JBL GO 2 vs JBL GO, the Comparison and Review

Comparing Key Features/Specifications


  • Item Weight: 6.6 Ounces
  • Speaker Type: Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Play Time: 5 Hours
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Item Dimensions: 3.80 By 1.45 By 4.21 Inches
  • Power Source: Battery Powered


  • Item Weight: 4.7 Ounces
  • Speaker Type: Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Play Time: 5 Hours
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Item Dimensions: 3.26 By 1.21 By 2.69 Inches
  • Power Source: Battery Powered



Have you also fancied having Bluetooth speakers? These are by far the latest in the technological advancements around the world. These also enable you to share files and music on mobile phones wirelessly. Plus, these are interesting for providing good listening experience using no wires. Although Bluetooth is at its natal stage, it is enough to provide excellent performance.

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What is JBL GO?

JBL GO is  a sound quality Bluetooth speaker introduced on the market today. This comes with clear audio, although with no bass. This brings charm due to its Bluetooth connectivity. This also offers superb sound quality. The speaker is also water-resistant. Its battery backup is also surprisingly good. And when it is put at its loudest volume, I found it to be equal to the laptop.

Since I am a music lover, I found it to be useful and portable. It comes with a connectivity feature that is very fast and easy. It is durable, too. It is a recommended product to buy.

The best thing about it that I liked is its AUX and mic. These features enable me to speak using the microphone. I tried using it that it lasted for four hours. This is upon me playing non-stop music having loud volume.



What is JBL GO 2?

JBL GO 2 comes with an ultra-portable and waterproof speaker with Bluetooth connectivity. This is fully-featured to be taken anywhere you want. It is amazing in the sense that it wirelessly streams music through Bluetooth for five hours or more of the JBL high-quality sound.

Make a splash of the newest feature of the Bluetooth speaker, IPX7 waterproof design. It also can give me as a music lover the chance to bring my speaker next to the beach or just near the pool. What’s more, I loved it for its crystal clear experience when calling someone over the phone.

The interesting thing about it is its noise-canceling speakerphone. It is designed compactly with its twelve eye-catching colors. I just raise my style profile to an entirely new level.

I loved how enjoying it is when used for a clear conference call. This is also thru my speaker and a noise-free speakerphone. I admire it also for the audio cable input. If it is not available, I just plug the audio cable into the speaker. That’s when I enjoy music more.

This is indeed a decent and better bass quality speaker. I also utilize it effectively in streaming music while I do all other chores and random things. I also adjust the volume on top of the speaker. If it is not that loud enough, I just have them adjusted.



How Are They Different?

JBL GO 2 and JBL GO each have their different features. For one, JBL Go comes with a boxy design and sharp edges. The JBL Go 2 somehow features its rounded corners. JBL Go comes with a voice call button while the JBL GO 2 comes with a play button. JBL GO 2 is as IPX7 rated with an added new housing to the input port. JBL GO 2 also features no strap hook when carrying strap.

I noticed as well that the JBL GO 2 has a little louder audio output than that of the JBL Go. It also has more bass noticeable than the older one. When both are used outside the house at one-hundred percent volume, the JBL GO 2 can last for about three hours. The JBL Go can last for about two and a half hours.

How Are They Similar?

The JBL GO 2 and JBL GO are similar to the quality sound they bring. I bring any of those with me anywhere I go. Both are also powered by a rechargeable battery that could last for five hours of playtime.

In their key specifications, both emit three-watt power output; Bluetooth version 4.1 connection type; a range of 30 feet; five hours of battery life. They also fall in the same height of 2.68 inches.

Their featured controls are the same as the buttons. They also are made up of plastic and material. They each have no display type.  Their battery type is none other than the Li-Ion polymer. Their supported systems are also the same as Android, Windows, macOS, Ios, and Windows Mobile.

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What's better about JBL GO?

What I am most impressed with about the JBL Go is its quite powerful bass. It could go loud without being distorted. Its Bluetooth connectivity is also stable. Its battery life lasts for long hours. It also charges up easily. It is indeed a great speaker when considering fast connection and travel. Its bass is just so loud at a maximum volume on my iPhone.

What's better about JBL GO 2?

The thing about the JBL GO 2 is that it may be powerful and small, but it sounded just so great. I am impressed more by its sound despite its small size. I highly recommend it. I connected it with my Smartphone so that it works easily and fast. It also charges up easily. Its sound and design have improved more with it being fully waterproof. What’s more, it comes with speakerphone capabilities that set it different from the rest.

This JBL GO 2 is the most ultra-compact and well-rounded of all speakers on the market. I am at this product for its speakerphone, IPX7 water resistance, and ultra-compact factor.

I tell you too, that all controls are found above the speaker. The buttons are also there already for volume, pairing, power, and multi-function button. Its speakerphone featured allows me to be in control of my take calls or voice assistant on.


No matter what I choose between the two JBL GO 2 and JBL GO, I believe that it’s always for the better. I am amazed by each of their advantages to offer. They also have something to impress a user like me. And they always are worth my money spent!

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