The best headphone brands list and their most popular products in 2022

Whenever you are in search of good-quality headphones, you will come across a lot of brands. Some give you affordability, most of them are about quality, and some come with both. But what’s great about them is that you can never get wrong with these brands.

Amid so many headphones and the quality of headphones, making a name for your company isn’t that easy. But, if they have earned that value, they might have done something right, don’t you think?

The secret to their success is the products they deliver to their customers. As a result, they satisfy their customers with their needs. And with a combination of features, they come into the big picture to stay ahead of their competitions all the time. But none of them truly lack the quality or performance; they just vary in features and prices.

So, keeping all that in mind, we will be going through the best headphone brands to look out for in 2022 with their most trending products. Here, it’s not about choosing a particular product; it’s all about knowing your choices that can deliver an equal amount of quality.

Without further ado, let’s get this rolling.


Top-rated headphone brands to check out in 2022

Now, keep in mind that these are the absolute best brands with their top-of-line products. So, there is no way you can find low quality here.
All of them have the uniqueness that makes them worth choosing than the other. And choosing one among these will come down to what feature suits your need the most.

1. Sennheiser 

Who hasn’t heard the name of Sennheiser headphones? They are, without any doubt, one of the best headphone manufacturers in the entire world. You can never go wrong with a Sennheiser headphone that you can have 100 percent faith in.

With their research and development in headphones for years, they have become a popular choice for premium headphones. Whenever someone even speaks of a high-end headphone, you will hear the name Sennheiser.

Their heritage started back in 1945, and it may surprise you that they emerged with a mic rather than a headphone. Their omnidirectional mic was a wonder for so many people back in the day. From there on, they moved on to making other products; headphones are among one of them.

Things to love about Sennheiser headphones

There are many things to love about these headphones. The sound quality they provide is just the way they describe each of their product. In addition, their pricing is kept at a mid to high-level budget, which, of course, comes with that level of quality and features.

You can get so many varieties of options and features. Also, they are built heavy, lightweight and most of them come with stylish looks as well. Many professional musicians, content creators, music producer, audio experts recommend their headphones for their comfort, quality, and performance.

Most popular Sennheiser in 2022

The most popular Sennheiser you can take a look at in 2022 is the Sennheiser HD600. It has got the classic oval-shaped Sennheiser speakers with an open-back design. In addition, it gives you excellent sound quality with two types of wired connections.

The fit is super comfortable so that you can keep them on your ears for a long time. It’s also very much durable. You can rely on this one because it continues the legacy of the Sennheiser HD series with better and improved sound quality.

2. Bose 

We could never complete a list of headphone brands without this name. It’s the brand that has caught so many people's attention with their headphones over the years. Their sound quality can sometimes be incomparable to other headphones.

Their journey of making headphones started back in 1964. Since then, they have been producing top-quality headphones in the market, and today, they are one of the top 5 brands for headphones without any second thoughts.

The company always tries to cope up with the rapid changes happening in the world of technology. Hence, they constantly update their products with the coolest and latest features you can get from headphones. Moreover, they try to bring the best possible outcome for their customers.

Things to love about Bose 

What makes them great is their capability of producing such high-quality headphones that give you a soothing listening experience. The details and work they put into their headphone research are insane. That’s how they bring out some surprising products in public.

Well, these aren’t the most affordable headphones out there, but with the quality and performance you get, you will never question yourself, “Why I paid this much?”. Aside from that, you will love to have all kinds of choices like wireless, noise-cancellation, sportswear, and so on.

Most popular Bose headphone in 2022

There is no question about the most popular Bose headphone. Of course, it has to be the QuietComfort 35 headphones. You can just tell it from the name that the sound quality will make everything go quiet using the noise cancellation, and the comfort is there for you.

Along with those two features, you will get a lot more such as pairing your Alexa at your home. It’s a wireless headphone, so you won’t have to go through any kind of hassle. The audio quality is balanced, giving you a perfect combination of highs and lows throughout your music listening experience.

3. Beats

Anyone from the ’90s won’t even need an introduction to this headphone brand. At one point, Beats became the go-to option for quality headphones with the best kind of features anyone could ask. It paved its way to success through the modern generation of music.

Back in 2006, Dr. Dre, the famous rapper and music producer, came up with his line of headphones. At that time, he was popping off with his music, which led to the overwhelming success of Beats headphones.

The brand is completely dedicated to making audio supplies like headphones and speakers. It’s already in the reliable hands of a musician, so they hardly miss the bull’s eye with any of their products. And for many years, they have been at the top until the competition got tougher.

Things to love about Beats

Why would you ever want Beats headphones? They come with affordable options and premium options, and none of them lack quality and performance. So, if you are on a budget and still want some quality headphones, you know that you can rely on Beats by Dr.Dre.

Aside from that, you get a variety of headphone types with Beats. Their most popular product line has to be the wireless ones that provide excellent battery life with high-quality sounds. What made them so popular is their capability of inducing quality bass sounds on the headphones that many other high-end headphones even lack.

Most popular Beats headphone in 2022

Beats is the choice of young people, so the most popular product from them is also targeted towards young people. It’s the Powerbeats sports styles wireless earbuds. Now, these can take all the advantages of the Beats properly.

Wireless functionality combined with the long battery life you get from Beats makes this one atop beats product. The sound quality, performance, and looks fulfill all the needs any young person will ever have. Keeping up with your fitness game will be much more fun when you have these headphones in your ears.

4. JBL 

JBL is one of the most classic names you get to hear about audio and video technologies. And in the headphone section, they have been dominating their products for a long time. So it’s needless to say that you can rely on these for quality.

So, why are they so reliable? To start, they have been doing what they do in the music industry for over 70 years. Now, that’s a long time to work in a field, so they surely know what will work best for the people and the quality. And with their innovative technologies over the years, they have become a fan favorite.

Keeping up with the modern technologies, they haven’t lagged one bit. On the contrary, they brought some innovative ideas to the music industry with their revolutionary products. One great example would be their ICW technology on their sub-woofers.

Things to love about JBL 

What attracts many people to JBL is its innovativeness, high-quality components, and durability. Durability is a rare feature you get to see on headphones, but JBL doesn’t compromise with that at all. And that just comes along with top-notch music sounds that will satisfy you every time you plug the headphones in.

That’s not it. JBL undeniably provides some high-end quality on their products, but they come at a lesser price than the competition in usual. Now, this is something that not many brands or companies can do. But JBL does this work flawlessly.

Most popular JBL headphone in 2022

JBL has so many products that you will love to have, but the JBL LIVE 650BTNC is just a class above the rest. There is no way to hate this one because of the features, sound quality, affordability, and battery life. You just have to love this one once you experience the greatness.

It has got noise cancellation with wireless connectivity that is sure to last for up to 30 hours. And all you have to do is charge this one for 2 hours to get that performance. As for sound quality, it has got that classic bass boost you expect from all JBL products. So, for any bass lover, this is the next best thing you can get.

5. Sony

Do we even have to explain all the good about Sony? They have been at the top for so long that almost all the generation there is known about their supremacy. And their reach is worldwide with not only audio solutions but also video solutions as well. So they are the complete electronic entertainment medium.

The journey of this legendary company started back in 1946 by two Japanese men. Japan is known for making the best electronic parts in the entire world. Sony was no different; they got their wide popularity for the quality parts they provide in their electronic items.

They continued that tradition to their headphones as well. You can feel the music using their headphones because of the quality parts they provide in them. And the durability of the parts is always reassuring, no matter how much you are paying for them.

Things to love about Sony headphones

You have to love so many things about Sony headphones starting from the sound quality to the built quality. Everything they do in these aspects is just perfect. They maintain their high-end tag intact for the most part, which is why you can’t find many Sony headphones within a budget.

Having said that, paying for the quality is never a waste. For example, with some products, you can get the extra bass boost that you can’t sometimes find, no matter how much you look. And they keep up with the trends and technologies with their quality parts inside.

Most popular Sony headphone in 2022

You can always rely on a Sony product no matter how old it is. So, even though the Sony Wh1000XM3 was released in 2018, it still holds the most popular among other headphones. There are plenty of reasons for that.

The first one is the active noise cancellation technology they used to lead the industry at one point. You could get a complete virtual soundproof environment once you plug them in.

Along with that, it comes with many other smart features like personalized noise cancellation, touch controls, wireless connectivity, 30 hours battery life, voice assistance, and so much more. Listing all of them here will take a long time.

6. Skullcandy 

Among the younger generation, Skullcandy is a name that is as popular as the other ones from this list. It’s mostly known for its sporty looks and better compatibility with modern techno-style music. As these are mainly for the younger generation, the prices are also reasonable.

Since its beginning, Skullcandy has constantly been improving on its products. The colorful ranges of headphones are the main attraction for so many people out there. Some of them even come with patterns and designs that are sure to catch some eyes on their way.

For the quality, they have gained popularity with their earbuds and headphones instantly. And the price point they can keep is truly commendable no matter how you look at it. Combining everything, you get a complete headphone that satisfies the people in every way.

Things to love about Skullcandy headphones 

The most lovable aspect of the Skullcandy headphones is their aesthetics, affordability, and sound quality that suits the younger generation the most. Their wide popularity comes from the skaters, mostly younger people looking for sporty and durable headphones.

That takes us to the durability factor, which is also something you would love. They are designed with durability. Keeping the fact in mind that people will wear them while doing some sports activities like running or skating, they make these to survive the fall damage. And even if it doesn’t survive, you can still buy the same new one as it doesn’t cost too much.

Most popular Skullcandy Headphone in 2022

The most popular Skullcandy headphone that everyone knows about is the Skullcandy Crusher. This is a headphone that comes with a sleek design in several color choices. Along with that, it’s a wireless headphone that can get you through 40 hours of playback time.

Another reason for its popularity is the lower reasonable price compared to the features and performance. It has got noise isolation fitting that can keep you away from surrounding noises; also, the sensory bass gives you the best sound performance with every beat of the music.

7. Anker 

Now, this is the name you might not have heard about too much. Because they are fairly a newcomer in the headphone game, but they are quite promising. This is why Anker made it to this list.

As soon as they came into the headphone scene, they surprised people with their affordable, high-quality headphones. To be more specific, their specialty is earphones and earbuds that you will love to have with you. However, if you want over-ear headphones, you get that option as well.

So, how did they gain popularity within a short time? That’s because of the customization options you get with some of the premium models of these headphones. For example, you can use graphical equalizations to get the perfect sound you desire from your music. And the headphones can implement that very well with coordination.

Things to love about Anker headphones 

The most lovable aspect of any Anker headphone is the value for money aspect. If you are looking for a high-quality earbud on a budget, you directly go towards Anker and choose the model that suits your needs. They have a lot of options available as well.

Another thing is the customization options on headphone settings and the implementation of that in sounds. You can experience the fulfillment of music through your customization if you know what you are doing. So, this opens up many possibilities to get from the headphones for professional musicians and audiophiles.

Most popular Anker headphones in 2022

Just like we said, Anker’s specialty is with earphones and earbuds, so it is their most popular headphone. It’s a high-quality, truly wireless pair of earbuds that are already gaining popularity over wired headphones and earphones.

Things that make this one great are the affordability, wireless facility, eq customization, and its bass-heavy sound profile. Now, that is rare to find in these earbuds, making this one a top choice in the category without a single doubt.

8. AKG

Some of you might know about this one, and some of you might have no idea. Either way, this is a top-quality headphone brand to be aware of. These are also some of the premium choices for headphones if you are looking for them.

AKG has been doing their business in the audio industry since 1947, and they have constantly been getting better over time. Usually, you won’t find any lower price or budget options in their line, but that’s because of the research, details, and time they put into each product.

In their headphone lines, it’s mostly about the professional aspects of audio. If you are working with music like music production, audio editing, or video editing, you will get the best possible performance from these headphones. They come with that level of features that a music producer will love to have in their gear.

Things to love about AKG headphones

Before saying anything else, we would like to say any professional music producer would love a pair of AKG headphones. They are just too good for mixing and mastering your music. Other than that, they also have a complete line of earbuds, earphones, and audiophile headphones that come with the latest technologies.

And something many headphones lack is durability, which AKG fulfills completely. Their headphones are usually heavy-duty, built with a lighter weight. This is the balance you would love in your headphones. Speaking of balance, you get the perfectly balanced sounds from AKG headphones that may also come with a bit of oomph in the bass.

Most popular AKG headphone in 2022

Among all the AKG headphones, AKG Y400 has to be one of the most popular ones. There are lots of reasons for that. First of all, considering the price point, you will be getting a beast of a headphone, at least from the AKG line.

It comes with wireless connectivity and an incomparable quality of sound. Every detail of the sounds is so crisp on this headphone that you will emerge in the music experience. As for the battery life, it has 20 hours of battery backup suitable for anyone at any time.

9. Audio Technica 

If you are even thinking of getting into music production, you already know what Audio Technica is. It’s a brand that many professional music producers already use and recommend to others. So, when it comes to Audio Technica, reliability is a given fact on this.

The journey of Audio Technica started in Japan in 1962. They have been manufacturing top-quality audio equipment since then. And the reason they became widely known throughout the world is their quality parts coming at an affordable price. So you can truly enjoy high-end quality within a budget with Audio Technica headphones.

While they are mostly focused on the music production side of headphones, they still have other options available. And it’s not just about sound quality with these headphones; you get durability and comfortability as well. So, all in all, the headphones from this brand come as a whole package deal.

Things to love about Audio Technica 

When it comes to making music or performing on stage, Audio Technica is the absolute best. So, any professional musician or music producer can blindly rely on these headphones no matter what. And that reliability is something you would love to have on an electric device.

Along with that, the affordability feature on some of their headphones is surely admirable. You can get the same high-end features as some other headphone brands but with a much lower price to pay. Who wouldn’t love that?

Most popular Audio Technica headphones 

The ATH-M70X is, without a doubt, the best Audio Technica headphone you can get for yourself. Especially if you are into music production, there is simply no other choice. Unfortunately, it’s the best quality you get for studio headphones, so it’s a bit expensive than the other Audio Technica headphones.

However, this is a great investment you can make for any professional work as it can help your work a lot. Aside from the sound quality, these are highly durable and comfortable to your ears so that you can work with them roughly for long hours of your day. As for the features go there is nothing more ideal for mixing and mastering than this headphone.

10. Logitech 

We don’t think we have to describe this one to all the gamers out there; you already know about this one. However, for those who don’t game that much, this brand makes top-notch gaming peripherals in all spheres.

Among many of their gaming products, their gaming headphones have a lot of popularity. And this is the popularity you can see yourself on different streaming sites because you will see many popular streamers with millions of followers who use Logitech headphones. So, as they need the best kind of equipment, you can simply follow in their footsteps and rely on these as well.

By now, you have already guessed the best suitable purpose of this brand. Yes, the headphones from this brand are great for gaming, and you wouldn’t regret making a choice here. Their details and crisp quality sound make them the best tool for your gaming needs.

Things to love about Logitech

There are so many things you will love on these headphones as a gamer. They come with many customization options through the software that gives you the best output you can ask for. The sound quality is always crisp and clear, which gives you the extra edge in your games.

Another thing you can’t ignore is the built quality of these headphones. They are heavily built and made for lasting long hours of gaming without causing any issues at all. And the outer looks are just the kind of vibe gamers like to have all the time.

Most popular Logitech headphone in 2022

As far as gaming headphones go, the trend keeps changing every few months. But the Logitech G pro X wireless lightspeed gaming headset is something that will stay at the top for quite a long time. This one is a beast when it comes to choosing gaming headphones.

The comfortability, sound quality, customization options, microphone, and looks combine with a perfect blend with this headset. And with the 30-hour battery backup, you won’t have to worry about them dying out in midgame either. All in all, they are the absolute best, and that’s where the popularity comes from.

11. Hyper X

Since we have entered into gaming headphones, why don’t we stay there for a while? Well, Hyper X is a name that you might have heard from your popular streamers. If your game, then you know how great these headphones are that even professional E-sports players use.

Hyper X isn’t the oldest of brands, but they have gained popularity with their gaming peripherals that now everyone knows them. Since 2002 they have been coming up with one great product after the other, which has made them this much popular in the gaming scene. And within some years, they will certainly become the legend of the gaming peripheral scene.

The reason many professional gamers prefer these is because of the advantage they get in games. As many modern games rely on sounds a lot these days, you have to have the best hearing device to gain that competitive advantage over other players. And with these, you will surely stay ahead of others, unless they are also using a Hyper X headphone.

Things to love about Hyper X 

One thing you will surely love about these headphones is the reasonable price. They come with quality, no doubt about that, but they also provide a pricing option that suits great budget gamers. But, of course, not everyone is a professional player, so they keep options for regular gamers who still would want to have quality headphones.

The headphones are designed with extreme comfortability, which lets you wear the headphones without stressing your ears. Aside from that, the functionalities are just too impressive once you experience them. They assure that you get the best gaming experience possible without bothering to pay too much money.

Most popular Hyper X headphones in 2022

Many people are moving towards wireless headphones; the same happened with Hyper X headphones. this is why the most popular Hyper X headphone is Hyper X cloud two wireless. This is a headphone that features wireless connectivity, but that doesn't interfere with your audio experience in the game.

It comes with low latency for your audio while gaming, great comfortability, a 7.1 surround feature, and a bit of a bass-heavy sound that you will love. Your gaming experience with these can go beyond any headphones you have ever used.

12. Beyerdynamics

Whenever you look for premium headphones, Beyerdynamics is a sure name to pop up. They are a high-end company that comes up with the premium quality of headphones every once in a while that just boast in quality and performance.

Beyerdynamics is a company belonging from Germany, and they have been working with audio equipment since 1924. To this day, their popularity has never waned due to their consistent promise of quality over the years. It’s without a question one of the most reliable headphone brands you can find.

Their product line is very large, with a wider range of options to choose from. So whether we are looking for wireless headphones or you are looking for some quality earbuds, you can get them from them. They also come up with professional studio-quality headphones for music production and mastering.

Things to love about Beyerdynamics

The best thing about having a Beyerdynamic headphone is the crisp and clear wireless connectivity. Their Bluetooth connectivity chips are a state of ark technology that provides you with speed and audio quality at the same time.

Another crucial factor is the lightweight yet extremely durable factor. Now, that mostly happens because of the collaboration with Tesla. Many Beyerdynamic headphones feature Tesla drivers in their speakers, so they stay lightweight with top-quality sounds, and the exterior still stays heavy duty and durable.

Most popular Beyerdynamic headphone in 2022

If you decide to spend money on quality headphones, going for the Amiron Wireless headphone will be a great option. The wireless connectivity gets to its full potential with these headphones from Beyerdynamics.

Other than that, you get great sound quality from the tesla drivers inside. Along with that, it comes with great comfort and advanced features like sound personalization adaptability. All in all, this is a quality headphone if you are looking for anything wireless.

13. Bang and Olufsen 

This is the last one on this list and let us be very clear this one is an underrated headphone brand. The reason for that is the premium pricing of their products that many people don’t tend to like. And they don’t have budget options either, which is why they don’t have much popularity.

Bang and Olufsen is a brand that started its journey way back in 1925 with headphones that are supposed to be premium and high-end. However, producing low-quality products or budget headphones was never their intent. Instead, they wanted to bring the highest of audio quality solutions to people right from the beginning.

You won’t get to see a whole bunch of products from this brand, but the few ones that you will see are worth a shot for sure because every one of their products goes through intricate details of sound design and quality. As for looks, they are very sophisticated as all premium products should be.

Things to love about Bang and Olufsen 

Right off the bat, you will love the looks of Bang and Olufsen headphones because they scream the word premium out loud. They spend a lot of time coming up with every single one of their products which leads them to have the best quality on their headphones. So, if you take a shot with them, you will never miss that’s how they make their headphones.

While all that is necessary, comfort is something you can’t ignore either. And that’s why Bang and Olufsen consider the users' comfort first with thick earpads on them. This just completes your whole satisfying experience of listening to music with these headphones.

Most popular Bang and Olufsen headphone in 2022

The most popular Bang and Olufsen headphone you can get in 2022 is the Beoplay H8i Wireless Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones. You get the best wireless experience with some classy and stylish designs on the headphones. With all the dynamics working on your way, this will leave you with a satisfying music experience.

These come with active noise cancellation and built-in proximity sensors. In addition, the microphone quality on this one is so much better than all the typical Bluetooth headphones out there. And with this lightweight-built headphone, you can listen to nonstop music for 30 hours on a single charge.


To sum it up, these are quite possibly the best headphone brands you will ever come across. And if you are choosing to buy a good quality headphone, then we are pretty sure you will find your choice among these brands. That’s the certainty we can give you.

Having said that, whenever you consider buying a branded stuff, always count in the price factor. Sure, there are options from brands that come with affordability, but you always have to consider they are worth it or not.

And sometimes you have to do the opposite; you have to see if paying the high price is worth it or not. Because there are so many different options, you can explore with a higher budget. Choosing among the best qualities will be much more difficult than going for the affordability factor.

However no matter what happens, if you are going with the brands, we discussed you are sure to end up with a product that will satisfy you. Because all of them have done excellent work in their field to make it to this list, there is no way you can get wrong with these. 

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