Do Smart TVs have Bluetooth? The list of TVs with Bluetooth

If you’re like me, you can’t stand the sight of too many cables lying around all in the name of a TV set up. The mere sight of wires can be upsetting. And if you’re not like me, having cables lying all around is a little bit (or a lot) old-fashioned. However, in this era of smart technology, you can own TVs that do not require you to go through the excruciating TV setup process where you have to connect too many cables to get the TV to work.

With the advent of Bluetooth integration in smart TVs, you can now get more with less. First, you do not need to set up too many cables to get the best entertainment. Next, you get to enjoy a lot of other awe-stounding features that come with owning a Smart TV with Bluetooth. So, to answer your question, “do smart TVs have Bluetooth?” Yes, they do! And they serve you in flexible ways that help you get the most out of entertainment.

Do all smart TVs come with Bluetooth?

No. Not all smart TVs come with Bluetooth, and there are good reasons for this. For starters, at the advent of smart TVs, the Bluetooth feature was only available in some of the high-end smart-tv versions. Hence, unless you had a lot of money for the Smart TV (regardless of the brand), you probably would end up buying Smart TVs that didn’t have the Bluetooth feature.

As a result, older Smart TV models do not come with Bluetooth built-in features. In addition, aside from older smart TV models, some low-end models from brands with their low-end smart TV lines might not include the Bluetooth feature in these low-end TVs.

Thus, you’ll mostly find that it is mid to highest-end smart TVs that come with built-in features. Nevertheless, the Bluetooth versions in these different models of smart TVs would vary. For instance, the Bluetooth version in mid-range smart TVs is usually lower compared to high-end models. The reason is, high-end smart TVs from the best brands are always top-notch, seeing as they are usually flagship devices.

In other words, while both mid-range Smart TV models and High-end Smart TV models both have Bluetooth, it functions with different capacities. So, most likely, the built-in Bluetooth in a mid-range Smart TV might be slower compared to a high-end model.

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How to know If the TV has Bluetooth? 

While most Smart TVs now come with Bluetooth, you should still make it a priority to check if the TV you’ve been obsessing about has Bluetooth capabilities. The reason is, as earlier explained, not all Smart TVs have Bluetooth. Hence, so you do not become a victim of buying sleek-looking smart TV and then find out later that it doesn’t come with the Bluetooth feature, here’s an easy way to help you determine if what you have is a Smart TV with Bluetooth connectivity.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll find this very useful. You’ll need to go beyond just checking if your smart TV has Bluetooth capabilities, possibly knowing what Bluetooth version it comes with. Either way, here’s how to tell if your TV has Bluetooth capability.

  • ONE: For starters, before you purchase your TV, do your research. When you research, you'll be able to gather the necessary information about the smart TV model you've always wanted to get.  A great place to start is the website of the brand. Or you could google the model and look through the specification. If it has Bluetooth, then proceed to buy it. If it doesn't have Bluetooth and you can manage it that way, go on to use it.
  • TWO: Nevertheless, if you bought the TV already but you’re not sure if it comes with Bluetooth, and you do not know what model it is, start by navigating the TV settings. With the remote, find your way down to settings. While in setting, find your way to the system information option, which should be located in the status and diagnostics, systems setting or troubleshooting and system information section (depending on your TV model and brand)
  • THREE: Checking the brand manual is another great way to determine if your Smart TV comes with Bluetooth. If your Smart TV comes with Bluetooth, your user manual would also show you how to activate it in easy steps.
  • FOUR: Another method is to check your smart TV remote. Does it have smart functions? If it does, then your Smart TV most likely is Bluetooth enabled.

Which smart TV has a Bluetooth option

No doubt, Smart TVs are convenient. They make it so easy for you to connect your other gadgets to your TV and so much more. Although not many Smart TVs have Bluetooth features, there are quite a few amazing TV options with Bluetooth capability from different brands that make use of smart TVs. We’ve compiled a list of TVs with Bluetooth that take your visual and audio entertainment to the next level.

TVs with Bluetooth List



TCL 32S334

HD LED Smart Android TV

Hisense 40H5500F

40-Inch Full HD SMART TV


43-Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR LED Smart TV

Caixun Android EC43S1UA

43-Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV

Samsung UN50TU8000FXZA


Hisense 50R6090G


Sony KD55X80J

55-Inch LED 4K UHD Smart TV

LG 55UN7300PUF

55-Inch 4K Smart UHD TV


65-inch 4K Smart OLED TV


65-Inch 4K Smart OLED TV

Samsung QN65QN90A


Samsung QN65Q80A


Samsung QN75Q70A


Samsung QN900A

75-Inch Class Neo QLED 8K Smart TV

Samsung QN75Q900RBFXZA


Samsung QN75Q80A


LG 75SM9070PUA

75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED NanoCell TV


77-Inch 4K Smart OLED TV


77-Inch 4K Ultra HD SMART TV


77-inch Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV

How To Enable Bluetooth on a Smart TV 

Enabling Bluetooth on a Smart TV is not difficult. However, its dynamic is quite different from your mobile phone. On your Mobile Phone, you have to turn on your Bluetooth before searching or pair it with any device. However, on most Smart TV, especially Samsung Smart TVs, you do not need to turn them on.

When you want to connect a device to your Bluetooth Smart TV, you would only need to turn on the Bluetooth of your device, then go to the Bluetooth list section of your Smart TV to look for your device’s name on the list. However, if enabling Bluetooth on your Smart TV is different from the regular Samsung TV process, it would be best to refer to your user manual.

You’d be able to explore the Bluetooth setup without damaging anything by snooping around and changing factory set controls that shouldn’t be toyed with.

How To Connect Bluetooth Devices to a Smart TV

The Bluetooth feature included in Smart TVs can boost your TV experience. It can keep you glued to the TV, especially if you know how to use the Bluetooth feature effectively. By enabling Bluetooth on a Smart TV, you’re opening up your TV to connect with other devices while maximizing its potential.

There are quite a few benefits in enabling/ connecting your Smart TV with other devices via Bluetooth. For starters, it gives you a better viewing and listening TV experience. If you are a gamer, smart tv with Bluetooth allows you to connect your headphone to your TV, boosting your listening experience while gaming. It also allows you to redefine movie night by connecting your Bluetooth speaker or soundbar to your TV, giving you a pleasurable, cinematic sound/ experience.

Although connecting your Smart TV to multiple devices leads to amazing experiences, it is not as easy as it sounds. The process might seem a bit complex for some people, which is why we created this section as a guide for you. First, we’ll simplify the process of connecting other devices to your Bluetooth Smart TV.

Start by setting the device you want to pair with your Smart TV to pairing mode. If your device comes with a specific pairing button, it makes it simplifies the pairing process. However, if your device doesn’t come with a pairing button, check your device's manual for instruction on how to set it to pairing mode.

On your TV, go to the Bluetooth set up section and to the Bluetooth list. If your device is in pairing mode, it would automatically pop up on your Smart TV Bluetooth list. You’ll also see another compatible device on the Bluetooth list. Once you spot your device on the Smart TV pairing list, tap on it. Your Smart TV would begin to establish the Bluetooth connection with your phone after permitting it.

Once Bluetooth connection has been successfully established, proceed to enjoy whatever music, movie, game you intend to. The above method works for all of your Bluetooth devices, from your headset to your speakers, smartphone, etc.

Last Words

Fascinated by how easy Bluetooth-enabled Smart TVs make the entertainment life? Then, you should invest in a high-quality Smart TV. If you are looking to get the amazing and latest Bluetooth models, you should most likely opt for a Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung keeps outdoing itself when it comes to smart TVs and their other devices. But that doesn’t mean that other brands are not amazing. With Bluetooth enable Smart TVs, you can be certain of getting maximum entertainment grandly and more appealingly.

Now that we’ve answered your question, “do smart TVs have Bluetooth?” you would take the time out to go through the spec of any Smart TV to be sure it comes with Bluetooth before investing in it. You just to figure out which TVs have Bluetooth built-in and then invest in the best of the best.

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