Karaoke with Score, Your Karaoke Machine with Scoring System

This is a new era for music lovers and aspiring artists, and all made easy by Karaoke machines with scores. Even better is the lowering cost of the devices, which ensures that you don’t have to follow up with a bar to get the exciting opportunity to practice.

Basically, karaoke machines with scores allow you to sing along with your favorite songs and gauge your singing capabilities. I love most about the scoring machines because you can also set up better karaoke nights with friends and hold singing competitions. Did you know that you score higher on the songs you love than your least favorite songs on scoring machines?


Top 3 Karaoke Machines with Scoring System

2021 New Magic Sing E5 with 2 Wireless Mics

Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus

SingMaster Magic Sing Filipino Karaoke Player

How Do Karaoke Machines Score with Singing?

Karaoke machines, just like all scoring machines and software, will give you scores depending on how your singing rates. It uses several algorithms to come up with a final score for each song.

Typically, the machines will use your voice quality, pitch, and loudness against the original singer to determine how you score. The karaoke machine will tap your natural voice as you sing, then digitize it for score calculations.

Sadly, karaoke machines differ in accuracy by large margins. The more advanced equipment has higher accuracy levels compared to the cheaper models.

Therefore, if you want to use the karaoke scoring machine for professional practice, going to the high-end options is better for you. It helps you understand the areas where you need more practice for perfect singing timing.

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The Best Karaoke Machines with Scoring System Reviews

If you are looking forward to buying a new karaoke scoring machine that will bring liveliness into your house or band, here are a few top market suggestions;

2021 New Magic Sing E5 with 2 Wireless Mics

Are you looking for a karaoke scoring system that will allow you to bring in multiple languages to your singing adventure? This Magic Sing Karaoke machine comes with built-in songs in English and Tagalog that you can access even when in a remote area. Using the Magic Sing Karaoke App, you can further access Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Vietnamese, and much more.

But the app requires a subscription? True, but with WIFI, you also have the option of downloading any music of your choice. You don’t even need a subscription, yet the experience is the same. Besides, the Magic Sing app has a tonne of free international music that you can also take advantage of.

Moreover, the app has songs updated every week, which means that you can train with the trendiest songs for fun and voice perfection. If you are going to karaoke competitions, you will also have the upper hand.

How will you learn the music notes, especially for the new songs? Luckily for you, you have the option to use an HD background for real-time musical notes, which are available for most of the songs. And as you sing, you can effortlessly search for the next song that you plan to sing for a continuous singing experience.

Do you find karaoke more entertaining when you practice with a friend? This karaoke set comes with two microphones so that you can invite your partner over for rehearsals. And when you want to change venues, the convenient carrying bag comes in handy for ease in portability. Other than that, the package contains a remote control and the base console.

Amazingly, the machine supports a load of systems for more efficiency, including a USB flash drive, an extra microphone port, a Micro SD card, HDTV, and full HD. It is also multi-language compatible, while the built-in songs have a songbook.

Over and above that, you can customize your music with background melody, display, echo, tone, and more functions.

Most importantly, the scoring machine ensures that you perfect your music, courtesy of ever-rising scores that come with more practice.

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  • Weight: 4.97 pounds
  • Connectivity: RCA cable, HDTV cable, wireless
  • 1-year subscription card
  • Scoring function: yes

The Pros

  • Facilitates music diversity in terms of language and music apps available
  • Supports a wide range of devices
  • Commendable scoring function

The Cons

  • The English offer, which allowed you lifetime access to the music, is no longer available

Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro Plus

We introduce this Grand Videoke machine, which stands out by featuring GrandVoice Technology. The technology includes a built-in microphone equalizer, which enhances your natural voice.

Moreover, the machine has a 4-point scoring function, which assesses your voice and the vibrato, down the band, up the band, and the key and rhythm for more accuracy. This interesting function is courtesy of the Perfect Pitch Voice Coach technology, which comes with the machine.

On top of that, the machine features Dream Sound Module, which brings in realistic and intricate sounds. Besides, that is the excellent video background fully captured in Full HD 1080p for a live show feel.

Time for a duet? You will also get two quality wireless microphones, which make your duet practice and singing competitions worth it. Likewise, you can connect to smartphones, hence allowing for a continuous flow of music. With a GV smart app for both Apple and Android gadgets, you will never run out of singing ideas.

Furthermore, the machine has lyrics videos, which you can watch as you sing when practicing. You can also download songs directly from the internet and use them for your karaoke activities. Therefore, you get an opportunity to explore new musical ideas, even at the international level!

Are you looking forward to saving some of your practice sessions and the exciting competitions for memory and to keep track? The karaoke machine has an internal memory of 16GB, sufficient to save numerous tracks.


  • Weight: 7.58 pounds
  • Scoring function: yes
  • Connectivity: wireless microphones
  • Power: 4 AA batteries (first set included)
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Pros

  • Features industry-first advanced features and functions
  • Features an improved scoring function
  • Exquisite and classy outlook

The Cons

  • Quite expensive

SingMaster Magic Sing Filipino Karaoke Player

It wouldn’t be fair if we left without introducing you to a value karaoke machine with the stunning scoring ability. And that’s not all that the SingMaster machine has to offer;

The most conspicuous bit about this machine is the extensive archive of music it features. It comes with over 5000 Filipino songs and almost 13000 English songs, all in an SD song chip.

Additionally, you get iFun Intelligent feedback, which is real-time, by the way, and couples with a dual scoring system. Then there is the HD video background, which makes your reality karaoke even more enjoyable. So. Whether you want to perfect your practice or be in a competition mode, you will have it your way.

Incredibly, the machine has very high compatibility. You can use the compact karaoke media player, MP4, MP3+, YouTube Karaoke, AVI, and more. Besides, the SD card the machine features has is up to 64GB worth of space.

The karaoke machine comes with a remote control, tempo control, mic echo adjust, and key control to ease your search. With a Plug and Play Professional Karaoke Machine System and instant performance and playback, your work is even easier. And let’s not forget the digital picture in the HDMI, which adds to the quality of the performance.

If you want to take your karaoke machine to an occasion, the carrying handle makes the machine portable. And with an SD where you can add your songs, you can perform from anywhere.

On top of that, there are two wireless microphones for convenience, depending on the song range. They also help you sing with reliable signals, and you can include a singing partner. Besides, the additional microphone port allows you to include one more singer. To boom it all, you can use the UHF mics to control and navigate the songs as a remote control.

The company guarantees all-time service and a 1-year warranty, ensuring that you are fully induced before leaving you on your own.

The Pros

  • Value cost
  • Features a wide range of songs, and song finding options
  • Compatible with a lot of devices

The Cons

  • Some lyrics in the songbook are incorrect

Who Should Buy a Karaoke Machine with Score?

Karaoke scoring machines are interesting, but should everyone really has one. Absolutely not! It is expensive, hence only suitable if you actually need it, or, if you don’t mind, the cost. So, here is a group of people I am sure will find the machine worth buying;

  1. Practicing artists: If you are an aspiring artist, you will need a karaoke machine with the score, which will help you figure out which areas you need to perfect. If you are a songwriter and have not yet decided on your music genre, a karaoke scoring machine will give your group an idea of where you fit most.
  2. Party people: do you get nostalgia at the slightest idea of a house party? Nothing adds flavor to a longer night of a house party than a karaoke competition. You will have an activity that will keep people busy and laughing for hours. And having a scoring function only makes it better because it creates a loophole for competitions.
  3. Music lovers: Some of us don’t even aspire to music work as part of our career path, but we love lyrics that just come so naturally. In this case, a karaoke machine will help keep your hobby more alive. With a scoring function? Well, you never know. You may score high all the time to the extent of changing your career path.
  4. Families: especially now that most jobs have been shifted back home, most people spend their time at home. You find yourselves running out of bonding ideas, and sometimes you have to be glued to the TV. How about a family karaoke competition? Wouldn’t that be awesome and probably raise talents you never thought existed before?
  5. People who appreciate musical collections: You probably love to hear people sing, even if you don’t sing. You keep musical instruments and machines to entertain people who will find them useful. A karaoke machine with a score will be more helpful, especially when you get aspiring artists or even kids practicing for a music festival.

How to Get a Good Karaoke Score?

Are you always discouraged whenever you test your voice against a scoring machine? It is expected, especially for amateurs with the device. But don’t fret, because we have a few tips that will see you soaring the scores in no time;

  • You consistently rate best at your favorite and most practiced songs. Therefore, ensure that you choose the songs you are confident that you can sing and try them out with the karaoke machine.
  • Do not hold back, regardless of the crowd. Even if you are singing in a new environment and feel nervous, try to separate your nervousness from your voice. Bring out your loud mellifluous voice, filled with passion for the song.
  • Ensure that you are sober when practicing karaoke. There is no way that a drunk you will compete fairly with a sober friend or competitor! You will definitely lose, regardless of how talented you are. So, if you really want to know how much you can bring out with a karaoke scoring machine, better be sound!
  • Pick a talented partner. If you practice a dual or a band, doing it with qualified and skilled singers will help you get better scores.
  • Finally, listen to a song carefully before embarking on a karaoke. This will help you understand the song’s pitch, which will help get you higher scores.

Wrapping Up

Karaoke machines with scores will always help you better than those without a score, especially when on serious competitions and practice. Since the scores are digital, they will never give you a wrong judgment. However, ensure that your machine scores high inaccuracy, which will keep your music practice on a higher level.

Do you feel like you should really get the scoring machine? Go for it, and see your music career rising in dimensions you never imagined!

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