How To prevent and fix the leather peeling on headphones? ( 4 Easy Tips )

Let’s say you have a headphone with those premium leather uppers on the pads. They make the headphone look so good along with providing you comfort. And you don’t need to worry about keeping them clean, as they are very easy to clean.

The real problem starts when you see the headphone leather peeling. This just ruins the whole look and feel of the headphone. Would you like that to happen to your headphone? Of course, not, right?

That’s why I am here to help you prevent that from happening. I will go through some preventive measures to take so that your headphone leather doesn’t peel off. I will also try to give you a quick little guide on fixing the leather if it’s already peeled off.

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Preventing your headphone leathers from peeling 

You can try out some things to prevent leathers from your headphone from peeling off. Doing these will surely keep the leathers from peeling off too soon. Here are the things you can try out –

  1. Get covers for the pads.

You can either make covers yourself or buy some covers online for your headphone pads. It’s the most basic and easiest way to protect the leather on the headphone from peeling.

If you use the headphone at your home, you can go with just about any cover you want. However, if you use your headphone outside, I suggest getting a black cover for the pad as it looks much more standard.

  1. Avoid using your headphone while being sweaty.

No matter how much you enjoy listening to music while working out, you can’t wear it while you are sweaty. If you want to protect the leather on the pad, you have to stop using your headphones when you sweat because sweat can easily damage the leather covering.

In any case, if you notice some sweat on your headphone, either clean them with a towel, or you can wait until the sweat is not wet anymore.

  1. Make sure you are storing your headphone properly.

Where you store your headphone also plays a huge role in preserving the headphone leather. You have to make sure that you are keeping it where there won’t be exterior damages on the leather top.

Also, you have to keep in mind that sharp objects can easily tear through the thin layer of leather on your headphone. So, you have to keep an eye out for that as well.

  1. Always clean after use 

This is something many of us don’t even acknowledge doing. But cleaning your headphone after every use is kind of a necessity for better preservation. You can ensure that the headphones will last for a longer time by doing this.

Especially if you use your headphones for long hours, it’s a must to clean them afterward. You can use either a paper towel or try using a soft cloth while damping it a little bit.

Following these things will make sure the leather upper stays intact for quite a lot of time. However, if you happen to damage the leather peeling anyways, then you can try some things to fix it as well.

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Fixing leather peeling on a headphone 

Now, there are several ways to fix the issue of leather peeling from your headphone. Some are easy, and some require a little bit of work. Here are the things you can try to fix the leather peeling on headphones.

  • Sewing 

You can get covers or materials that you can use for covering up those flaky areas on your headphone pad. You can simply measure the pad and then cut the material accordingly. Later on, you can simply use a needle suitable for the job and sew it on the headphone pad.

However, if you don’t know sewing, you should avoid trying this. You can then try out the other fixes.

  • Use rubber bands to cover 

This is pretty similar to the sewing method; except for sewing, you can use rubber bands to keep the cover on the headphone pad. This works quite well and doesn’t take too much effort either. But in terms of looks, it doesn’t look the prettiest.

  • Buying replacement pads 

The last fix you can try is to buy replacement pads for your headphone. Usually, this is pretty available for branded headphones. But for the non-branded headphones, it might be a bit difficult to find replacement pads.

As you can see, the fixes aren’t that big of a deal and you can try them out for sure.

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Wrap up 

In short, there are preventing measures and fixes for headphone leather peeling. But it’s always better to maintain the preventive measures as they are easier to follow. Also, you won’t have damaged headphones in the first place if you follow those things. That’s why try using the methods I discussed to make sure the headphone leather doesn’t peel off at all.

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