How to Make a Karaoke Video? The Step by Step Guide

Do you want to learn how to make a karaoke video? Let me take a wild guess. You have seen most people make a karaoke video for their favorite song, and you desire to do the same for yours. Karaoke has its origin in Japan and has become one of the latest trends in the modern age. For starters, making a karaoke video is an uphill task, especially if you lack video editing experience. The help you need with making your first karaoke video is here. Make sure to read through every step.


The Popular program to create Karaoke Video files

The good news is that you have a plethora of karaoke video choices to make your karaoke video. But the Kanto Syncro and Lyric Video Creator is the most commonly used program to make karaoke. The Kanto Syncro and Lyric Video Creator is another program from the creators of Kanto Syncro. It includes many features like a fix synchronization error, a synchronization optimization, and many more.

Also, it supports HD video file generation. Seriously, the Kanto Syncro and Lyric Video Creator is your go-to program if you are looking to make your own karaoke video.

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How to make a karaoke video?

This section will talk about the steps to make a karaoke version of a song with details. Keep reading.

Step 1: Remove vocals from your selected track

A karaoke video means singing along with a song. To achieve this, you have to remove the vocals of the song. It is the first step to take when making a karaoke track. Get the original version of the song in an MP3 format. Jamendo Music and SoundCloud are two good options you can get an MP3 format of a song.

Once you have secured the MP3 format, proceed to download a vocal removing software. I will recommend using audacity. It is free and popularly used. To remove the song vocals, import your targeted song into audacity and remove the vocals by selecting the remove vocals option. Here is what the process looks like when you use audacity to remove a song vocally.

Go to the menu bar and click the effects bar to display a drop-down menu. On the drop-down menu, you will find an option for vocal reduction and isolation. Click this option to display an action drop-down menu. Select the file remove vocals option to complete the vocal removal for your song. Proceed to export the track from audacity.

Note: You will get a WAV format from audacity. So you have to convert it back to MP3 after receiving the vocal-free track from audacity.

Step 2: Combine the lyrics video with an instrumental video.

Now that you have a ready-to-use instrumental video gotten from audacity, the next step is to combine the video you created with a lyric video. There are many ways to go about it. But in this article, we will narrow down our option to using a video editor to create a karaoke video. The video editor is free software and is pre-installed on most window devices.

Add a title card and the audio instrumental you got from the first step on the video editor. For the first lyrics, add some text and set the slide duration to fit the timing. Do this again by adding another title card to complete the lyrics. Save the video when you have added texts to each slide.

Step 3: Create your karaoke video

First off, you should understand that there are many ways to go about creating your karaoke video. Depending on your karaoke setup, you can either play your karaoke track directly from the PC connected to your karaoke setup or convert the video to the format supported by your intended device. Another option is to burn it into a disc and play it on your karaoke machine.

For a beginner, I will suggest that you connect your karaoke machine to your laptop. It is the easiest way to make homemade karaoke songs. All you have to do is to connect the two devices. It is really that simple.


  1. What are the instruments needed to create a karaoke video at home?
    The instruments needed to create a karaoke video at home include microphones, song software, mixers, cable connections, and screens. These are important to have a good karaoke set up in your comfort zone. However, you can add a few devices like a speaker to make your karaoke video look more professional.

  2. Is it legal to sell a karaoke video?
    You don't have the right to sell your karaoke video without the permission of the original owner of the song. It is a crime and punishable under the law. However, you can make a karaoke video for personal use, show it off in front of your friends and family, or for a house party. Don't take your karaoke video out to the public to avoid getting a penalty.

  3. What format does the karaoke play?
    Basically, a karaoke machine plays the MP3+G and the KAR format. However, other formats are supported by a karaoke player. However, the MP3+G and the KAR are the most commonly used formats for creating a karaoke video.

  4. Can I play a karaoke disc on a DVD player?
    Yes, you can play a karaoke disc on a DVD player as there are no special layers that demand that a karaoke disc be played on a karaoke player. A karaoke disc is similar to any other disc played on a DVD player.


Karaoke videos are not meant for public use. You can create a karaoke video for your favorite song to release stress and make you happy. The best part is that you don't have to be a pro before making your own karaoke video. Follow this step-by-step guide given above on making a karaoke video, and sing your way out of boredom.

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