How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out? The Earbuds User Guide

Earbuds are great for listening to sounds and enjoying music without the need for pesky wires. Using earbuds has also become more popular as better, more powerful, and more comfortable models are now available in the market. But how to keep earbuds from falling out? Let's find out in this earbuds user's guide.


Why Do Earbuds Fall Out?

If you’re an earbud user, you’ll agree that it’s very worrisome when your earbuds fall out. You’ll be stuck looking for these tiny earbuds and worse, you might even lose them! The reason why earbuds fall out, even when they’re properly secured in your ear is the natural structure of the ears.

Your ears are very close to your jaw and to your TMJ or temporomandibular joint. So when you chew, talk or simply open your mouth, you’re changing the shape of the ear canal. When this happens, your earbuds will also move and will mostly fall off.

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Ears' natural structure

The ear canal and the outer ear are made of special cartilage with a unique shape. As you move your mouth to eat, chew, talk, sing or yawn, you change the shape as well as the size of the ear canal. And because of the changes, anything that's placed within the ear canal may get pushed out.

Earbuds are designed to fit securely in the ear canal. Some cheap earbuds are designed for general use and thus it’s less likely to get the best fit. Expensive, personalized earbuds are shaped to fit your ear canal and thus, you alone can use these buds. But despite a good fit, your earbuds may still fall off when you move your jaw.  So how to make earbuds stay in? We’ll learn more about this later on.

Ill-fitting earbuds

Generic earbuds are for general use and thus, most of these won’t fit well and may only fall off as you open or move your jaw. Some regular earbuds are larger and may only hurt your ears. Meanwhile, some generic earbuds are too small and thus won’t be able to fit well. These will only fall off even without moving your jaw.

Lack of earbuds accessories

Earbuds are a breakthrough as users can listen to music, play games, watch videos and make calls with their devices. Because of its popularity, the number of earbuds users has increased and so did earbuds accessories. You may now use ear hooks, ear wings, or ear tips to improve the device's hold. If you don't have these accessories, expect that you'll be buying new earbuds every week!

Incorrect earbuds placement

Wearing the earbuds incorrectly will cause these to fall off. Always check the manufacturer's instructions, guide, and tips on how to wear your new earbuds. Do not overlook instructions when wearing earbuds and be mindful of how to use earbuds so you can wear other pairs.

Are your earbud keeps falling out? Most earbuds will need to be placed correctly inside the ear canal to avoid falling off or to prevent discomfort.

Problems with the earbuds tips

Earbuds with traditional plastic tips are hard to wear and may even fall off when you talk, sing, chat or eat. When this happens, you may end up losing expensive earbuds. The right material to use as earbuds tips is silicone because it's flexible will never retain smells or tastes and will always keep its shape. Earbuds with silicone earbuds tips will less likely fall off as these fit better than plastic tips. Also, this material will fit comfortably in your ear so you can listen to all kinds of sounds with ease.

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The presence of earwax

Earwax is the ear’s natural way to protect the delicate ear canal. But when earwax is too much, these can block the ear canal and affect the placement of earbuds. Your earbuds will likely fall over and over again until you clean your outer ears. But don’t overdo it as this can cause a lot of damage.

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How to Keep Earbuds from Falling Out?

Keep your earbuds in your ears at all times with these easy techniques.

Use good quality earbuds.

Earbuds come in different sizes, shapes, and qualities. To ensure that these stay in your ear as you use them, buy only the best quality earbuds. Choose earbuds made from strong yet flexible materials. The earbuds should follow the natural shape of the ear canal so they can stay on the ears no matter how you move or talk.

How to stop earbuds from falling out? Only the best quality earbuds have the best design and good sound quality. Get to know the different quality earbuds brands to find the one that works with your needs. Also, expect that good-quality buds will be more expensive than generic buds. But don't worry, most users say that choosing the best quality buds is worth every cent.

Keep your ears clean (especially the ear canal).

How to keep wireless earbuds from falling out? As we mentioned, the ear canal can become impacted with dirt and wax which can also affect earbuds placement. Clean your ears regularly using a safe ear cleaning tool called a curette.

This tool is shaped like a small scoop or spoon which can safely remove wax and dirt without pushing the wax to the inner ear. If you’re used to using cotton buds or cotton tip applicators, stop. This won’t help remove dirt as you’re only pushing all the dirt back.

You may also use an ear wax cleaning solution to clean your ears. Place a few drops into the ear canal to soften the wax and then scoop the wax out with the small curette. How often to clean your ears? Make this a weekly habit; you may also clean your ears twice a week and use the ear cleaning solution once a week.

You will notice that your earbuds will fit perfectly in your ears when you clean them regularly. Keep your earbuds clean too by using a piece of tissue or cloth dipped in water and soap. Gently wipe the surface and rinse by wiping it with water. Use another piece of tissue to dry your earbuds.

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Wear earbuds accessories.

How to keep earbuds in while running? Some people need to have their earbuds in their ears at all times just like people who work as phone customer service agents, drivers, law enforcers, and those who work in very noisy environments like construction areas, airports, and the like. These people can't afford to worry about their earbuds falling off or looking for lost earbuds!

The solution to keeping earbuds from falling out is to use some clever earbuds accessories. The first one to consider is earbuds clips which is simply a piece of plastic that holds the earbuds in place on one end and the curved part hangs over the top of the ear. The earbuds will remain in place even if you talk, eat, sing or move as these are kept in place Also, the curved part is soft and thus, won't hurt your ears.

Ear hooks and ear clips are also useful in keeping earbuds safe on the ears. These will prevent the buds from falling off even as you talk, walk, run or jog. Also, these accessories are made from very durable yet comfortable materials so these won’t feel awkward over your ears.

Another accessory is simply a string or a strap that fastens to the ends of your earbuds. This piece of string will keep your earbuds in your person if they fall off. With this accessory, you don’t need to worry about losing your precious earbuds.

Relax your jaw muscles.

How to keep earbuds from falling out? The ears are the closest to your jaw and therefore, any movement will affect the shape of the ear canal. Even simple movements like clenching your jaw muscles and gritting your teeth can also cause the earbuds to fall off. It’s best to learn how to relax your jaw muscles by slightly massaging them before you wear your earbuds.

Use your fingers to apply soft pressure in small circular movements over the jaw area near the ears. You may also practice relaxation techniques and exercises to relax your jaw and your neck muscles.

Free yourself of stress and anxiety to avoid movements like jaw clenching and teeth-gritting. If you often clench your jaw and grit your teeth, talk to an ENT or TMJ specialist for the best treatment.

Don’t talk, sing or yawn – if you can

If you can avoid it, don’t talk, yawn or sing until you’re done using your earbuds. However, these can be unavoidable if you listen to music with your earbuds while you work, walk, jog or perform your work.

Wear specially-designed earbuds

How to keep earplugs from falling out? If you need to wear earbuds constantly, it’s best to choose ones that fit your ears well. Invest in earbuds with silicon tips as these will conform to the natural shape of your ears. Also, if you want earbuds that won’t easily fall off no matter what, use IEMs.

In-ear monitors are specially designed to work with a person's ear. These are shaped to fit a user's ear canal and thus, won't work with other people. An IEM is plugged in the ear and will reach deeper than regular earbuds. These may feel weird at first but regular use will help you get used to them.

IEMs have better sound isolation and noise-canceling features than earbuds but are heavier and may feel too awkward in your ears. But overall, these won't fall off no matter what you do.

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Get earbuds that fit well

So how to keep earbuds in place? Some manufacturers offer sizing options for their products so it's best to use these earbuds. Follow closely the manufacturer's recommendations on how to get the right size earbuds plus consider the correct techniques to wear and use these buds according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Wear ear warmers

Do your earbuds fall out when running? A practical way to keep earbuds from falling off is to wear ear warmers or a headband over your ears. This works great especially if it’s also cold outside and you want to jog, walk or commute with your earbuds on. Make sure to use elastic warmers so your earbuds will be carefully held in place no matter how much you move.

Accessories to keep earbuds from falling out

As we mentioned earlier, earbuds accessories are now available to use with your device. These are purchased separately from your earbuds but don’t worry, most of these are reasonably priced and may even come in sets of three or more. Here are some of the most popular:

Ear hooks – ear hooks are designed to keep earbuds in place. These are worn over the ears and thus, hold the earbuds carefully and securely. Hooks come in many shapes and sizes so find one that will fit you comfortably.

Earbuds straps – most of the earbuds straps in the market are made from very strong magnetic material that will keep earbuds in your ears no matter how you move. Straps will help you care for and secure your expensive earbuds like AirPods.

Earbuds grips – If your earbuds won't stay in, use grips. These grips are smaller than hooks but will hold the earbuds in place even when you talk, jog or run. Grips are more comfortable and are mostly made from soft yet durable materials.

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Now that you know how to keep earbuds from falling out, you may now prevent earbuds from falling out especially when you’re running or jogging. It’s not just about knowing how to wear earbuds to keep these from moving and falling but it's about buying the right earbuds, regular ear cleaning, and using the best accessories. And if you're still uncomfortable with using earbuds, consider that these may not be the best ones for your needs. You may choose IEMs than earbuds as these are designed to remain in your ear no matter what.

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