How to Fix Echo in Headphones? Audio Sounds Echoey Cancellation

All the complaints about the inefficiency of zoom meetings due to echoes in headphones cannot be ignored. In fact, it isn’t easy to even have the most negligible concentration when the reverberating sounds and echoes come in. Besides, echoey headphones will discourage you in online meetings and calls, but you also miss the opportunity of a good distraction with cool music.

So, if you want to end this and learn how to fix echo in headphones effortlessly, we have a few workable ways out. But before that;


What is an Echo?

Basically, an echo refers to a sound that bounces back to the source. The reason behind an echo is the sound hitting a hard surface, such as a wall, after traveling over a longer distance. For instance, if you talk in a large empty room, you will hear your voice coming back to you, echoing.

If the room is smaller, you may not hear your voice clearly, but you will feel the words bumping over each other, usually referred to as reverberation.If that’s the case, why do headphones sound echoey even when you are in a compact space? When you are talking, the mic sounds echoey when your voice goes into the audio, and the speakers bounce it back due to a fault in the mic or the audio settings in the computer.In a telephony context, Echo is where the same person reflects a person’s voice on the outgoing transmission from the microphone of a headset on the return of the transmission to the speaker of the headset.The Echo is typically created in one of two ways:

  • First: the voice coming from the phone’s speaker is picked up by the phone’s microphone itself (sometimes called acoustic Echo)
  • Secondly, electrical signals traveling on a sending wire are picked up by the adjacent receiving wire (sometimes called line echo). A line echo can happen in different ways but typically has to do with the device’s electrical characteristics when sending, receiving, and intervening.

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Why do my headphones sound echoey?

Even when you are unaware, for the most part, there are many situations where an echo is present in a telephone conversation.

Echo is a problem when it interferes with our understanding of the other person’s voice on a phone call or when it confuses the person speaking due to hearing themselves on the line. If you believe this is happening, you can tell that the problem is a “delay” – more precisely, the delay between what is said on the outbound link and its reflection on the return link.

If the delay is less than 25 milliseconds, it is almost undetectable to the human ear – in fact, if you ask a user if they hear an echo situation, they will most likely receive a “no” answer.

If the delay is a bit longer, say in 55 milliseconds, the user experience is similar to having two people saying the same thing simultaneously as a duet; other users describe it as talking in an empty room. This level of echo or delay, already noticeable, is very well tolerated and does not normally produce complaints.

However, as the delay increases, it becomes more annoying and distracting, making it difficult to carry on a conversation.The following are reasons why audio sounds echoey;

  1. Audio settings on the computer
  2. High volume on your microphone
  3. A fault in the headphones settings
  4. Faulty headphone connection to the device

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How to Fix Echo in Headphones

If you are using your laptop, PC, MX, or phone and your headphones sound echoey when listening to music, here are ways to deal with the echo;

  1. Disconnect the headphonesThis is the first step, given that the problem may be minor, just a faulty connection. Therefore, unplug the headphones, and the disconnection will bring an end to the echo. Then, reinsert the headphones carefully this time, and ensure that you do it all right.
  2. Check the Headphones SettingsIf the headphones are new and plugging out and back in doesn’t work, check the headphones settings. Each headphone brand or type is different, and you may need to configure some settings before using the headphones. Once you do it right, plug in the headphones for a test.
  3. Reset the Device’s Audio SettingsWhat if you find that your headphones’ settings are okay, but the echo persists? You can plug in the headphones to another device to see if the echo persists. If there is no echo with the other device, then your device settings are the problem.In this case, you should check the audio settings and change them for compatibility with the headphones, which should work.
  4. Change the HeadphonesIf the echoey sound persists after the above three steps, then it is time to change your headphones for a new set. It means that they are already faulty, and there is nothing you can do about them.

What if you want tips on removing echo from audio? You could be having an online meeting, and the headphones are echoey, either on your side or on the other party’s side? Here are ways to ensure that you correct the problem without much time consuming;

  • Use the Steps AboveFirst, you can follow the steps above, which will correct the problem, especially when it is on your side.
  • Mute Your MicIf you are in an important meeting and the steps fail, you can mute your microphone. This will prevent any echo from forming at all, and you can correct the situation later.
  • Restart the AppIf you are using a discord, zoom, Skype, or whichever meeting app you are using. It could be the problem. So, why does my mic echo on discord, and how do I deal with it?During this period, you can check the app’s settings and those of the PC to ensure that they work efficiently for headphone compatibility. You can also check the Noise Suppression tab to prevent the discord echo voice when using the app, and if it is disabled, enable it.
  • Have Your Partner Fix Their EndIf you are on a call and still get the echo, despite all the fixing, have your partner check their end as well. It could be that their mic is the problem.
  • Reduce Background NoiseThe problem may not be your mic or headphones at all, so check the background too. Sitting too close to a wall or have an electronic gadget running in the background could cause noise. These include a fridge, a fan, or even an outdoor noise. If the noise is beyond your control, mute the microphone or reschedule the meeting for a quieter time.

Correct this for more efficient listening and talking over the headphones.

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  1. Why is my audio echoing?Your audio echoes due to the microphone and speaker feedback on the computer or device that you are using. You need to reset the audio configurations so that you are not listening to yourself.
  2. How do I Stop Echoing sound?You can stop the echo by correcting the PC, headphones, and microphone settings or simply by restarting, plugging out, and in the devices.
  3. What causes microphone echo?Microphones echo due to a fault in the microphone settings, computer settings, or a fault in the headphones microphone.


Wrapping Up

How to fix echo in headphones? Fixing echo in headphones, especially if the headphones are not faulty, is a matter of a few steps. Actually, if you know what to do, this is a matter of less than a couple of minutes, and you will be done. So, you can finally enjoy a piece of echo-free music, chat or even close an important deal efficiently!

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