Ion Tailgater Review, A Wireless Outdoor Speaker System

Want to enjoy some music while on a picnic? Or maybe you are holding a backyard party. Whatever the case is, getting the Ion Tailgater will help you out with that a lot. And of course, you can use it at your home too, so you get two in one special on this speaker system.

I have been working with audio equipment for a long time as an audio engineer. Seeing the rising popularity of outdoor speaker systems, I had to try this one out. Before I got it myself, I did extensive research on this to find out user experiences.

So, you will be getting my experience and the experiences of others with this speaker system.


ION Audio Tailgater Speaker Specs

 Here are the technical specifications of the speaker system
 ION Audio Tailgater Plus

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  • Peak Power: 50w
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC, Aux
  • Bluetooth range: 100ft
  • Speaker type: Stereo
  • Battery backup: 50 hours
  • Dimensions: 9 x 13.5 x 12.6 inches
  • Weight: 11.9lbs

The benefits and drawbacks of the product

As long as you don’t know the benefits of something, you won’t be interested in it anyways. So, let’s check out the benefits and some drawbacks to get a clear idea of this thing.

Benefits of Ion tailgater 

  • It comes with a rechargeable battery that works for 50 hours
  • You get three different output options on this one for better compatibility
  • With the wireless connectivity, you can have a simple setup without tangling wires
  • It gives you charging ports for your smartphones as well
  • The speaker system is quite reasonably priced
  • This comes with some serious power

Drawbacks of Ion tailgater 

  • The speaker quality isn’t the best that you can find
  • You may face issues with the battery sometimes

This kind of information doesn't do justice to the speaker system. So, let's dive into the details a bit to see if it's truly worth it or not.

ION Audio Tailgater Overviews

I have used this one myself, so here are the experiences I have had with this one. Also, I did my research and added information from that.

What the speaker system is like physically 

Let me be obvious with you; this unit isn’t the smallest thing in the world. However, it’s not that bulky either; you can still carry it when you go outside on a picnic. As for the looks, there is nothing to complain about, because the finish on everything is just too smooth.

Coming to the built quality, I can say this will last for a long time. It's quite sturdy, and there is no flimsy part anywhere. All the components on the speaker system seem to be of high-quality material.

Altogether, it’s a well-built machine with an appealing design. So, in terms of the physical aspect, this is an S tier for sure.

How the speaker system is used

Well, the primary goal of this speaker system is fulfilled outdoors. It's a great speaker system for a picnic or gathering somewhere outside in nature. It has got enough power to give you an enjoyable time.

Aside from loading up some music, you can also use this as a karaoke machine. It comes with a microphone for that purpose. So, you can load up songs on this one and start singing along the backing track.

There are several connectivity options available, so you don’t need to worry about that as well. You can either connect this one to your smartphone to play songs. Or you can use an aux cable to connect as well.

You can even use this as an FM radio as well. There are 10 presets available on this one for the radio functionality.

Combining all together, you can use this as a speaker, a karaoke machine, and a radio. And for the price, you can't ask for more honestly.

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What sets this one apart from the competition 

I mean, there are so many things to admire about this one. First of all, this serves multiple purposes like a speaker, karaoke, and radio. Along with that, it comes with great battery life. Adding to that comes the wide connectivity option combined with a charging port for your phone.

This is a complete package for any outdoor party that you can get at an affordable price. I think that's what sets this one apart—the affordable price combined with many more features.

ION Tailgater Speaker Features and Ratings 

Now, it’s time to go through the features and check out some ratings. Maybe then you will be convinced of the quality of this speaker system.


When it comes to functionality, this is just filled up with it. You get so many options to try out on this one. You can use this as a speaker system to have some music while you enjoy cooking the food on your picnic.

Once you are done with the food, you can have some fun with the karaoke. Or you can turn on the radio and listen to your favorite shows at night beside the campfire. You get to do all that with this one single machine.

Rating: 4.5/5


No need to worry about connectivity on this speaker system. You can connect your device with Bluetooth, NFC, and even an aux cable. Also, this one has a USB charging port for charging your phone; I mean, how cool is that?

Rating: 5/5

Battery backup 

I loved the battery backup on this one. It gives you 50 hours of battery life, so you can spend two days away and still get to use this one for your entertainment. And the battery is rechargeable, so once you get back home, you power it up again.

Rating: 4.5/5

Value for money

Probably the best thing about this speaker system is its value. It may not be the most affordable speaker system, but it seems like an affordable choice when you count in the different functionalities. You get a lot of benefits that are surely worth the money you pay.

Rating: 5/5


All in all, the Ion tailgater is a perfect option for people who go on picnics or camping every once in a while as it can become a great source of entertainment when you are out in the woods. And for the price, you pay it's completely worth getting one for your outdoor parties and even indoor parties as well.

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