3 Effective Methods of How to Change Input on Vizio TV without Remote

You are sitting in front of your Vizio tv and wanting to change the input source. But all of a sudden, your remote stops working without any reason! Gosh, you don’t want to deal with such an annoying situation, eh?

So, to help you out, I’ve come up today with the solutions of how to change the input on Vizio tv without a remote; you heard it right. I’ll give you three super-effective ideas, which require no specific remote in terms of changing the input. So let’s enjoy the article and find out what they really are.


How to Change Input Source on Vizio TV  without Remote?

You can do it in three different ways. Firstly, Vizio tv input button. Yes, there is a manual way to change the input for your TV. 

The second option is, using your smartphone as a remote. Nowadays, many mobile phones have infrared or IR-Blaster to control numerous devices as a remote.

And last but not least, you can get a universal remote for your Vizio TV. 

Method-1: Vizio TV  Input Button

How to Use the Button to Change Vizio TV Input Options?

Firstly, you have to know about the Vizio tv buttons’ location. Mostly, you’ll find them situated on the front of the smart tv. But sometimes, they are placed on the side. So, at first, check out to find their exact locations.

Another thing is all models of Vizio tv do not come with a dedicated “input switch button”. If the Vizio input menu button is available on the model, it will be marked as ‘Input.’ But if the model doesn’t come with an ‘Input Button,’ then how can you change manually?

Although the button isn’t available, the function is available; you just have to find it out. The input changing function is available on the power button! Yes, just press the button a single time; it will show you input options. 

Method-2: Using Your Smartphone

How to Use Your Smartphone as a Remote?

You already know that many smartphones can be used as a remote for your smart tv. But first, you have to ensure that your smartphone features an IR-blaster. Because without that, you can’t use it as a remote.

You can check this to find out if your smartphone has the infrared capability; check the guide – ” checking and using IR-blaster on mobile“.

After confirming that your smartphone is capable, now you just have to install a suitable app on your handset to turn it into a universal remote. Don’t worry; many suitable apps are available for both Android O.S. and iOS. 

Method-3: Getting a Universal Remote

If the Vizio TV’s remote is broken or not working, then you can buy a Universal remote as an alternative. The benefit of such a remote is that it usually works with any remote-controllable device.

In that case, getting it will be worth it. And guess what? It is quite available in the recent market. 

Note that there are too many Universal remotes on the market ranging from budget-friendly to high price segment. So, you can buy it depending on your capabilities and requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.’s)

  1. How to change the setting on Vizio  tv without a remote?
    There are manual buttons available on Vizio tv. Some models have a dedicated menu button to operate. In that case, you have to press the menu button, and then you can change the setting as you wish.
  2. How to turn on Vizio tv without a remote?
    If the remote is suddenly not working or can’t find the remote, ensure to turn on the tv by the manual power button. To do that, firstly, you have to know the Vizio power button location. It differs from model to model.
    You can find it either on the back part of the tv or on the side of the tv.
  3. What to do if Vizio tv won’t switch inputs? 
    Usually, you can switch inputs via the input button on the remote, manual TV button, or via your infrared-supported smartphone. But if your Vizio tv won’t change input via any of these methods, then probably your tv’s “input” option is disabled. 
    Now, you have to enable it. While in the ‘T.V. mode,’ press the ‘select’ and ‘mute’ button until the LED of the tv flash two times. Afterward, enter the “960” code to enable the input button.

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Last Words!

As you have gone through the entire post of how to change the input on Vizio tv without a remote, I’m pretty sure that now you’re able to change the input of your Vizio tv without a remote. Ensure to follow any of these methods I’ve mentioned above because all those techniques have been tested and utilized by many Vizio TV users!

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