Kove Commuter 2 Speaker Review, a Perfect Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

I really like a fuller sound when playing music around the house. So if you are like me who is interested in sound quality speakers, consider giving the Kove commuter-2 speaker a trial. Fair enough, I am recommending this device because I have used it a couple of times without any issues.


Review methodology

It turns out that the Kove commuter-2 speaker is a product from a minor brand. Regardless, my personal experience with the speakers has out rule any law that indicates that products from a minor brand are inferior to their rivals.

The sound it produces is as good as any sound from a speaker produced by a renowned brand. The brass is so quality and clear of obstructions. When I use the Kove commute-2 speaker in my car or the house, I like to get the best of it, so I go for the splitting option to get a fuller sound.

Also, the speaker is not heavy, and I really appreciate this. Trust me; it feels good moving freely with a speaker and enjoying a piece of good music.

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What is the Kove commuter-2 speaker?

The Kove commuter 2 speaker weighs only 2 pounds, which is reasonable enough for easy transportation. It has an overall dimension of 8×3×3 inches. Two lithium-ion batteries are included in the package to enable a steady source of power supply. They say black is beautiful, That’s exactly what this speaker looks like in its black covering.

You can wirelessly connect the Kove commuter 2 speaker to your mobile devices and listen to your favorite music. The best part is that it delivers quality sound, and the brass effect is top-notch.

All you have to do is to switch on the power and choose the device to connect. Next is to pair the selected device with the speaker and have a blast.

But that’s not all. It has a built-in microphone for making calls. The IPX7 water resistance also makes it a good companion when having a hot bath in the tub.

Buying the Kove commuter 2 speaker makes you instantly own a Kove commuter portable wireless Bluetooth speaker and a USB cable.

The best part? The Kove commuter 2 speaker allows you to split the speakers to get a fuller sound. For example, you have the option of placing one speaker at the front of your car and the other at the rear. It is something you may not get to see in other speakers.

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Kove commuter 2 spec and feature

Regardless of where you are, you cannot miss out on the equalizer modes of the Kove commuter 2 speaker. It gives two equalizer modes that enable a high-quality crystal sound. I like the fact that the sound is clear and still travels a great mile.

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When used as a single speaker, the Kove commuter 2 speaker gives a 360 surround feel. But when split, expect to get a full right and left stereo sound that is great for parties or a small get-together. With the subwoofer, it has the quality brass sound you are looking for in a speaker.

 Kove Commuter 2 179-S - Bluetooth Speakers Features

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  • Ease of useKove commuter 2 speaker is user-friendly, thanks to the easy-to-use touch screen. It also has an easy setup, especially when splitting the two speakers to create right and left stereo sounds. The setup is effortless, and that makes me give it a rating of 4.8 out of 5.
  • FeaturesA splash proof and rainproof shower speaker with intense brass, the Kove commuter 2 speaker, does a good job. Also, it has an IPX7 certification. These outstanding features give the Kove commuter 2 speakers a rating of 4.1.
  • Value for moneySurprisingly enough, the Kove commuter 2 speaker has a reasonable price which is okay for the value. It is a 4.8 rating for a product like the Kove commuter 2 speaker that gives you exactly what you pay for.
  • DurabilityFortunately, the speakers are waterproofed to protect their internal components from damage. But that’s not all. The Kove commuter 2 speaker has quality materials. They are rigid and able to survive the test of time. I give it a rating of 4.6 for its durability.

Things we liked and did not like


  • It is waterproofed and can be used in the shower frequently without any issues.
  • A 2 in 1 speaker that allows splitting to give a fuller sound and a more surrounded sound feeling
  • Easy to set up and easy to use both for indoor and outdoor activities
  • It is not expensive
  • Great brass response to a loud sound
  • It has a compact size that can even fit into a drink holder


  • The battery does not usually last more than 2 hours on average
  • The Bluetooth controls are a pain in the ass
  • No option to turn off the LED lights, and this causes the battery to drain rapidly.


  1. How many year manufacturer’s warranty comes with the Kove commuter 2 speakerThe Kove commuter 2 speaker has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty starting from the date of purchase. So what this means is that you have an entire one year to enjoy a warranty on the speaker should anything go wrong with it.
  2. What other ways can I use the Kove commuter 2 speaker apart from indoor use?You can use the Kove commuter 2 speaker in your car or a bicycle. You can also use it for a portable projector.
  3. Can I pair 2 Kove commuters, 2 speakers to a device to give 4 speakers when split?No. A device can only pair with one unit of the Kove commuter 2 speaker at a time, although it can be split into two speakers. Using 2 Kove commuter 2 speaker units means pairing the two units to 2 different devices.

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Whether for indoor or outdoor use, the Kove commuter 2 speaker is your go-to speaker for streaming music from your device. You don’t even have to break the bank to own one of these.

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