Klipsch RP 8000f Review, the Floor Standing Audio Speakers

Who would have thought that walnut color notes could fit terrifically on a floor standing speaker? One thing I know for sure is that the creative director’s moment of genius paid off because Klipsch RP 8000F Reference Premiere Floor-standing Speakers are as colorful as they are functional.

We are going to dissect the perks and downsides of model 8000F to justify over 400 Amazon reviews.

Come aboard my sled; let’s slide down the slopes of this exciting package and see what lies beneath.

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker


Klipsch RP 8000f Specs

  • Product grade: sound speakers1-inch titanium vented tweeter built with composite Tractrix® hornDual 8-inch spun copper-based Cera-metallic™ woofersBass reflex via rearward-signaling tractrix interface
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 90 dBDual-binding rods for bi-wiring/bi-ampingStrong, flexible, detachable magnetic grille
  • Dimensions: 43.11″ × 10.91″ × 17.55″
  • Peak Power Handling: 150W RMS/600W
  • Frequency response: 32 Hz to 25 kHz +/- 3dB
  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 yearsRearward-signaling tractrix interface
  • Color: ebony vinyl finish and scratch-proof design

What I like about the product

  • They are designed for listeners who crave fine-sounding, detailed and natural sound.
  • Pacifying mids and highs make them perfect for your home theater.
  • A horn-loaded tweeter is the maestro of the show – a drastic improvement from previous generations.
  • Naturally and accurately delivers sound from organic instruments such as saxophone and guitars without fail.
  • It comes with a vented tweeter design, serving to enhance the audio frequency. Design effectively eliminated the waves behind the diaphragm of the tweeter to control high rate noise.
  • A tropical look fits any room.
  • Bass packs a lot of oomph.
  • Worthy midrange-priced model.

What I don’t like about the product

  • Shoppers hoping for life-like, overhead effects of a Dolby Atmos might be disappointed.
  • Third-party cables are incompatible.
  • Connectors are not easy to use.

What the speaker is physically like

Reference Premiere (RP) looks as tall as most tower speakers you may have come across. But, sheer sleekness and simplicity make it stand out.

Also, flawless craftsmanship guarantees that you will enjoy a solid product – money well spent.

Klipsch RP 8000f Features and Rate Performance

Klipsch RP 8000f Rate
  • Sound quality
  • Build quality
  • Design
  • Performance

Tower speakers need to be handled with pomp. They demand their own dedicated space, and Klipsch 8000 is no different. Even if you wanted to place them on a speaker stand, you could rest assured knowing that the aluminum footing has got you covered.

When installing an amplifier or an equalizer to enhance bass, ensure you’ve tuned your settings right. You don’t want to end up purchasing add-ons that you don’t need.

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Sound quality

RP-8000F speakers have a flat response, smooth clearance, a larger sweet spot, and extensive highs without being harsh or overpowering. All of these perks come together to make music fun and reinvigorating.

“Let’s get to the part that makes me a rockstar,” you say? Right!

Adding appropriate subwoofers prompts Klipsch 8000 to make any sound system sound really good. Set up your playlist and what you’ll get is a clear sound with no muffled voices and amazing clarity.

Build quality

Klipsch Proprietary Cerametallic™ Woofers are a trademark feature of RP-8000 that renders unique sound and aesthetics. They are made of lightweight but durable materials that maintain their shape while delivering lower frequencies with optimum efficiency.

Instead of using standard round port tubes that run-of-the-mill speakers come with, Klipsch ingeniously fitted RT-8000 with Tractrix® horn. The Horn component consists of a circular throat around a high-end titanium diaphragm tweeter that transitions into a square 90° × 90° opening for more efficient airflow in and out of the cabinet. Result? Reduced air turbulence and a much cleaner, bassy sound, decreased port noise, and low frequency is warping.

Two sets of speaker input terminals are found behind this model. These components allow you to bi-amp or bi-wire your speaker to squeeze out maximum juice from it.

What’s not to love about RP 8000’s aesthetics? Satin-colored baffles are scratch-resistant. Copper-plated trim rings add irradiating glamor. Laser-based logo treatment creates a sense of brand credibility.


I’m impressed by the model’s woody look, which makes the frame of the speakers look en vogue (Klipsch is giving me ’90s nostalgia). Vinyl-based finishing is a clever way to breathe a whiff of modernity onto the chassis. The product exterior is made of scratch-resistant materials, while aluminum legs force down resonance effects.


Model’s two-way design comes with dual 8″ woofers alongside a 1″ tweeter attached to a 90 × 90° silicone-composite hybrid tractrix horn. The product also supports bi-amping and bi-wiring configurations and 150 Watts of continuous power for extended play.

Klipsch RP 8000f alternatives

SVS Prime Tower Surround System

Users of SVS Prime Tower love its expansive soundstage. Sadly, things get wild at higher decibels. Klipsch has 8000 wins. Pros of SVS include:

  • Perfect tower speaker design
  • Quality, authoritative bass
  • Balanced, vivid sound

KEF Q950 Floorstanding Speaker

Peeps who are big on gaming and movies will purr over Q950. Featuring a proprietary 5.25″ Uni-Q driver, expect some heart-pounding action. When paralleled with RF 8000F, they give off similar performances. Summarily, KEF Q950 has:

  • Natural sounding upper register
  • Luminous and warm midrange
  • Elegant design

Yamaha NS-F51 Floorstanding Speakers

Can a Yamaha ever go wrong? All I know is: should Yamaha decide to sacrifice quality, not with NSF51. Blow for blow; this model challenges Klipsch 8000’s aesthetic appeal with a clean-styled wooden finish that adds glamor to your lounge. Features include:

  • Advanced YST II technology
  • Low-diffraction rounded form for crisp sound
  • Luxurious upscale design

Final verdict

Like I said earlier, 8000F may not song-bathe you like a Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker would. Nonetheless, you’re guaranteed a good frequency range, as well as realistic sound precision and restitution. You’re at liberty to connect to your TV, computer, or smart devices. Don’t be surprised when your visitors start rating your home better than a cinema.

By and large, if you’re shopping for a midrange speaker that can serve small gatherings, then you should get one.

Lest I forget, Klipsch is pronounced: “clip-sh.”

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