Should I get a monitor with built-in speakers? (All You Need to Know!)

In recent times, monitors with speakers are becoming quite popular in the computer world. You can see this feature in many gaming monitors that are coming out recently. For those wondering why monitors have speakers and why you should get one, I will go through some facts and discussion.

The whole thing should answer all your questions regarding a monitor with built-in speakers. You get a complete idea of how you should approach such monitors. So, let's not waste any more time and get started with it right away.


Monitors with built-in speakers 

Now, let's start with the fact that you may need one if you are getting into monitors with built-in speakers. Sure, you can go ahead and buy a monitor with speakers. Usually, it doesn't have that much impact on the monitor's performance.

However, it can have an impact on the aesthetics and build. So, that's a fact you should be considering when you are going for a monitor with speakers. If you are okay with the monitor being a little bulkier, you can proceed ahead.

Let's talk about the speaker quality a bit more. Here's the thing, no matter how expensive of a monitor you get, the built-in speakers will never be as good as the basic set of speakers. So, if you consider them to be replacements for your speaker, then I don't think that will happen.

This naturally brings up the question: Why should you get a monitor like that. That's what I am going to discuss with you now. Here, I will go through when you should get a monitor like that and avoid the idea altogether. Let's get going.

When you should consider a monitor with speakers built in them 

Even though the sound quality of the built-in speakers on the monitor isn't that great, still, there are cases you can get used to it. Sometimes, you can get many benefits from buying a monitor that has built-in speakers in them.

Following are the perfect scenarios to buy such a monitor and get the most out of it.

  • When you don't need speakers that much 

Let's get something straight; not everyone needs a speaker. For example, if you have a home theater system, you probably listen to most of your music there. Or if you work on your computer and do nothing else, you can surely get such a monitor.

Because in that case, you truly don't need a separate set of speakers. But having those built-in speakers in your monitor can give you that option to get audio every once in a while. If you want to watch a few videos or listen to a song to freshen up the mood, you can use the monitor speakers for that.

This is when having a monitor with speakers brings a lot of value.

  • When there is no space for speakers 

Well, this is the most common scenario when you should be willingly looking for such a kind of monitor. Because, when you don't have space for keeping speakers, a monitor with speakers is the best option available for you. You can still get to hear the audio, and you don't need to worry about the spacing issue at all.

Later on, if you switch places or create some space around you, you can surely buy a pair of speakers. Having a monitor with speakers opens up the options to get on with that plan.

Other than these two factors, another pretty obvious one is the monitor you like comes with built-in speakers. Now, in that case, it's just a bonus for you. They can also be great for backup speakers.

For example, when your speakers stop working or break down, you can still get audio from the speakers on your monitor. This works out perfectly for that scenario.

When you should avoid getting a monitor with speakers 

There are plenty of times when getting a monitor with speakers may not be the perfect idea for you. Before I go through the scenarios, you should know the harm of having such a monitor.

There is no direct harm associated with such a monitor. But there are times when monitors with speakers may cost a bit more than just regular monitors. In those cases, you can have a better-performing monitor for the same cost as the monitor with speakers.

This is where you should consider performance over the extra facility speakers. Now, let's check out when you shouldn't choose a monitor with speakers.

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  • When you already own a quality pair of speakers 

Well, when you already have speakers that are of high standards, you shouldn't get bothered with the speakers of a monitor. Instead, it would help if you went for a better monitor with the same price tag.

  • When sound quality matters to you 

Like I said earlier, the sound quality you get from monitor speakers can never compete with a regular pair of speakers. Whether you are getting budget speakers or high-end speakers, they will always be better than the speakers you get on a monitor.

So, if sound quality is a concern for you, I highly recommend not getting a monitor with speakers.

Instead, you can find monitors with the same specs for a lower price except for the speakers. Go for that, and then add some money to get a separate pair of speakers.

These are the situations where you should focus on getting a monitor without any speakers. They can have significantly better performance or features for the same price.

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Wrap up 

To sum it up, whether you should get a monitor with speakers or not comes down to what your needs are. Now that you know why monitors have speakers, you can easily decide whether you need one.

The decision is simple; if you want sound quality, it doesn't matter because you will need separate speakers anyway. But if you're going to work and don't have space for speakers, a monitor with speakers can have a lot of value for you.

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