Mackie Thump 12A Review, A Loudspeaker with High Performance Amplifiers

In search of the best high-performing loudspeakers? You might get an array of options in the market. However, nothing can beat the Mackie Thump 12a speakers. It comes with every feature and more, making it suitable as a stage monitor.

Music fanatics like me usually need to dig deep into research for the best options. My vigorous search and experience have allowed me to find and use the one and only Mackie Thump loudspeakers.

If you're also interested in these loudspeakers with unmatched amplified sound quality, you don't want to miss this review. Bear with me as I paint the perfect picture for music enthusiasts like you!


Mackie Thump 12A Specifications:

Let's begin with the specifications of these loudspeakers and see what's unique in them.

 Mackie THUMP 12A

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  • Speaker Type: Woofer
  • Size: 12-inches
  • Power output: LF-1000W, HF-300W
  • Frequency response: (-3dB) 40Hz–120Hz, (-10dB) 30Hz-132Hz
  • Product dimension: 14x14.1x24.2-inches
  • Item weight: 28.8pounds

The Benefits & Drawbacks Of The Product:

How about we check out some of the benefits and drawbacks of the Mackie Thump? This should clear your idea about the speakers more.

Benefits Of The Mackie Thump 12A

  • The dual design lets you use it as a stage monitor.
  • Look, and appearance is clean and professional.
  • Comes with separate volume controls, allowing you to mix and match the music controls.
  • Shockingly lightweight hence easily transportable.
  • Zero harsh or distorted sound interference.

Drawbacks Of The Mackie Thump 12A

  • The bass is quite heavy.

Frankly, the heavy bass isn't an issue for everyone. Although audiophiles might turn their noses on the heaviness, hip hop and rock music fan loves them. The good news is, the Mackie Thump allows diverse features so, you can simply omit out the bass.

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Mackie Thump 12A Loudspeaker Details:

Assuming that the benefits weren't convincing enough, we shall now look at the product details, which will give you a deeper insight.

What are the standing speakers like physically?

The Mackie Thump comes in an all-jet black physical outlook and weighs just under 30 pounds. Due to its lightweight feature, you can place it anywhere in your setup, which is a huge plus. The built is also thermal resistant.

The new and upgraded Mackie Thump has a cleaner look with flat grilles framing the entirety of the speaker's front and no horn cutouts. You will get two holders on each side and a small logo at the front bottom. In keeping the loudspeakers simple, they've maintained class and professionalism too.

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How are the loudspeakers used?

What makes it a better package is its diverse usability. Whether you're playing it on its own or have a few mixes on, you can rely on the speaker mode with built-in DSP. The heat dissipation will occur at the back on the inside, giving you an added advantage if you're playing with a mixer or in a noisy environment.

For the mixer, you can use the E or crossover points to cut out any background noise. The EQ is better for vocals or even a dance party. You will get two main input channels, XLR or 1/4", to control separate volumes and mixes.

Safe to say, you can fully mic a wedding or even a music festival with these. The built-in limiters let you toss big setups and switch to this loudspeaker that outperforms previous generations.

Features and Rate Performance

  • Sound Quality 

The sound quality is quite impressive, given that it can beat any distortion in its way. Whether you're playing soft music or electronic genre, you can play for longer hours with these. The sound and tonal quality are pristine and clear, filling up any distance and room space.

Moreover, these are called thumps because the bass in these Mackie loudspeakers is simply out of the ordinary box.

Ratings: 5

  • Ease Of Use

The usability increases as you can acquire multiple musical modes and a bass boost. You can attach it to your setup, monitors, live speakers, or even take a roll in the sub-mode with hi-pass and aggressive output.

The purpose of these diverse modes is to deliver to all kinds of music enthusiasts and audiophiles. So you can hop on to making a studio or festival mix at any time.

Ratings: 4.5

  • Performance

Two things that make these loudspeakers' performance unlike any other are that it's easily portable and can suit any event. It can serve you for prolonged hours with practically zero effort and a few adjustments at the back.

Since there are two inputs, it also gives singers a chance to plug in a guitar of their choice. But the best part is that it will deliver the same quality bass, tone, and frequency even if you're hooking up the equipment to iTunes.

Many users have tested it with various settings for over four hours, and its performance was consistent throughout.

Ratings: 5

  • Design & Built

The model is built with top-tier materials which remain sturdy and diligent no matter how often you move them around.

Even with the simplistic design, the body comes with proper thermal protecting and evaporating technology that doesn't quiver under high amplified music and long hours of playing rock and bass. The system remains safe for the compression driver as well.

Furthermore, most of the rave persists to its superior, dual-angle outlook, which fits in perfectly in any environment.

Ratings: 5

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Mackie Thump 12A Alternatives:

Still skeptical about the loudspeakers? Worry not; you can skim through these alternatives and decide after weighing all the exceptions and similarities.

  • PreSonus Eris Sub 8

These loudspeakers can eradicate the budget issue for you. It's affordable and comes with a wide range of amplifying features.

However, one downfall to this edition is that the accuracy of the sound quality isn't as pristine and definite as the Mackie Thump. You might also feel disappointed with its material quality.

  • JBL Professional PRX ONE Powered Loudspeaker

This JBL loudspeaker isn't your ordinary bang for the buck deal. However, its built-in effects and seven-channel mixer is a favorite for users. While this model comes with app control, plenty of mixer design, clear sound quality, and woofer technology like the Mackie Thump, it falls behind in the pricing department.

To be fair, both of the alternatives are great. However, you'd need to sacrifice some of the Mackie Thump's renowned benefits that make it so exceptional.


Let's wrap it up with this review. The Mackie Thump is an exceptional choice if you're looking for diverse ease of use. Moreover, you have the option of frequently using them for longer hours. And at this price range, that's a win-win.

Let's not forget that its sound quality enriches the entire value that you pay. Once this falls within your budget, you should check out the features and round it up with what you require. Even though the bass is a bit much for some, you have the opportunity of customizing that. So, that shouldn't be a deal-breaker if the other requirements fall into place.

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