Edifier r1700bt Review, Bluetooth Bookshelf Speaker

Looking to get rid of all the trouble you get from speaker wires? Then going for a pair of quality Bluetooth speakers can be a great choice. However, if you are on a budget, it’s difficult to find good quality Bluetooth speaker.

Don’t worry though, as your friendly expert audiophile, I am here to help you. Checking out all the quality audio equipment is a part of my profession, and I enjoy doing that as well. So, when I went ahead and researched for a budget Bluetooth speaker, I came across the Edifier r1700bt.

Later on, I tried it out myself. Now, I will simply take you through an overview of this speaker and let you know its worth. You get to know my research and personal experience with this speaker.

Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers
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Without wasting further time, let’s get going with it.


Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers specifications 

Well, if you are looking for something specific in technical aspects, you can take a look at the following specifications of the speaker.

  • Power Output (RMS): 15w + 18w
  • Sensitivity: 700mV (line1), 550mV(line2)
  • Audio Codec: SBC
  • Frequency response: 60hz to 20000hz
  • Weight: 6.6kg
  • Dimensions: 6.1x10x8.4 inches

The benefits and drawbacks of Edifier r1700bt 

Whenever you buy something, you check out the benefits you get from this. You also go through the drawbacks to check if there is any deal-breaker of an issue there or not. Let’s check out the benefits and drawbacks of this speaker here.

Benefits of Edifier r1700bt 

  • You get excellent midrange sounds from this speaker
  • The sound quality is warmer and smoother than you would expect
  • It comes with a stylish and smart finish
  • There are no hassles of wires you can simply connect with Bluetooth
  • It has got affordable pricing for everyone

Drawbacks of the Edifier r1700bt 

  • The bass quality isn’t that best on this
  • The finish on the controls could have been better

I mean, for the price and sound quality of the mid to high ranges, these drawbacks aren’t that big of a deal. You still get great value coming out of this speaker setup. Also, the benefits of the speakers outweigh the drawbacks without any question.

Product details

Want to know more about the speakers to make a decision? Well, then let’s check out the details of the different aspects of this speaker. These are both my experiences and other user experiences that I found on the internet. Let’s get going with it.

What is the speaker like physically?

I found the look and build of the Edifier R1700BT speaker very impressive. If you don’t mind the walnut finish on a speaker, you will love the look. It’s classy, and it moves away from the generic all-black speaker setup.

A unique touch to the speaker is the slight slant in the upward direction. It not only adds to the aesthetics but also has an impact on producing sounds towards you.

You get all the controls like volume, bass, and treble on the side of the speakers. While the panel for the controls has a nice and smooth finish, the knobs could have been a bit better.

Now, coming to the build quality aspect of the speaker, it’s just satisfying. You won’t have questions about the durability of this thing. It has a solid construction for sure. With the grilles on the speakers, you get more of a cleaner look compared to keeping the grilles off.

Edifier r1700bt

How is the speaker used? 

While the primary function of this Edifier R1700BT speaker shines with Bluetooth connections, you still get standard links. You can use both Bluetooth and wired connections to set up your speakers. There are RCA connections on the back of the speakers. It also has a subwoofer output option if you want to add your subwoofer with this.

It comes with a remote control so you can control the speaker from your couch. The simple method is to connect this to your tv and sound system with a wired connection. And you can use the Bluetooth feature to listen to music from your phone directly. But if you have Bluetooth connectivity on your tv, you can pair it up with your tv as well.

This also works great to add additional speakers to your existing sound system setup.

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Edifier R1700BT Speaker Features and rate performance 

Edifier r1700bt Speaker rate
  • Sound quality
  • Connectivity
  • Remote control
  • Design and build
  • Value for money

Fan of features and rates? Well, okay then. Let’s check out the features of the speakers and see the ratings to clear out all your confusion about buying this one.

Sound quality 

For the sound quality of the speakers, I was thoroughly impressed with how fuller the sounds are. They are great on mid to high-range frequencies. You can hear all the details from the sound that come out pretty clean. Vocals sound fantastic on this speaker due to that mid-range quality.

As for the bass, I can’t say I was blown away by it. But to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot from the bass either and considering that the bass is quite impressive. Also, if you want a booming rumbling deep bass, you can always add in a subwoofer to meet your needs.

Altogether the sound quality is excellent and doesn’t have any obvious flaws. You can only find flaws if you nitpick. And that’s okay considering the price.


You get both wired and wireless connectivity options in the Edifier R1700BT. You can go for either of them or both of them. For the wired connection, you only have the standard RCA input options. You can just connect these wires to your tv or the sound system.

As for the Bluetooth, no need to worry about that at all. The Bluetooth connectivity is seamless, and it doesn’t drop one beat. You can also switch between devices using the volume button on the speaker.

Remote control 

Now, here is something I am not sure about. I mean, having a remote control is excellent; I don’t mind that. But the quality of the remote control isn’t the best. The material could have been a bit better to give you a fulfilling experience.

The functionality of the remote control is decent. It does what it’s supposed to do to make things much more convenient for you. You can control the volume, bass, and treble using the remote control pretty quickly.

Design and build 

Like I said earlier, this is a very classy-looking speaker with that walnut finish on the sides. The overall look of the speakers should suit any elegant setup. When you use the speakers with the grilles on, it looks even better.

For the build, you can rely on this without any worries at all. It has got excellent build quality that is reassuring for the durability of the speaker.

Value for money 

In my opinion, something that makes this speaker worth a shot is the price of it. With utmost honesty, you can hardly find a better speaker than this one for the price. It gives you excellent sound quality along with some premium high-end looks. Also, it’s pretty durable, and most importantly, it’s a Bluetooth speaker.

Considering the price of the speaker, you are getting a lot of value out of it. So, this is for sure a value for money speaker if you are looking for one.

Edifier R1700BT Alternatives

Still not working for you? It’s okay; you might be looking for something else in a Bluetooth speaker. If it’s something closer to this one, then here are some alternatives you might want to check out.

Are you looking for something cheaper than the Edifier r1700bt? Then, you can try out this one from Edifier. However, you will have to give up on some aspects because this one doesn’t come with Bluetooth connectivity. However, the sound quality on both the speakers is pretty much the same.

So, if you don’t need Bluetooth and want to save up some money, then this is the pick for you.

  • Sonos One

Now, if you want to have the best sound quality for your speakers, Sonos one is the way to go. They are pretty popular when it comes to making good-sounding speakers. However, they come at quite a high price. So, if you want to have quality, you just have to pay more, that’s it.

For a bit of improvement on the design and sound quality over the r1700bt, you have to pay a reasonable amount on this one. It’s a bit more expensive, but it also provides better sound quality. Also, it looks a bit more elegant than the r1700bt.


To sum up, anyone who wants to listen to those vocals on a song or show clean can go for this. Considering that you are looking for a budget speaker, this is the best option you can find. If you don’t mind the bass, then this will surely satisfy you.

Also, if you already have a subwoofer, this is the perfect pick for you to complete the sound system set up with quality mid and highs. Overall, this is a great speaker to try out within a budget.

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