How To Fix Headphone Wires with Tape (It Might Be Worth Money!)

How many times have your headphone wires torn? Whether it's an expensive headphone or a budget one, headphone wires can be easily torn. Because of this reason, many people are leaning towards wireless headphones and earbuds these days.

Now, if you are stuck with a headphone with torn wires but don't want to buy a new one, there is a solution. You can use tape to get an answer. Don't know how to fix headphone wires with tape? That's what I am here for.

Here, I will tell you how to fix your headphone wires using tape. It's pretty effective for headphones that are quite expensive, and you don't want to get rid of them. So, let's get going with it.

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Fixing headphone wires using tape 

Before you dive into it, let me tell you it's not a permanent solution. This just gives you the option to get used out of your headphone for some more days.

You will need electrical tape, a lighter, and a wire cutter to fix your headphone wires. Once you get all this, you can begin the process right away. Just follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, you have to find out where the squashed or torn part of the wire is. Then, you have to use the wire cutter and cut the part where the wires are messed up. With a headphone with a single cable, you will find a red wire, a green wire, and some copper wires.
  2. Next up, you have to separate the three wires, so they aren't touching each other. This means you have to keep the red wire separate from the green wire and the copper wires. In the case of a double wire headphone, you won't have to deal with a green wire.
  3. Then, you have to burn the coating of the wires. Usually, green and red wires will have an enamel coating that you have to get rid of. You have to burn the coating to join the wires from both ends.
  4. After that, you have to twist both ends of the red wire together. Without twisting them, you can't connect them properly. This way, they won't separate even by accident, and the solution will last for a longer time.
  5. You have to follow the same procedure for the copper wires. Make sure you are maintaining the orders properly. This means, twist the red wire with only the red one. Once again, you have to make sure none of the wires touches each other.
  6. You have to use electrical tape to cover up the connection to make them more secured. You have to make sure no part of the wire is exposed to the outer part.

If you have followed everything correctly, your headphones should work just fine. As long as the wires can be recoverable, you can fix it; it doesn't matter where the cable is squashed.

Other than using tapes, there are several different ways you can try them out. For instance, you can use moldable glue to join the wire connections. Or you can try out heat shrink tubes as well, even though finding these items won't be as easy as finding the electrical tape.

You can also try out soldering if you have experience with it. This will give you a more reliable solution. The only drawback is that you will need to have the expertise for soldering, and you will need a solder as well.

That's why the electrical tape solution seems to be a much more viable option than these other ways. However, sometimes the wires can be beyond repair. In that case, you are only left with the option of replacing your headphones.

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Let's check out some of the most common questions people ask regarding headphone wires 

  • Is it worth fixing headphone wires?

That mostly depends on the method you are using and the headphone you want to fix. If it's a high-end headphone that somehow got damaged, it's undoubtedly worth fixing. You can hardly find a similar sound quality out of a cheaper alternative.

However, if it's a budget headphone, I don't think you should bother fixing it because it may not last that long after fixing it anyways.

  • Why should you fix headphone wires yourself?

When you learn to fix your headphones by yourself, you can cut down on a lot of costs, whether it's buying a new headphone or repairing the existing one. You can save up on money, especially when you use high-end headphones.

Wrap up 

To sum up, knowing how to fix headphone wires with tape can be pretty useful. You can surely save up a lot of money. It's always a handy knowledge to have because torn or squashed-up wires are pretty common to face.

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