How to Charge Wireless Headphones without Charger? (Easy Guide)

Probably you’ve started scratching your head by thinking of how to charge headphones without charger. But trust me, it’s a snap! In fact, this is not a case where you have to worry about it as there is no need to spend on any extra charger or other devices at all.

So, to know how to charge wireless headphones without charger, the very first thing you need to do is to collect a USB charger cable, allowing you to charge up your earbuds from other sources. Yep, just make a connection between your headphones and laptop/smartphone using the cable.

Along with the technique of charging your earbuds without the charger, I’ll also talk about the longevity of your headphone’s battery and many more topics. Stay tuned!

How to Charge Bluetooth Headphones without Charger –Using USB Cable: 

Hands down, I find it so comfortable and pretty easy to charge up my Bluetooth headphones using a USB cable. You’ll find it quite handy the common use of such a cable is to connect multiple devices that include built-in USB ports.

So when you have the correct USB cable, start charging your Bluetooth headphones with the assistance of it. But don’t you know how to charge bluetooth earbuds without a charger? Don’t worry; I’m going to teach you how this can be done with ease:

  • Get your hands on the end of your USB port, making a connection between the cable and something that already has a port for USB; this can be either your tab, smartphone, or anything else
  • Have you made the connection? If so, then connect the other port in your Bluetooth headphone, and then you’ll see the earbud is getting charged from another device. That’s as simple as that

A few Bluetooth headphones these days come with additional USB charging cable, for which you can use other options while you lose the original charger and need to charge up your earbuds. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be worried even if your earbuds don’t have extra cables. You still can charge your headphones using other cables, which I’ve already shown you!

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How to Charge a Bluetooth Headset without a Charger – Using Laptops: 

Getting surprised after knowing about charging your headset with a laptop? It’s not rocket science; a laptop that has only 20-25% of energy is still able to give your headset charge quite effectively. In that case, getting an extra cable, is once again, mandatory!

  • Just like the previous technique mentioned above, you have to get yourself an extra USB cable, which will help you connect your headset with your laptop in terms of charging
  • Keep in mind, the cable you want to use is compatible with both your laptop and headset. If yes, then connect the headset and your laptop via USB cable. Afterward, you’ll see the earbuds are getting charged

Note: When your laptop gets into the “power saving mode” or less than 20% charge, chances are your headset stops taking charge as before. In that case, you may need to recharge the battery of your laptop so that it can give your headsets extra charge required.

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Can I Charge My Earbuds with Any Charger? 

Indeed, the majority of earbuds are pretty friendly with any charger, thanks to the additional USB port they come with. But it’s equally true that a few models can be found made for charging with specific chargers. I highly suggest avoiding such models, especially if you have to spend most of your time outside where power outlets are pretty rare!

Why My Headphone Should Have Long Battery Life? 

Luckily, traditional earbuds these days are well-equipped with long battery life, for which you won’t have to recharge the battery on a frequent basis. In fact, many high-end choicesinclude superior batteries, which have the ability to give you around 1-4 days back-up within a single charge, depending on how you actually use them.

If you’re someone who is pretty addicted to earbuds, the model you want to get should be compatible with the extra-long battery life.

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How Long Does Earbuds Battery Last for? 

 The longevity of the earbuds battery depends on the model you pick and the way you use them on a regular basis. Charging habit is another thing that’s straightly connected to the lifespan of your headsets. But in general, modern headphones’ batteries tend to last for no less than 30 hours.

So when you go for purchasing any Bluetooth headphones, one of the necessary things you need to look for is the overall charge backup, especially if you’re a travel freak who needs to move here and there more often.

How Can I Know If My Earbuds Are Fully Charged or Not?

Almost every earbud includes a built-in light additionally in terms of showing you if the battery is fully charged or not through a signal. Generally, green and red lights are pretty common these days, where the green light gives you an indication of “full charge,” and the red one warns you the battery requires energy.

On the other side, other models can be found with a digital display in the case of your earbuds, which show the charge percentage instead of any color signals.

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Wrapping It Up! 

Stay relaxed and out of worries even if you don’t have your headset charger anymore; you still can charge your headphones with ease and zero effort by following this guide of how to charge headphones without charger.

So whether it’s your smartphone, tab, laptop, or power bank, each of them will come in handy in terms of charging your Bluetooth headphones via a USB charging cable.

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