Hisense vs. LG TV, Which one to choose between?

Looking to get a new smart TV but getting confused? Well, you are not the only one, my friend. A lot of people go through dilemmas. These days the classic battle is between Hisense vs. LG TV. Which one should you pick, and why should you get that?

I mean, the choice is strictly personal. The easiest way to decide is to see what each of them provides. For instance, with the Hisense TV, the specialty has to be of excellent quality within reasonable pricing. As for the LG TV, they are reliable, exceptional in quality, and just give you a high-end feel overall.

But I think you already get that idea. To make your life a bit easier, I will dive into a little comparison between the two. This will surely help you clear out some confusion in choosing between these two TVs.


A comparison between Hisense and LG TV

Well, the thing is, there are so many things that you have to consider when buying a tv. Since I can’t go through every model both these brands manufacture, I will just give you a rough idea of each of them. So, don’t expect to see any specific model-based feature in this comparison.

Having said that, let’s take a quick look at each of them as tv brands, and then, I will take you through the comparison.

Hisense overview

Hisense has become a well-known name in the world of smart TVs in particular because of their quality. They bring out some high-quality TVs with excellent features that you don’t expect to get in such TVs.

Why do I say you don’t expect here? Well, that’s simply because of the price factor. These TVs are priced comparatively very lower than all the other TVs of such quality. You simply don’t think about getting such cool features paired up with quality performance and all of that within a budget price.

LG overview

I don’t think I have to dive too deep into LG. I am pretty sure; you all know how good of a brand LG is. Their TVs come with excellent picture quality with some amazing features. You can easily be satisfied with what you get from LG.

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On top of that, the best part is the reliability factor. When you get an LG tv, you can easily rely on the fact that it will last for a long time. That’s how they build the brand value. They gain the trust of their users with exceptional service and quality.

Hisense vs. LG TV

When it comes to comparing the two options, several factors come into play. I am considering these factors based on smart TVs from both brands. Let’s get it going.

Picture quality

A clear winner you will have here is LG. While the picture quality of Hisense won’t be bad, they won’t be as good as LG either. That’s just how it is. LG uses better quality components in making their TV, which can deliver top-notch picture quality.

Especially, the color accuracy you get from LG TVs will beat the color profile of Hisense any day. However, the thing is, as a general consumer, you may not notice that difference too much. Still, it’s somewhat noticeable if you focus a bit.

The OS

Here’s where Hisense may take the cake. Hisense TVs come with the Roku OS, which is much easier to use and customize. Whereas, with LG TV, you have to use their particular WebOS. It can be a bit difficult to use at times, and you may come across some user issues here and there.

So, if you want an easy experience with the OS, then Hisense can be your pick. However, there is an option to install Roku OS on your LG TV. You can get that too if you want, but you have to do some extra work to get the Roku OS.

Software and features

When it comes to advanced software and features, LG is the winner, hands down. They come up with the most advanced features that you can expect to get on smart tv. Not only that, but the software versions they have are also modern. While Hisense is not far behind, they aren’t better than LG in this factor at all.


There is no doubt that Hisense is a much more pocket-friendly option than LG. Hisense TVs are significantly cheaper, which can sway away your decision quite a lot. Especially when the budget is a concern, I think a hundred percent of the time you will end up with the Hisense tv.

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Summing it up, in the debate of Hisense vs. LG tv, I have to pick LG as the winner in terms of reliability and quality. However, those aren’t the only concerns when you buy a TV. You will have to think about other things as well. Among them, value and price are huge concerns. And when you think about that, Hisense is probably one of the best options available for you.

2 thoughts on “Hisense vs. LG TV, Which one to choose between?”

  1. thank you for your opinion. I’m in my 80s and watch Netflix & Hulu and no other TV besides 60″ and occasionally news. I do rent movies as well. I have had a lot of trouble with getting Netflix & Hulu workg b’cz I’m told my router (?) which is three rooms away needs to be closer to TV. So rather than have 30 or more feet of electrical installed, I’m considering a “smart” TV. And $$ is important since my older 32″ works fine, it may be time to upgrade. Any suggestions, I’d appreciate; thanks – Pat in Napa
    PS: your article is done very well, esp for a dinosaur like me

  2. We have an LG 55″ with a Fire Stick we added. We also just purchased a Hisense 55″ model A65H but have not installed it yet. Since there is no problem with the LG we wanted to ask if the Hisense might be a better TV and if it offered any options or ease of use on the Hisense. The Hisense is branded as a Google TV and we are not sure if this TV would be easier to maneuver when using streaming services. Any advice you can offer would be sincerely appreciated. Hisense was on a deep discount sale at Costco so it was an impulse buy but can be returned.


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