The Karaoke App for Smart TV (A Completed List), How to Setup Karaoke on Smart TV

Karaoke is one of the guilty pleasures that most people enjoy. Even in just a simple get-together, karaoke keeps the fun going. And if you have a smart TV, you can enjoy karaoke when you use a karaoke app for smart TV. Find out more about the latest karaoke apps like Smule, StarMaker, and others, and learn how to access these apps directly from your smart TV through our easy-to-follow guide.


Is there a karaoke app for Smart TV?

Yes, there are many karaoke apps for Smart TVs. You can access these from your TV after just a short download. Once you’re done, you can immediately get started.

With a karaoke app, you don’t need to connect a music player or hook up karaoke equipment. All you need is a microphone and you’re ready to sing. You may need more mics for guests who want to sing along.

Is there a karaoke app for Smart TV?

There are so many karaoke apps available online and are ready to work with almost all types of smart TVs. Here are the top ones.


One of the most popular karaoke apps for Smart TV is KaraFun. It is well-known because of its extensive collection of quality songs and videos and aside from singing the songs from the app, you may also download these songs so you can karaoke offline.

Another awesome thing about KaraFun is that you can change the tempo and the key of any song you want. You can also add lead vocals or backing if you want to amp up your vocals. This karaoke app is available on Android and Apple and you can choose from any of the three subscription plans.  The monthly plan is just $6.99 a month.


Another highly rated karaoke app for smart TV is Karaoke has a large collection of songs you can sing for free. There are so many songs with some titles available in different languages. You can also record your performance and use voice effects such as reverb or echo. Some experienced karaoke singers play Karaoke with these special features.

Karaoke has a share feature as you can connect with friends and family anywhere in the world and share your performance. This free karaoke app is available on Android and Apple.

Karaoke Anywhere

Karaoke Anywhere lets you check out more than 40,000 songs available in different formats. This app also allows you to buy a single song or multiple songs. If you have MP3+G song files you want to share, you can import this from your PC or device to the app and sing karaoke on TV.

Karaoke Anywhere is free. You can download it anytime and play any song, however, this is only a limited version. If you want to access all its tracks, you can always upgrade your subscription to a Club Karaoke user by paying $9.99 a month. Karaoke Anywhere is compatible with Apple and Android.

Karaoke Free: Sing and Record Video

You don’t need to pay anything to use Karaoke Free: Sing and Record Video app. It has a huge catalog of songs, and it’s impossible to miss your favorites. This app has a special record function as you sing plus, you can add special effects so you can sound like a pro.

When you’re done recording, you can hit the share button and let your friends and family listen to your performance. Karaoke Free is also compatible with Apple and Android devices. 

Magic Sing 

Magic Sing is already on its version 4.5 and this one has more features for beginners and professional singers. This app lets you sing in different tunes/notes like bass, obligato, melody, and drum, you can select one or two musical notes at a time. It even lets you use a metronome and offers support for transposition and octaves.

When you use the Magic Sing app on your phone or tablet, you can play the new touch drum game. You can play the drums by touching the screen or connect this to a MIDI drum via the USB port of your device.

Instead of using a traditional karaoke TV, you can use the Magic Sing app on a Smart TV or your favorite device. Magic Sing has a vast catalog of songs in different languages. This app is regularly updated so you can sing the latest songs. The tracks are MIDI-based and thus, expect great quality songs without consuming much data. Magic Sings is available on subscription only.


One of the most popular karaoke apps is Smule and this is because it offers more than a million songs and still growing! These tracks include the latest songs plus all the classic karaoke songs you love to sing at bars. Aside from these, there are great mic effects, plus video filters and autotune.

Smule is also a community of karaoke and music aficionados. You can sing a duet with any member, all you need is to send a friend invite. You can even sing with an artist such as a duet with Charlie Puth.

The Smule app is compatible with Android and Apple devices. You can start with the free version or go with the monthly or annual subscription to unlock more songs and more features. The monthly subscription is $7.99 while the annual subscription is $39.99.


The StarMaker karaoke app offers a variety of features including song collaboration with one, two, or more friends, song recording, and special effects. StarMaker also has a large collection of songs and is updated daily. You’ll find the favorite classic karaoke songs as well as all the latest hits. The StarMaker app is free and is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

The Karaoke Channel

The Karaoke Channel app was developed especially for Samsung Smart TV models as the format is meant for large screen TVs. This app has numerous HD videos available for streaming and this collection includes classics and new titles.

The Samsung Smart TV karaoke app has a free trial so you can see if this suits your tastes. This is compatible only with Samsung TVs. And if you want to unlock more songs and features, you can always purchase a subscription at $59.99 a year.  This app is compatible with a Samsung Smart TV karaoke microphone.

The Voice Sing

The Voice Sing is an app adapted from the TV singing show “The Voice.” It lets you in on a million songs plus you can sing with anyone from anywhere around the world. The Voice Sing is available for free. This version gives you access to a large library of titles, plus voice effects, visual effects, and recording features. There is also a subscription where you can access more songs, especially the latest ones. This is compatible with Apple and Android devices and costs only $1.99 a week for a subscription.

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How do I set up karaoke on Smart TV? How do I connect my karaoke microphone to my Smart TV?

To set up karaoke on your Smart TV, download the app you wish to use from your Smart TV’s browser. After the download, sign up and select a subscription. If the app is free, proceed with creating a profile. If you need a subscription, complete it first and pay according to the available payment options. Once you’re set, you can create a profile and start using the app.

Before, you need a karaoke machine to connect to the TV. This is where you will connect your microphone. But when you use an app, it’s a different thing. Whether you’re using a wired or wireless mic, you need a home theater system. Connect your Smart TV to the home theater receiver through an AUX input. Connect your microphone using a mic input or through a wireless connection if this is the type of mic you have.

When you want to sing karaoke, power on your Smart TV and select the karaoke app. Sign up on the karaoke app page and prepare your microphone. Power on the receiver and select the AUX input. Connect your microphone and switch it on. Adjust the microphone volume from the receiver. Select a song and sing. You may adjust the volume of the song on the app from the TV. Since the TV is connected to the home theater system, use the receiver remote to adjust the volume.

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Bottom Line

Karaoke apps are fun and offer endless entertainment for parties, get-togethers, reunions, and special occasions. You don’t need a bulky karaoke machine ( Singtrix Party Bundle ) or karaoke player anymore when you have a karaoke app for Smart TV models.  However, some apps may not have the songs you want to sing so it’s better to consider a free subscription first just to find out if an app is for you. If you’re not satisfied, you can always let go of a free karaoke app for smart TV and check out other karaoke apps until you find the one that suits your needs.

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