Hisense vs Samsung TV, Which Smart TV Brand do You Choose?

When you are thinking about getting a new smart tv for your home, the choice is going to be difficult. Among so many options, a critical decision you will come across these days is between Hisense vs. Samsung. Which one do you pick?

Right away, if budget is something you are concerned about, then Hisense is the better pick for you. If you take that out of the equation, things can get tricky because there are so many things to consider. Samsung will be a better pick in terms of reliability and quality.

Still, I think it’s important to know why this is the case. That’s why I will be diving deep into this whole thing below and give you a comparison to decide on which one is a better pick.

A comparison between Hisense and Samsung

First, I will go through a quick overview of both TVs. Also, here I won’t discuss any specific TV model from the brands. So, the comparison of the TVs will be based on what they usually provide and how they stand out. Let’s get started.

Hisense overview

Who will get Hisense tv? In general, someone who is looking to get a smart tv with some cool features within a reasonable price goes for Hisense tv.

The key point that makes them unique is the fact that they bring out TVs at affordable prices. But they provide similar features as some high-end TVs out there. So, this makes them a great option to pick for people who have a limited budget to meet their needs of a smart tv.

Samsung overview

Why would someone pay extra for a Samsung product? The simple answer is reliability and trust. Samsung is a well-known brand that has been in this tech or gadget business for years now. Because of that, it has gained the trust of countless users.

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You can rely on a Samsung tv without having any second thoughts at all. When you get a Samsung TV, you can rest assured that it will provide you with the quality that you desire. You can never be dissatisfied with a Samsung tv even if you have spent a good amount of money on it.

Hisense vs Samsung TV

When it comes to comparing these two TV choices, there are plenty of factors to go through. Here, I will take you through them one by one and tell you who wins the race there.

Panel system

Now, choosing a winner in this category can be a bit difficult. Because if you are thinking about having options for different panel types, then Hisense will win this. They offer a variety of panel technologies like OLED, ULED, QLED, and whatnot.

Whereas Samsung only uses their patented QLED technology on them. I say you can’t choose a winner because of the panel quality. While Samsung doesn’t provide a lot of variety, the panel quality is still top-notch. And to be honest, Hisense doesn’t fall behind on the quality either.

Picture quality

Coming to the picture quality, I have to go with Samsung here. Especially if you are thinking of getting a higher-end option from Samsung, then you will end up with amazing picture quality. The colors and the definition on those screens are just mesmerizing at times.

Having said that, Hisense also does an excellent job of maintaining pretty good picture quality. It won’t be as good as a high-end Samsung picture quality. But if you are comparing it with a mid-range Samsung tv, then you may end up with similar results.  

Viewing angle

Anyone who is thinking about a wide view arrangement will go with Samsung without any second thoughts. They provide a better viewing angle with advanced technologies like Ultra-Wide Viewing angle.

As for the Hisense TVs, they tend to have a very mediocre viewing angle most of the time. Altogether, it’s nothing special. It’s just a regular viewing angle you would expect from any TV.


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Here’s the thing, a glossy finish on your TV screen can help out a lot in blocking reflections. Most of the Hisense TVs don’t come with glossy screens. On the contrary, most Samsung TVs have glossy screens. So, you can pretty much understand who wins here.

Samsung TVs are much better at blocking any kind of light reflection for a better viewing experience. However, some Hisense TV models offer glossy screens. If you choose one of those models, then you will get the same experience.

So, I don’t think I can clearly state Samsung as the winner here. It’s just that, with Samsung, you get this feature by default.

Operating system

There is a clear difference between the operating system for both TVs. While Hisense uses Roku OS, Samsung uses its personal Tizen OS.

Tizen OS seems to be much more capable than Roku OS in terms of unique features and values. But if you think about app variety, Roku OS will perform better. Other than that, if you think about the smoothness of the UI or the ease of usage factor, then Tizen OS may come out on top for sure.


Any day of the week, Hisense will be the clear choice in terms of price. Here’s the thing, yes, you can find Samsung TV at a lower price tag. But they won’t have features that you would usually get in higher-end Samsung TVs.

Whereas, with Hisense TVs, you get those advanced features on your TV without having to pay a whole lot. Their prices are very reasonable, which makes them a worthy choice for many people.


I can sum up this whole Hisense vs. Samsung debate with one statement. If you are concerned about the budget, you have to go with Hisense; there is no alternative. They are excellent in quality considering the price of their TVs.

But if money is not a concern for you, and you want the best possible performance with the best possible quality, then I would pick Samsung over Hisense every time without even thinking twice.

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