GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini: The Comparison Reviews of Audio Mixers for Live Streamers!

When we were told to write a comparison post on GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini, we thought there might be only a difference around their size. But after digging deeper and researching 11+ posts, we have noticed they are different in many aspects, including the size, features, suitability, and price range.

While comparing, we’ve found that the GoXLR is a bit costly, while the GoXLR Mini is more reasonable, making it budget-friendly.

If you go forward, you’ll be able to know more about the differences that we’ve compiled right here. Afterward, making the right decision will turn easy as pie to you! So let’s get started.


GoXLR Mini vs GoXLR: Quick Comparison Chart?

Don’t you want to get into the details? Relax, we’ll help you show this comparison chart, where you can get familiar with their core features and noticeable differences at a glance:

Key Points


GoXLR Mini



11.0 Inches

5.5 Inches



Not Included

Screen Customizable



Voice Changing Feature


Not Available

Location of Mic Jack & Headphones

Included on the Rear

Included on the Front

Power Adapter


Not Available

Best for

Advanced Broadcaster

Beginner Content Creator

Price Range

TC-Helicon Vocal Effects Processor (GOXLR): Overview


  • Specialty: A multi-channel mixer
  • Item weight: Around 3.53 Pounds
  • Dimension: 6.5 x 11 x 2.75 Inches

Those days had gone by when you needed to use a variety of different software and hardware in terms of getting a mix of pro-sounding! Yep, unlike the mainstreams, the GOXLR can do it all as it is known to be a “multi-channel mixer.”

So let it be controlling game, music, mic, chat, or stuff like that, GOXLR is able to perform all the nooks and crannies without much effort. The credit goes to its efficient motorized faders, giving you the chance to enjoy a wonderful broadcast mix.

With the assistance of the phantom power, limiter, compressor, equalizer, and de-esser, you’re allowed to turn your GOXLR mic sound really awesome! Even you can also entertain your guests or communities by either putting your own files of audio or recording samples.

Feel free to add echo, reverb, megaphone, pitch shift to your own voice. In a nutshell, you get the chance to control both advanced and basic audio parameters by getting your hands on this wonderful audio mixer!


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Highlighted Features:

  • It can control games, mic, music, chat, and so on
  • Features multiple functions like phantom power, limiter, equalizer, compressor, etc
  • Users can add ego, megaphone, reverb, pitch shift, etc


  • Motorized faders make it able to control several functions
  • Friendly with both advanced and basic audio parameters
  • Helps you achieve studio-quality vocal effects and an overall sound system
  • Ideal for almost every online broadcaster and professional streamer


  • Pricey a bit!

TC-Helicon DJ Mixer (Go XLR Mini): Overview


  • Specialty: Beginner-friendly
  • Item Weight: About 1.61 Pounds
  • Dimension: 6.61 x 5.2 x 2.76 Inches

Aren’t you able to pay a fortune? Relax, then this one from TC-Helicon might be something you’re searching for. Despite offering some impressive functions, the Go XLR Mini won’t hurt your wallet at all, making it friendly with those who are on a tight budget!

Online broadcasters get the opportunity to rule over the audio using “go live.” Yep, apart from that, everything seems a snap when it comes to using and controlling the whole device. So yes, you won’t have to be a pro to control the Go XLR Mini. Consequently, we’d love to call it a “beginner-friendly” DJ mixer.

What’s more? We’ve also found the weight of this audio mixer quite light, meaning users are going to find it portable enough to transfer it easily from studio to home or home to party!

Mic, chat, system, and music, you’re getting 4 different functions to control this mixer in the way you want. However, if you find it overwhelming, the effective “pc app” will allow you to recall and control your favorite settings within no time!

Go XLR Mini

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Highlighted Features:

  • 4 audio settings are available to control the device smoothly
  • Comes in a setup of three-step and is suitable to use with “go live”
  • Pc app helps you recall and control the audio mixer


  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to use
  • Ensures precise and clean voice quality
  • Able to customize audio routing, lighting, etc
  • Relatively cheaper in this category


  • You may miss the additional features if you’re an advanced streamer!

GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini: Head-to-Head Comparison

Now that you’re familiar with the necessary specs ofGoXLR and GoXLR mini, it’s time to learn what things and features make them different from each other. So let’s enjoy the head-to-head battle of the GoXLR and GoXLR mini:

1. Features

Talking about the features, GoXLR and GoXLR mini come in some differences, including input/output option, faders, sample pad, audio settings, and more. Let us describe them in detail:

  • Input / Output Option

 The first thing to note down is the input and output of these audio mixers. Although they’re the same, you’ll find dissimilarity around their locations. For instance, GoXLR gets both headset mic and headphone jack on the rear side, while the GoXLR Mini has got them around the front side.

  • Voice Effects and Sample Pads

Many people consider it the most obvious difference between the GoXLR and GoXLR mini. The GoXLR features voice effects and pads with no less than 6 different effects, whereas, the mini version is free from such options.

  • Faders

Coming in mute buttons, both GoXLR and Mini equip 4 faders. However, the faders of the bigger version appear to be motorized, meaning the mute button will turn moving automatically down on its own when you hit it. Although the mini version has also got a mute button, it won’t work aesthetically like that.

Another noticeable difference between these models is the LED scribble strips, which are included only on the GoXLR. This is a fantastic feature that assists in labeling all the channels of faders using your own selective names. Afterward, you can save them on the profile if you want to.

  • Audio Processing Options

When it comes down to the audio settings, both are pretty similar in the majority of places. Still, users can find differences in a couple of locations, so let us show you: 

  1. De-esser: In order to get rid of harsh sound effects in vocals, de-esser really comes in handy. Luckily, the GoXLR has got it, while the mini hasn’t. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to take assistance from particular software, especially if you’re already a GoXLR mini user.
  2. EQ: The Mini version comes in EQ of 6-band. In contrast, the bigger version features 10-band. But honestly speaking, you shouldn’t prioritize the GoXLR more than the GoXLR mini only for this feature. Why? Because you’ll already find the fine-tuning mode pretty much effective to achieve better sound quality, yes.

2. Aesthetics 

Here is where you can more enjoy the head-to-head battle, ask us why? This is because GoXLR and GoXLR mini both earns gold standards and fame in terms of aesthetic or design. Nonetheless, it depends on how you actually find an audio mixer really aesthetic!

Let’s say, if you’re someone who believes that more functions, lightings, and buttons can increase beauty, then there is no doubt that the GoXLR is the most aesthetic one.

On the flip side, if you believe that a compact, lightweight, and handy device maximizes beauty, then the winner is nothing but the GoXLR mini due to its cute size and appearance.

But one thing we’d like to mention is that the GoXLR specifically gets motorized faders to add icing on the cake!

3. Performance

As an advanced online broadcaster or streamer, having something of multiple functions is necessary to get the work done like a pro. In that case, the GoXLR has got your back with its advanced features, like adding echo, reverb, pitch shifting, megaphone, and so forth!

Furthermore, from compressing to equalizing to de-essing, almost everything can be done using the bigger version. But that doesn’t mean the mini version is useless in terms of performance! This one right here also has got multiple audio settings, which are enough for hobbyists or beginner content creators.

And guess what? The GoXLR MINI can also help you recall or control almost every single favorite setting of yours, the credit goes to its pc app compatibility.

4. Cost

Last but certainly not least, one of the major differences between the GoXLR and GoXLR Mini is their range of price. If you’re someone who can bear any expenses, then it mightn’t be such a case to be worried about. But if you’re someone who isn’t able to spend a pretty penny, then considering the range of price is, of course, crucial!

Well, speaking of the GoXLR, it’s pretty expensive for its multi-functional capabilities. De-esser, equalizer, compressor, echo, reverb, you name it; this one right here features almost all the essential things that an advanced audio mixer equips. And this is what makes it costly!

Besides, when we talk about the GoXLR mini, it comes in a compact size, lightweight structure, and comparatively fewer functions than the GoXLR. This makes it way more affordable compared to the bigger version, as well as suitable for hobbyists.

Similarities between the GoXLR and GoXLR Mini:

Alongside the dissimilarities, you’ll find each of them quite similar in some places. So let’s find out what they are:

  • Both mini and bigger versions come in the same outputs and inputs
  • Specifically for XLR microphones, each of them offers the same Phantom power (+48)
  • You can find both of them identical while comparing the noise gate and compressor
  • Both the GoXLR and GoXLR mini have four faders to control the audio mixer
  • Furthermore, each of them is customizable when we talk about fader options

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 

  • Can I use both GoXLR Mini and GoXLR at the same time?

To be frank, no. They don’t actually have any routines of virtual audio. Nevertheless, it’s possible to use them by using a pc of dual setup. But this might be costly for someone.

  • Is it really worth spending on the GoXLR due to its expensive price range?

As a seasoned or expert broadcaster, it’s quite tough, and sometimes impossible to work with an audio mixer that has limited sound settings. So if you give a look at the features of GoXLR, you’ll notice it gets plentiful functions and specs to take your performance to a new height!

And guess what? Without having such a device, you can’t get into professional online broadcasting or living streaming. So we’d say it really gives value to its price, despite being costly!

Our Verdict: Who Wins the Deal?

That was all about the GoXLR vs GoXLR Mini. Here, we tried to cover every single information possible, for which you can find out what suits your streaming requirements most.

However, if you’re still finding yourself confused, rely on the GoXLR without even thinking twice. From motorized faders to samplers to customizable screen, it has everything.

However, it’s absolutely okay to rely on the GoXLRMini if you have issues with the budget. Despite being cheap, it gives you 4 effective fader options with a blend of impressive sound effects!

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