JBL JR POP Review, A Great Waterproof Speaker for Kids

For my kids, I always rely on this bluetooth speaker by JBL JR Pop. I am a parent of two, and I never worry about this tool that is built with fully-waterproof and durable materials. I enjoyed it too with the kids. I am also engaged fully with the music it brings. It is sized for my kid’s little hands.


Pros & Cons

This JBL JR Pop is an amazing bluetooth speaker, among others. Although it comes with a set of benefits, it is inevitable to have some minor drawbacks. And this is a reality in almost any product.


  • Waterproof
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Impressive Volume
  • Cute
  • Durable and Compact
  • Lasting
  • Amazing sound
  • Holds up perfectly
  • Withstands occasional drops
  • Maximum Sound Level
  • Long Battery Life
  • Operation is Easy to Understand


  • Stopped Charging Past Five Months Use
  • Has no Charge Level Indicator

Review Methodology (Unboxing)

I just easily unboxed the JBL JR Pop using my bare hands. I read on to the product’s significant features outside. I then opened the box (purple as I chose it). Inside it is the chord. I untangled the rolled paper containing “quick start guide”. There I see the colorful letters & emoji stickers included. I then pressed on the LED switch button. I also did try increasing and decreasing the volume of the speaker. I did this for myself to know if it has no sound issues. And that’s just how simple unboxing the JBL JR Pop can be.

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What is JBL JR POP

The JBL JR Pop is a Bluetooth speaker designed for kids’ use. This comes in seven colors of aqua teal, blue, green, pink, purple, red, and teal. This is promising as a wireless streaming device. It features an IPX7 waterproof-built. It is also built-in with multi-color lighting themes.

It is indeed meant for young audiences. Its name is attributed to its waterproof and colorful design and LED light show. It gets louder in the volume department. It has its kid-friendly design that is cosmetic rather than functional.

This kid-focused headphone is designed to protect the sense of hearing of your child. It’s good as I tried it already. It does not shake your house. The volume levels are so far limited in this tablet or phone’s audio settings. But, it already is a fair and just criticism of the product.

It easily pairs up with a device. It also automatically re-pairs after the two units are powered up. What it gives more is a pleasant and low-mid level of richness. Its audio equates to clarity and brightness. This has a balanced and bright sound signature.

As I played on the soundtrack of Kanye West, I heard the kick drum loop. It gives out an attack that retains such a punchy edge. It gives out a bit of its push. It also comes with the lower and most powerful frequency element of the mixture. It then delivers clear and clean vocals with added sibilance. The sound it gives off is crisp and bright. And, it just is little light in the depth of its bass.

Short Version

JBL JR Pop is reviewed as a kid-friendly Bluetooth speaker. Its excellent design is somehow amazing. It is surprising for its volume levels as it can hit. This is a solid option for being affordable and waterproof. This also features built-in lights.

Key Features

Below are the significant features of this JBL JR Pop that you’ll be most impressed about.

  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming. This product boasts a wireless connection to any tablet or Smartphone featuring Bluetooth.
  • Battery Life. This is amazing in the sense that it lasts five hours of its battery life.
  • Waterproof. It comes off with an IPX7 waterproof feature. It can be completely submerged in the water. This is why it makes the kids and me more like it.
  • Multicolor mode of lighting. The speaker can light up after I played on the music.
  • Cable Input Audio
  • Connector type of 3.5-millimeter stereo
  • Battery Powered Source Type
  • Other Components of Micro USB, Speaker, Quick Start Guide, and Sticker Sheets


Below are the questions that are commonly asked about the product, JBL JR Pop. After learning more about each of them, continue with the kids’ partying like a pop star using this Bluetooth speaker.

Question: Does this JBL JR Pop work with an 11 Pro iPhone?

Answer: Yes. It works with an 11 Pro iPhone. It has ten-maximum, and it works just fine. You’ll have no worries at it.

Question: If there is an issue I faced with the product, what will I need to do?

Answer: You will only need to print out the return label & ups.

Question: Does it include anything other than the cord?

Answer: Yes. It features a plug for charging. But then, it is not the so-called wall part.

Question: Does it include an aux.port?

Answer: No, it does not have an aux.port.


This JBL JR Pop is simply irresistible to use as a Bluetooth speaker. I found it unique than the rest of the choices in the market. This is indeed a great speaker for my kids. We loved how its light changes its colors. It can ordinarily be turned off as desired. I feel at ease of it being carried out by my kid. It is impressive for its excellent features, as mentioned above.

It is worth my time and effort after I added it to my shopping lists. This is especially since it is durable compact, waterproof, and lasting, too. 

Plus, it is extremely lightweight that the rainbow ring light can be turned around the edges off. With the volume, it’s more impressive considering its size. I will recommend it to anyone who is searching for a good present for their kids. So, hurry and go for this product!

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