How to Fix Hisense TV No Sound? Troubleshooting Guide

Picture this; you turn on your TV to enjoy some shows. But then you find out there is no sound coming from your TV. Annoying, right? Hisense TV no sound can be a very disturbing problem to encounter. Fortunately, there are things you can try to fix the issue by yourself without any professional help in some cases.

For that, you will first have to troubleshoot the Hisense TV sound not working to identify what is causing the issue, such as checking the power cord, speaker jack connection, the volume level, and so on. Then, according to that, you can simply move on to the solutions to the problem. you can update the software on your Hisense Smart TV.

I know things don’t get clear with this little information. That’s why I will dive deep into the article to give you complete knowledge of how to fix the problem. Let’s get this rolling.

Troubleshooting guide for no sound problem in your Hisense TV

Let’s check out how you can find the exact reason for this problem. Here are the troubleshooting steps you need to follow –

Check for the speaker connection.

The first thing you will need to check is the connection with the speakers. Whether they are connected to your tv or not is something you may not even consider at times. You can use a wired connection on the back of your tv or a wireless Bluetooth connection.

If you have a wired connection, simply look at the back of the tv to check on that. But with a Bluetooth connection, you may have to face some issues. Because it can sometimes fail to connect so, make sure the connection to your speakers is optimal.

Volume level

I mean, it’s pretty obvious but at the same time quite overlooked that the volume level on your tv is turned down all the way. Because of the lower volume, you get no sound from the tv. So, make sure the volume level is properly set on your tv. If it’s not, then you can just use the remote or the physical button on your tv to adjust the volume.

Check up on the speaker jack.

The next thing you have to do is to check up on the speaker jack. If the cables of your speakers are OK and the speakers themselves are OK. Then, the headphone jack on your tv can be the issue.

There can be several things wrong with the jack. For example, it can be damaged or dirty. So, you have to look out for these things and see whether it works out or not.

Checking the ventilation system on your tv

If you haven’t noticed earlier, there are some ventilation holes on your tv. These holes are on the back, preventing any kind of overheating issues on your tv. When the ventilation holes get blocked with dirt or any other item, it can cause your tv to overheat.

At some point, the overheating will result in no sound coming from your tv. So, you have to check up on the ventilation and make sure it’s properly maintained. You have to keep the ventilation system open. To do that, I recommend cleaning it every once in a while.

Checking the power cord

Sometimes the problem can also occur from the power cord of your tv. If the power cord isn’t connected to the outlet properly, it can cause weird kinds of issues with the TV functioning. So, you have to make sure the power cord is connected correctly and is in good condition. A faulty power cord also causes this problem.

Problems with the audio settings

Until now, whatever you went through is mostly hardware issues. Once you are done with that, you will need to move on to the software issues. What do I mean by that?

Well, it’s simple, your tv audio settings may be all messed up. So, you will need to check up on those settings and see if everything is working properly or not. If you find any issues with the settings, you can easily fix those.

After going through all these, if you see none of them is the issue, then it’s most likely a hardware problem in your tv. In that scenario, you will most likely need to contact customer support or may have to hire a professional technician to repair your tv.

Other than that, let’s get through some general fixes or steps you can follow after troubleshooting your tv for no sound issue.

Solutions to try out before professional help

Now, these are the fixes that you can quickly try out before you opt for professional help. This may solve the problem without spending money on the labor cost of a professional technician. Let’s get through the solutions you can try one by one –

  • The first thing to try out is to replace any possibly damaged cables or cords. Whether it’s the HDMI cable or any cable you are using to connect your speakers to the TV, it doesn’t take too much to replace the cables; all you do is buy a new cable and use that.

Do this if you find any fault in the cables or think the cable may have been damaged. You can do that if the cables you are using are very old.

  • Next, you can try using a different set of speakers. If the problem persists, then I recommend you try wireless Bluetooth speakers. This will give you a clear idea of if the speaker jacks or ports on your tv are damaged or not. In that case, you can simply get replacement jacks or ports and install that on your tv.
  • Outdated software can also result in your Hisense tv having no sound. Most of the time, it’s just the audio driver that malfunctions if an update is available for the driver.

So, you have to make sure all the drivers on your tv are updated to the latest version. Updating the software of your TV can also solve your problem.

  • Another fix you can try out is restarting your tv. It’s more like a hard restart instead of just turning the tv off and back on.

You have to turn off your tv, then remove the tv battery from the back. Keep it unplugged for a few seconds. Then, insert the battery back in and then turn on your tv.

This results in a force reset which can sometimes solve the issue where you may not get sounds from your tv.

  • You can also try swapping out audio devices. What I mean by that is you can change the audio source to a different one and see if it works or not.

For example, you can try using a gaming console or maybe a different DVD player to play out the audio from your tv. If that solves your problem, then you won’t have to worry about getting a professional mechanic to fix the issue.

  • Don’t forget to change the output device option in your tv audio settings. Sometimes, they can get disabled or selected to a different device instead of your speakers. In that case, you may not have any sounds coming from your tv. So, you will need to change that setting and fix the problem.

Apart from all these, the solution you can work on is obvious, increasing the volume. Make sure the volume levels are up there so you can listen to them.

And yes, one more thing, while using Bluetooth speakers, you have to make sure the connection is strong enough. Otherwise, you won’t have any sounds coming from your tv anyways.


In summary, the Hisense TV no sound is a very typical issue that you can easily solve with the correct troubleshooting methods. You simply need to go through the different steps I discussed above. And then find out what is causing this problem in your case.

Once you find that out, you can move on from there and start working on the solution. For the most part, the solutions are very easy to follow through.

Unless you are dealing with severe hardware issues on your TV, you won’t have to worry about getting a professional mechanic to solve the problem.

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