaints about the interface.
  • Complaints about connectivity.

Behringer XR18 Review

 Behringer XR18 Digital Mixer

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The Behringer XR18 iPad and Android tablet digital mixer have a similar input design with the Midas M18 as the microphone preamps are designed by Midas. The XR18 has 16 programmable preamps designed to improve audio quality. You can connect all kinds of audio devices, instruments, or audio equipment safely and efficiently and use additional line inputs and headphone inputs for microphones and other audio listening devices.

How Behringer XR18 works

The Behringer XR18 digital mixer looks and performs almost similar to the Midas M18. Connect your musical instrument or equipment to any of the 16 inputs. These are labeled appropriately so you can easily find these in your digital interface. Connect the XR18 to your Android or iPad using Wi-Fi to access the digital mixer interface. You may also connect your PC, Mac, or Linux computer via LAN via Ethernet and work the interface from your computer or laptop.

Where to use Behringer XR18

The Behringer XR18 is ideal for studio use. Professional music artists, composers, and arrangers will love how they can connect more inputs to this digital mixer and easily play with it through the interface. Anyone with a home music studio will find the XR18 efficient and ready to use. it's suitable for outdoor performances or anywhere you want to perform or create music as it's lightweight, easy to take anywhere.

Behringer XR18 Specs

  • Dimensions: 13.11 x 5.87 x 5.51 inches, 7.05 pounds
  • Number of Inputs: 18 x 18 channels
  • Connectivity: Tri-Mode Wi-Fi, bi-directional USB, Ultranet connectivity,
  • Audio Effects Engine: four X32 effects engine
  • Special Features: Android or iPad controls, Tri-Mode Wi-Fi, no external routers needed, Dugan-style automatic mixing, RTA, Ultranet, rack ears, protection bumpers, internal power supply with switch-mode feature

Features of Behringer XR18

  • Works with Android and iPad tablets
    The Behringer XR18 has borrowed Midas M18's design with 18 input channels perfect for studio use and live performances. Just like the Midas, it has bountiful connections such as Tri-Mode Wi-Fi, USB interface for easy and direct audio recordings on your device. It can also connect via Ethernet and convenient LAN so signals are stable, uninterrupted.
  • Easy to use interface
    The Behringer XR18 interface is like having an audio studio in the palm of your hands. Connect your iPad or Android tablet to the XR18 and make adjustments on time and manage all the features easily and quickly. The interface also helps you see in a glance all the needed info and correct anything that may be off. Use the built-in RTA on all channels and bus equalizer effects to add more spice to your recordings.
  • X AIR XR18
    The X AIR XR 18 has been designed to be a small yet powerful, easy to use, rack mount mixer. The box is sturdy, easy to use whether with wired equipment or wireless connections. The XR18 lets you create music whether you’re in a studio or when performing live.
  • With built-in tri-mode Wi-Fi
    The Wi-Fi feature allows you to control all the digital mixer’s features and functions. There’s no need to set it up, pair or configure devices anymore. Just connect and play. Because of the Wi-Fi router, you don’t have to connect your musical instrument to the panel. You can freely move around the venue and just focus on your music.
  • Easy recordings
    Use the XR18 to record directly on your PC or compatible tablet device. Select the best mix and effects plus 0-latency as you send 16 mic signals while the MIDI features enhance your recording using DAW. 


The following are the benefits of using the Behringer XR18

  • Connects using multiple inputs
  • Compatible with Android and iPad tablets
  • With Tri-Mode Wi-Fi so there's no need to connect to an external router.
  • With more channels, buses, and bands
  • With graphic EQ features
  • Offers unlimited range minus any internal overloads and latency
  • Offers noise-free results
  • Consumes very minimal power
  • Easy to carry anywhere. 


Before using the Behringer XR18, remember the following disadvantages

  • Complaints about the wireless access point feature.
  • Takes time to configure the FX routing feature.
  • Lacks software updates.
  • Complaints about connectivity.
  • Very heavy to take anywhere

Midas MR18 vs Behringer XR18

Digital mixers have made possible all our favorite music from rap music to rap songs. Professional musicians use digital mixing equipment to combine, equalize, route, and process different input signals.

Modern digital mixers like the Midas M18 and the Behringer XE18 are equipped with the latest features for all-around use. You'll get more channels, enhanced connectivity, and overall better use. Let's look at the two closer and see what seems to make them tick.

Let’s compare the Midas MR18 with the Behringer XR18 using the following parameters:

Design Comparison

Behringer XR18 and the Midas MR18 have mirror designs. The number of input channels is the same while all other inputs like LAN, Ethernet, USB, and MIDI inputs are the same. Both share a rack-mountable design with easy-to-grasp handles so mounting and takedowns are easier.

Connectivity Comparison

The XR18 and the MR18 have similar wired connections including microphone preamps that are easy to program. Both connect to Wi-Fi and come with bidirectional USB ports that will let you record directly on your tablet or PC. These two digital mixers come with two mains L and R and phone jacks with adjustable phone levels.

Ease of use

These mixes are easy to use thanks to their digital interfaces. You can take advantage of all the features that these have to offer. Also, you can fire it up even when you’re across the room during a performance or relax as you control everything from your couch at home.

Features and specs Comparison

The two digital mixers come with identical features however, it's obvious that Midas has won over the XR18 because it's lightweight and easier to take anywhere you need to be. Although both seem to offer the same results, it's easier to carry a lighter mixer to the studio or outdoors.


Midas M18 also tops the XR18 when it comes to warranty. The M18 has 3 years warranty plus you can get an additional or extended warranty which adds more value to your purchase.


The results of the Midas MR18 vs Behringer XR18 review and comparison are clear: Midas 18 ranks higher because of its lightweight design and ease of use. Although Behringer XR18 has adapted the Midas M18's design, connections, and features, Midas remains supreme and has attracted more users compared to the XR18. We recommend the Midas MR18 as good quality, lightweight, and value-packed digital receiver.

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