How to update VIZIO TV? ( 3 Easy and Quick Methods )

Unlike regular TVs, one key benefit of smart TVs is that they can upgrade their system all by themselves. One might wonder, what good that brings to the table? Smart TVs can have many software upgrades over the years after you buy yours.

If you keep your smart TV up to date, in this case, a VIZIO TV, you can enjoy all the latest features VIZIO has been offering lately. So, today, in this article, I’ll discuss all the methods of updating VIZIO TV. Without wasting any time, let’s begin.


Benefits of updating VIZIO Smart TV

If you are new to smart TVs, you might now understand precisely how important TV system upgrade is. Regardless of the brand, system updates can bring a lot of new stuff on the table you can’t even imagine possible through software. Here are some benefits of updating your VIZIO TV.

  • Fix any system bugs:
    As I mentioned, system upgrades bring lots of new features to your TV. However, on the downside, it also comes with some bugs too sometimes. Regular updates can help you eliminate those with a system that releases later.
  • Improve the functionality of your TV:
    System updates open the door for manufacturers to play with the system and offer the best possible experience. This way, watching the TV becomes more convenient and enjoyable.
  • Adds latest features:
    You might have noticed that every year, VIZIO TVs are coming out with more and more features that were absent at the time of your purchase, i.e., google assistant, smart home integration, or local app support. The system update will allow you to keep up with that.
  • Upgrading the image quality of the TV:
    Apart from the features, did you know updating your VIZIO TV can also affect the visual quality too? For example, VIZIO added HDR support later through a system update. So, you have to keep your system up to date so that you don’t miss anything like that.

3 Methods on How to update VIZIO TV

In total, there are three ways of completing the VIZIO TV firmware update. How a VIZIO TV will be upgraded completely depends on the model and what system the TV is running. Below I have discussed three methods step by step for you. Just figure out which one works for your VIZIO TV and upgrade it.

1. Automatic Update VIZIO TV

Upgrades are received manually on VIZO TVs that don’t run SmartCast, to keep you up to date. There is no manual update, and you don’t have to do anything to get it. When connected to the internet, VIZIO TV checks for updates and automatically downloads and updates in the background. This update happens while the TV is turned off.

If you turn the TV on while updating, the system automatically pauses the update and wait for you to turn it off again. After an update, a notification will pop up with the completion notice and the latest software information when you turn the TV on.

2. Manual update VIZIO TV from setting

The following method of updating your VIZIO smart TV is partly manual. This time, you have to check for the update manually and order the update. One thing to note here is that this method is only available for VIZIO E series update on TVs running VIZIO SmartCast, released after 2017. Here is how to update your VIZIO TV from the setting.

  • Step 1: First, turn on the TV and pass the Home button, or V marked button (depends on the remote) on the remote.
  • Step 2: Pressing the V key will take you to the setting of your VIZIO TV. Go downwards with the navigation button and select the system setting and enter.
  • Step 3: The first option in the system setting is the check for update tab. Press on that and see if there is any update available. If available, confirm the download.
  • Step 4: After the download, the TV will restart, install the update and restart again to finish the update.

3. Manual update VIZIO TV via USB

The last way of upgrading your VIZIO TV is via a USB drive. This is the least used method since, most of the time, it can be done from the setting or automatically. However, in case of an emergency, let’s show you how to update your VIZIO TV via USB manually.

  • Step 1: First, get to the VISIO support and download the latest firmware available for your TV. You can find the firmware in the “Find your Firmware” tab.
  • Step 2: Download the firmware and copy it to a USB drive. After copying, rename the file to “fwsu. img” so the TV can detect it as a system update file.
  • Step 3: Plug the USB into the TV and turn the TV on. There should be a blur screen to confirm the detection of the system update file, and the installation starts automatically.
  • Step 4: Once the blue screen goes off, turn off the TV and remove the USB drive. Finish by confirming the latest firmware number from the setting.

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Final Thought

Regular system updates are necessary to get the best out of your VIZIO TV and enjoy the latest software features. Now that you have gone through my article, it should help update your system, no matter which VIZIO TV you have.

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