How to Sync LED Lights to Music: Hard Steps Got Easier!

Hands down,LED light can change colors to match the beats of your favorite songs. But most of us don’t actually know the proper technique of how to sync LED lights to music!

Well, if you want to get some cool effects with your music by syncing LED lights, you can easily do it yourself, and that too without calling an expert. By doing so, you can also save your pocket from spending extra bucks on a worker!

Keep continuing to know more about what you need to do with syncing LED lights to your favorite music player. Trust us, we’ve incorporated the most basic steps after painstaking research, reducing your effort at the least levels!


What Is A Sync Light?

Indeed, sync light is an object that synchronizes with music to show the beat. It uses nightclubs or concerts to get people on their feet and moving. A sync light is typically made up of different colors, which can switch on and off with the beat of the music.

It produces a mesmerizing effect as the lights change in tune with the song's rhythm. Some lighting designers also use water or smoke to make patterns. They use patterns like waves across areas or lasers that make intricate lines in large spaces.

What Equipment Should Have To Sync Lights To Music?

LED lights commonly come with a single RGB cable from the light fixture to a controller box. To sync your lights to music, you will need a controller that has an audio input. You normally get this as part of a lighting package. Just try to set up an automatic lighting effect.

Some controllers allow you to use microphones. Some light controllers, a music player with compatible sync capabilities, and lighting fixtures. The most common way to do one DJ equipment like the mixer, turntables, speakers, etc.

If you want to use an app, some popular ones include BeatBuddy, LightChaser, and SongPal. If you want to connect your lights directly to your stereo or audio system, some of the popular ones include Belkin WeMo Insight, Philips Hue+, and Ecobee4. If you want to try to sync your lights with music on another device, some popular ones include the Revolv platform, IFTTT, and Musica.

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How To Make LED Lights Pulse To Music?

Synchronizing your LED music light strip to music is a fun and innovative way of bringing novelty into any environment. If you want to check out more ways that can help improve the energy of anyone within this space.  

What You Need:

  • An old computer power supply
  • LEDs
  • A soldering iron/robot arm kit
  • Wire Cutters or snips or any rotary tool

What You Should Do:

  • Unpack the power supply, remove the wires leading to each LED and solder them to sections in your circuit.
  • Unfold your circuit and solder together the connecting wires for each LED (unless you have a LED with more than one lead)
  • Open up an Arduino program on your computer
  • Follow the Arduino instruction manual for setting up the Arduino.
  • Connect your LEDs to the different segments of the circuit.
  • Now, you are ready to upload the code for each segment that you want your lights to pulse with music

Benefits of Syncing LED Lights to Music

Lighting your room with a soft glow can transform a drab day into a relaxing evening. But not every type of bulb produces the same effect. If you are looking for more than just an overhead fixture, you might want to consider syncing your LED lights that go with the music.

There are many benefits of syncing LED lights to music. Some of the benefits include:

  • Create a fun and unique atmosphere in any room.
  • Keep your audience engaged and excited to watch for any patterns in the lights.
  • To help you relax after a long day.
  • To improve your mood and make you feel happier.
  • To help photographers get better exposure when shooting in low light.
  • To create creative lighting effects while shooting video or photoshoots.
  • It can give you a great way to increase productivity and concentration among workers.
  • Way to help with perspective in darkroom photography.
  • As a supplemental light source while working on portrait photography or other types of photography where supplemental lighting is beneficial.

When it comes to the LED lighting synchronization process, it could cause some short-term or long-term harm. To ensure safety, include specially designed sync modules. It will help you get rid of worries about possible sound pollution.

Using artificial light is another good idea for syncing music-activated lights that change with the music. It features a multi-colored spectrum instead of one single color. It might keep you awake if more people are staying up late.

Moreover, the lack of sleep-disturbing your attention can cause all sorts of health problems. But it will not be an issue when apollo lighting music sync LED lights to mimic natural moonlight by producing high-level blue, green, yellow, or orange colors. They also look exceptionally beautiful throughout the night.

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Affordable Steps to Sync LED With Music

We use LEDs in many things around the home and outside. There are plenty of ways to sync them with music. The ways include using a sound card and syncing it with your computer or using a speaker that outputs your audio signal.

But if you don't want to use these steps, you should go with our option. It uses an LED strip light connected to an mp3 player. We will take you through affordable ways to sync lights with your music.

Step 1:

You will need an mp3 player, an LED strip light, a 9V battery, and an elastic band. Make sure that the battery can produce 9V at least.

Step 2:

Connect the positive terminal of your battery to the input terminal of your mp3 player, which will label as "IN." The other end of your battery connects it to any free terminal at the end of your LED strip light.

Step 3:

Now, connect the negative terminal of your battery to the ground of your mp3 player, which will label as "GND." The free end connecting it should reach any metal part on your mp3 player. After this, connect a terminal at the beginning of your LED strip light and let it hang freely.

Step 4:

Need a toggle switch. You can find them in most electronics shops, or you can find them online as well.

Step 5:

Attach a terminal at the end of the toggle switch and connect the other end to any free terminal of your mp3 player.

Step 6:

Plug in your mp3 player to an AC adapter or a USB plug. Your LED strip light may turn on automatically. But if it does not, press the "PLAY" button on your mp3 player to start it.

Step 7:

Press the "DIMMER" button on your LED strip light to dim the light or turn it off. If you want to brighten the LED strip light, press the "BRIGHT" button and vice versa.

If syncing is successful, then your LED strip light should turn on and off simultaneously with its music. You can turn off your MP3 player by pressing "stop" and then start it again to check if synchronicity is still working or not.

How Do You Sync LED Light Bulbs To Music?

LED light bulbs that sync to music are a cool and inexpensive way to make your home feel like a club or disco. First, find a song or music video that you would like to sync your light bulbs. Next, connect your LED light bulbs to an external power source like a USB charger and plug them into an outlet.

Finally, connect your smartphone or tablet to the same external power source and sync the song or music video to it. Once synced, the lightbulbs will automatically start playing the song or music video.

Just let them play. The song will end and return to normal in about a few minutes. If you want your room to dance up from your smartphone, remove (unscrew) one of the lightbulb feet. So there's more clearance between it and the ceiling tile lip at which it hangs down. That should keep some of their vibrations from upsetting other parts of your home!

Do LED Lights Work With Spotify?

One of the most common questions about Spotify is whether it is compatible with LED lights. If you want to connect LED lights to music in your home with an app, make sure it's loud enough for them to detect.

For example, many Hue bulbs have an integrated microphone that interfaces with Spotify. If you play music at higher volumes, the bulbs will dim. As well as, if you pause or stop playing music, they will completely turn off after a few minutes.

It also works in reverse. If you turn the lights on when no music plays, your phone app will serve as a remote control. It will maintain the brightness of the bulb according to your needs.

Several companies sell hardware and software solutions if you want a more advanced remote control. The software can control Hue lights and other light bulbs with integrated microphones.

There are also several stand-alone apps available on the market. They allow you to use your phone or tablet to control any LED bulb remotely. They support over 100 different brands of LED lights, which makes it a good choice if you have a different type of bulb in your home.

How to Sync LED Lights to Music with Alexa?

Some people might think that connecting LED lights to music is too complicated or expensive. They would be wrong. With these ways, you'll have music synced to your lights in minutes.

First, pick a playlist on an Echo device or app.Next, use a voice command to tell Alexa which lights should turn off and on with the music. Finally, you can use voice commands to control individual lights. Get creative with your ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 

  • Can You Sync LED Lights with Bluetooth?

Yes, you can sync LED lights tomusic Bluetooth. It is a great way to create a custom lighting scheme for your home or office. You can control the brightness and color of the lights using your smartphone or computer.

  • How Do I Sync My LED Lights To My Phone?

To sync your LED lights to your phone, you will need to download an app. Once you have downloaded and installed the LEDin the app, open it. Select your LED light and follow the on-screen instructions to add it. Once your LED light is added to your SmartThings account, you can start syncing it with your phone.

  • What Are The Best-LED Strip Lights To Buy?

There are many factors to consider when buying LED strip lights. These include the width of the LED strip lights, the type of light they produce, and their price. When you decide what LED strip lights to purchase, find a place to cut the strips or buy them already prepared.

  • What LED Lights Do Tiktokers Use?

TikTokers use three types of LEDs: red, green, and blue. Red LEDs uses for illumination, green for color, appearance, or special effects, and blue is for general visibility during the night.

Wrapping Up! 

With the growing popularity of music and dance, people use LED lights to create a mesmerizing effect. The idea is simple; with LED lights, you can sync your music and have it flow through your home.

If you want to get the maximum possible out of your music and dance experience, you need to sync your lights. We have already explained how to sync LED lights to music. You can enjoy it by reducing the light during dinner time or keeping it lit for a little longer before bedtime. It’s up to you!

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