How to program a Vizio remote? (Helpful Guide)

To unlock the full potential of a Vizio TV, you will need to program the Vizio remote. And it’s not just the Vizio TV; you can use the remote universally using the codes they provide in the manual.

Now, the real question is how to program a Vizio remote. That’s why I am here for. I will take you through the complete step-by-step guide on programming the Vizio remote so that you can get the most out of it. Don’t worry too much because the whole thing is pretty simple.


Programming a Vizio remote

I have to be very honest about one thing here. When you are programming the Vizio remote, it will not work for all the devices out there. You will surely need to check the compatibility of the remote and what devices you can use it on.

There are typically two ways of programming your Vizio remote. You can either use the control code for the universal remote or use the setup codes to do the job – no need to worry about any of them because I will go through both methods in depth. I won’t leave anything out.

Having said that, I won’t take too much of your time anymore and will get into it right away. So, let’s get going with the process.

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1. Program Vizio remote using the control codes

Well, if you don’t want too much hassle and trouble while programming your Vizio remote, then this is the best way. You can use the control codes available for the universal remote to program the Vizio remote.

I won’t be listing all the codes here, as there are lots of them. You can simply refer back to that on the remote manual and choose the codes accordingly. Now, let’s get started with the process of programming the remote.

  1. The first thing is you turn on the TV.
  2. Then, touch on the tv button and keep holding it for about 5 seconds or so. This should blink up the LED lights twice on the TV.
  3. Next, you have to click for entering into the programming code mode. Once that pops up, you can start putting in the codes using the numerical buttons. Every time you put a number, the light will blink. You will see the light blinking twice in quick succession when the code gets accepted.
  4. Now, you will have to press the remote’s power button and see whether the TV turns off or not. If the code is accepted and the setup is successful, it should turn off right away.

However, if the TV doesn’t turn off, don’t be disappointed. You may need to repeat the process once or twice more. If it doesn’t work after repeating, then I recommend troubleshooting your remote.

Sometimes, it can be a concern that you might have used the wrong codes for the programming. In that scenario, the solution is simple, you just find the correct codes and repeat the process. But if that’s not the case, then you will need to opt for this second method that I am about to discuss. Let’s get through that now.

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2. Program Vizio remote using setup codes

Now, you may wonder what the setup code is? Well, these are similar codes to the universal control codes. But they are a bit different in function and also, they are most suitable for newer models. So, if you are dealing with a reasonably new model, then I think this can be your way to program the remote properly.

You should know about this method that you will need to set up your TV first before you can start with the process. Once that’s done, you can start with the following steps –

  1. First, you will need to press the power and menu buttons on the TV simultaneously. Keep holding the buttons for around 10 seconds.
  2. This will pop up a new screen with the words Vizio on it. You have to remove your hands from the buttons as you see the text.
  3. Now, take your remote and type four zeros using the numerical buttons. Then, press the OK button on the remote.
  4. Doing that will bring up two options that say TV and Cable. Select the cable option from there using the remote scroll buttons.
  5. That will lead you to a new screen where you must input the Zip code for your area. Simply use the number buttons again and input the Zip code. Here, make sure to click OK after you put each of the numbers.
  6. After that, it will bring up all the cable box providers around your area. You will just have to choose the provider that you are using.
  7. Once you select that, you will need to turn on your cable box and then press OK on the remote. If you do that, there should be a message saying POWER on the top corner of the TV screen.
  8. Now, press the buttons on your remote control to power on the TV, and the remote should be programmed without any trouble at all.

If this method fails somehow, I recommend trying the whole process again with different setup codes. Usually, these codes are challenging to determine, so you will need to go through a trial-and-error method if the first one doesn’t work.

Also, make sure to use the correct ZIP code and choose the right cable box provider. Otherwise, it will fail no matter how many times you try.  

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In essence, if you have a Vizio smart TV, there is no alternative to knowing how to program a Vizio remote. Because without programming it, you can’t even start using the remote control properly. Aside from that, programming the remote also yields many benefits. You will get a lot of value out of it for sure. So, I highly recommend doing this if there is a scope.

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