Hisense TV Remote Not Working, (Explained & Solved!)

Who doesn’t love Hisense tv and electronics? This investment has raving reviews. Thus, people panic as they sense their Hisense tv remote not working.

The weakened remote control batteries may cause the issue of the Hisense TV remote not working. In addition, there are other causes such as obstacles blocking the sensors, not resetting the memory cache, dirt accumulation in the batteries, and much more.

All these problems might seem overwhelming at first glance. However, we have a few simple solutions for when your Hisense tv is not responding to remote or buttons. Keep reading and carefully scan our walk-through steps to release your favorite electronic of such misery.

Why Is Hisense Roku TV Remote Not Working:

Before we jump into knowing how to fix the issue, let’s take a gander at some of the most common reasons for Hisense remote not working. After you understand the root cause, you may be surprised at how easy some solutions for these problems are.


The batteries are the first and obvious place to check when your Hisense doesn’t respond to remote. Another significant point is that we generally mix and match the remote controls, leading to higher conflict and Hisense tv buttons not working.

It’s essential to use batteries of the same quality rather than replacing one or the other. Some more underlying problems are installing the batteries incorrectly.

You can check to ensure the issues are within the batteries by moving across the room and trying it out at a longer distance. If the controls seem sluggish, the problem is definitely with the batteries.


Have you considered the idea that there may be some obstruction between the TV and your remote control, which prohibits the Hisense technology from operating correctly?

If, however, the batteries in use are strong enough, you might be able to rectify the situation comparatively quickly. Unfortunately, as the battery’s power becomes weaker, the problems might increase. Any obstruction between the TV and your Hisense remote can cause such blockage.

Memory Cache

At times, the underlying issue lies with the TV’s memory caches rather than the remote or signal in between. Often this problem goes unnoticed.

Thus, if you notice that none of the battery-related issues and solutions aren’t guiding towards smoother Hisense TV operation, you can revise the caches.

Solutions To Hisense Roku Remote Not Working:

People whine out, saying, “why is my Hisense remote not working?” But, they never look closer into the issues. Believe it or not, banging the remote control will do no good.

Instead, in the next section, we will address the top common remedies through which you can acquire the full potential of your Hisense remote. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Attend The Batteries

The most seen reasons for the Hisense remote‘s finicky operation is due to obstructed signals or dead batteries. This is why you must check and change the batteries as required.

Before blaming the operator itself, we must understand that batteries drain out hence, require changing often.

2. Clear The Memory Cache

So, what to do when your trustee TV doesn’t pair Hisense remote in due time? It might seem like a brain teaser, but generally, clearing the system’s memory cache works wonders.

Here’s how to reset Hisense remote to clear the memory cache within a quick few seconds.

  • Turn on the TV.
  • Unplug the Hisense TV.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes.
  • Replug the TV.
  • Press the power button to eradicate the former issues.
  • You can also periodically attempt these steps to clear the memory cache for smoother operation.

3. Reset The Hisense Remote

Sometimes every other button works smoothly except the volume buttons. If this is the case, it’s most likely that something may have spilled on the remote, causing a jam in certain areas.

You can take the remote control apart and carefully clean the rocker arm compartment to release yourself from this situation. If, however, the problems stretch out to even more buttons, you will have to reset the device entirely.

Here’s what I do when my Hisense remote is not working.

  • Turn on the TV via the power button.
  • Press and hold the set up button.
  • Dial ‘991’.
  • Press and hold the remote control button simultaneously until the TV shuts off.

When the TV switches back on, it should pair with the TV seamlessly.

4. To Pair Hisense Remote To TV

Facing issues while pairing the Hisense TV and remote is quite generic. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as the regularity of the problem.

First, let’s demonstrate the easiest way to pair Hisense remotes. If this method fails you, try the next one.

  • Press the rectangle button and the button that mimics a chatbox together. This will cause the red LED light to switch on.
  • Once the light is visible, let go of the buttons and pair the devices.
  • A blue light will blink three times as the device pairs automatically, notifying its success.
  • If this hack doesn’t work, you can move on to the following method. The second method works automatically, taking off most of your stress.

Let’s see how it’s done.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of the device from the settings.
  • Select the rectangle and chatbox buttons simultaneously for around 3 seconds.
  • The device should notify users with the ‘find nearby devices’ option. The device will start searching for nearby devices if you select it.
  • Once it has been selected, press ‘okay’ to complete the Hisense Roku TV remote pairing.

5. Clean The Remote

Once you get new batteries or reset the model, sometimes the Hisense smart tv remote pairing still seems inconsistent. Thus, we’re here to clarify another significant reason for such a dilemma.

Even after replacing the batteries, if the signals seem weak, it’s necessary to deep clean the remote, primarily through the control and power terminals. You need to carefully open the remote and work your way around the mess.

Note; if the remote comes with a warranty, you must avoid opening the remote altogether to safeguard it.

Inspect the terminals to see if there is any visible blockage. Such blockages could even be the lights or other electronic devices at your home. Disengage each of these devices one at a time to see which element is conflicting with your remote.

Lastly, another way to clear and reset such blocks and persisting issues are by unplugging the Hisense TV and plugging it again after about 10 minutes.

6. Check Channel Buttons

Why is your Hisense android tv remote not working while changing channels? This problem might seem overbearing and frustrating, but the fix? Not at all!

Again, any underlying issue with the batteries will jeopardize the remote’s programming and operation, leading to inconsistent performance. First and foremost, replace the batteries for a smoother process. This might even solve the Hisense ERF2A60 remote control not working issues and bring back its full potential.

However, if the situation remains the same, check the channel buttons. Change the channels via the rocker arm buttons. This will ensure even further the root cause.


So, is your Hisense TV remote not working? Not anymore! We bet you can finally bid those days goodbye.

Such premium technology is hard to let go of. Needless to say, the pressure arises when these hefty investments lack cooperation. On the other hand, if these issues seem to stick around even after all these resolutions, it’s time for newer alternatives, whether a new Hisense TV or remote.

Moreover, before jumping in on purchasing an entirely new model, you could also get help from a professional. To boil it down, we’re affirmative that the reason why your Hisense remote stopped working is any one or more of the above.

And luckily, all these issues have quick and simple solutions that anyone can accomplish.

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