How to Control the Volume on Vizio TV without Remote? ( 4 Easiest Methods )

Just imagine; your Vizio TV’s remote suddenly stopped working, but you have to turn up or down the volume; what can you do now? Maybe a question is raising in your mind: how to control the volume on Vizio TV without a remote? Is it even possible?

The answer is a big “YES” You can definitely get it done without even trying any complex tasks. Yep, I’ll teach you some of the basic techniques to try out today, from using the volume button to taking assistance from a universal remote.

So let’s get straight into it, as this might be your lucky day!

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How to Adjust Volume on Vizio TV without Remote – 4 Easiest Methods:

Basically, there are four methods for turning the volume up on Vizio tv without a remote. I’ll describe all of them briefly right here. So without further ado, let’s get into it:

Method-1: Using the Vizio TV Volume Button

If you know about the Vizio tv volume button location, then you can reach the volume up and down button and press the switch to adjust the volume. A question may arise in your mind, “where is the volume button on Vizio tv?” In most cases, the buttons are placed on the backside of the tv. 

But if the Vizio tv only has one button, which is a combination of the power button and input button, then you have to try a different method which I’ll describe next. 

Method-2: Utilizing IR-blaster Supported Smartphone

Nowadays, smartphones are very common in people. Too many smartphones come with IR-blaster. If you have one of them, then you can use it as a remote for your tv.

And guess what?

Not only can you adjust the volume, but you can also change the channel while needed. 

Method-3: Using the SmartCast App

If your smartphone doesn’t have an IR-blaster, you can also use it to control the volume, channel, and other things on your Vizio tv. To do that, download the SmartCast app from an app store. The app is available for both Android and iOS in their specific store.

After installation, open the app and log in by entering your Vizio ID and Password, or you can also continue as a guest. 

Then a list of SmartCast supported devices will pop up on your smartphone. Select your Vizio TV from the list and just wait a few seconds for further instructions.

Now, a four-digit code number will appear on your tv. You just have to put the number on your app on the phone to pair it with the tv.

Now, you can control numerous functions of your Vizio TV from your handset. So what do you think, can you turn the volume up on a Vizio tv without remote? Of course, you can!

But, if the Vizio tv is an older version, which came before 2015, then SmartCast will not work on your TV.

Method-4: Getting a Universal Remote

A universal remote can control numerous remote-controllable devices, and it is quite available in the market. There are many brands of universal remotes available at a wide range of prices.

So, if you don’t want to apply anything fancy, get your hands on a quality universal remote from your nearest shop.

Final Words!

If you’ve gone through the entire post regarding how to control the volume on Vizio tv without remote, I bet nobody or nothing can stop you from controlling your TV without a specific remote. Try any of the 4 methods I’ve mentioned above, and then you’re good to go!

But if you find any of them a bit difficult, feel free to take assistance from a universal remote as it is just enough to get your work done.

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