Denon Prime 4 Review, Standalone Smart DJ Controller

Treading the road to becoming one of the best DJs means you'll need to have the best equipment with you so you can produce cool beats. Beats can only sound great when you use the best equipment that doesn't sound painful to listen to, especially to audiophiles like myself.

After being at several clubs where the DJs weren't that good and technically suffering from the curse of terrible sounding equipment, I researched on my own. I scanned Amazon, Walmart, and every other ecommerce store that sells DJ controllers. I didn't buy all the DJ controllers I found on these ecommerce sites. Of course, I found a couple in which I invested money into.

I only invested money in the DJ controllers with good reviews. Then, I put them to use. Don't get me wrong; I know a lot about DJing myself. I'm a DJ hobbyist. After hours of trying different DJ controllers (some of which my friends or I bought and some of which my fellow DJ hobbyist used), I decided to review all of them, so you know what to expect.

So, this DJ controller review results from hours of painstakingly examining and putting it to use to see how it performed. If you're curious about how this Denon prime DJ controller performed, keep reading because I’ll show you all you need to know about it.


Denon Prime 4  specifications

 Denon DJ PRIME 4

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  • Dimension: 4.08 x 19.56 x 28.68 inches
  • Workflow: Advanced TouchScreen
  • Channels: 4
  • Bit resolution: 24-bit
  • Sampling rate: Not specified
  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Displays: 1 touchscreen, 2 center jog wheel
  • Touch strip: No
  • Mixer: 4-channel/4-deck
  • EQ: 3-band
  • Loop recorder: Yes
  • Jog wheels: Yes
  • Master out: 2 (RCA stereo, XLR stereo)
  • Filter control: Yes
  • Trigger pads: 16 velocity-sensitive
  • Built-in FX: Yes
  • DJ software: Engine Prime
  • Phono inputs: 2 (RCA stereo)
  • Booth out: 1 (XLR)
  • CD/Line inputs: 4 (RCA stereo)
  • Mic inputs: 2 (XLR, ¼”)
  • USB ports: 5

The benefits and Drawbacks of Denon Prime 4 DJ controller

The Benefits

This Denon Prime 4 DJ controller steps up the game in the DJ Controller industry. It presents you with more than a DJ controller, and I'll show you how.

  • The first thrilling feature of this DJ controller is that it is a versatile DJ controller, and it comes with the Serato Software.
  • The metal chassis it has is durable.
  • Thanks to the four-plinth support on every side that makes it stable on your DJ desk.
  • As a stand-alone DJ controller, it has a built-in processing unit.
  • There are many tools for use at your disposal from the FX section, multiple performance modes, etc.
  • This Controller comes with XLR Zone Output that grants you the luxury to play different music in two different rooms.
  • With this Controller, you can censor explicit songs. 

The Drawbacks

  • With a 21.34-pound weight, this Controller is really heavy compared to other DJ controllers.
  • It’s a lot pricy, but it’s entirely functional.

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Denon Prime 4 DJ controller Overview and Features


The first look or glance at the DENON Prime4 can leave you overwhelmed. The reason is that it looks like it has a lot of features. Technically, it does have tons of features that would pull you in.

Of course, these features set it aside from other DJ controllers so that it's unique and not the regular Controller you have. When it comes to its build, the Denon Prime 4 is made of metal. While the metal makes it look and feel durable, it contributes to its heavy size.

Hence, it might be difficult for DJ who get many gigs at various venues to move around. While it is possible to move around with this DJ controller, the weight won’t make it a comfortable endeavor.

Although this DJ controller has tons of features, the manufacturers ensured that they lay out the features organized to prevent DJs from feeling overwhelmed. As a result, DJs can easily master the features.

This DJ controller has nimble and tight knobs. When you handle the buttons, you’ll realize that the manufacturer carved it from high-quality rubber.

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Touch screen

This DJ controller comes with a 10-inch touch screen, so you see what you’re doing. It also allows you to solely mix on the DJ controller, especially when you pair it with the Denon Engine Prime.

Denon gives DJs the luxury to enjoy 4 different viewing modes on the DJ controller. Of course, it doesn’t leave out the full 4-channel waveform display as well. It grants you the liberty to watch all the tracks you mix at the same time.

You can also decide if you want the waveform displayed vertically or horizontally. DJs can see the frequencies of the track using the RGB format of the waveform.

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When it comes to connectivity, this DJ controller delivers fantastically. It's got 4 USB ports, an installable SATA card, and an SD card slot. You can connect the 4channels via digital tracks, route them via CDJs or external vinyl. The best part is that it is compatible with any DJ software, including Serato, Traktor Pro, Rekordbox, and Itunes. This DJ controller works with Engine Prime Software that is functional and easy to use. For instance, Engine Prime can record the BPM of every song, including the metadata, beat grid, etc. As a result, you won’t only get a musical instrument with this DJ controller, as it also functions as a bit of a cyborg. Another amazing feature of this equipment is plug-in a Keyboard to aid your music search.

Key Shift & Match: 

This Denon Prime 4 DJ controller makes it easy for you to match and change a song’s key easily, thanks to the on-display controls. Slide the pitch's fader utilizes the DAW quality of this Controller. It also shifts the song key. Match the key of your song to its master with a simple push of a button on the Controller. Undoubtedly, every button and function on this Controller is designed to refine and modify how you mix your song.

XLR Zone Output: 

The major feature that makes this DJ controller impressive is its separate zone playback. This feature makes it easier for DJs to separate audio signals and put them in an entirely new room.

Rate performance

  • Ease-of-Use: 4.4/5
  • Design: 4/5
  • Features:4/5
  • Value for Money: 5/5
  • Performance: 5/5
  • Channels: 4.5/5

Denon Prime 4 DJ controller alternatives

Although this DJ controller seems like no other DJ controller is better than it, we spotted some other great alternatives for the Denon Prime 4. So, if, for some reason, you're looking for an alternative to the Denon Prime 4, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading as this section is for the other possible alternative to this DJ controller.

Pioneer XDJ-RR:

The first alternative on our list is the Pioneer XDJ-RR. This DJ controller is perfect for you if you're new at DJing or just want a DJ controller that's a lot less complicated. The controls and arrangements are easy to locate. The only difference between this DJ controller and the Denon Prime 4 is that this DJ controller is a 2-channel controller. It is also compact. In essence, you won’t have trouble carrying it everywhere you go.

Denon DJ Prime 2: 

Of course, another great alternative is the Denon DJ prime 2. The Prime 4 comes with a plethora of options, some of which the Prime 2 lacks. However, the Prime 2 is still as good as the Prime 4. It is also a lot easier to use compared to the Prime 4. In size and shape, the Prime to is about 4 inches smaller than the Prime 4. It also doesn’t weigh as much as the Prime 4. But when it comes to the processors of both the Prime 2 and 4, there’s no difference. Their Display features are also similar. Truthfully, you won't miss out on too many features if you opt for the Prime 2 instead of the Prime 4.

Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT: 

If you’re looking for a DJ controller alternative that isn’t too different in function and features from the Prime 4, you should check out this DJ controller from Pioneer. However, this DJ controller comes with an 8-inch Jog Wheel. Coupled with how light its weight is, it's easier for you to wheel this DJ controller around compared to the Prime 4. Also, the DJM designs are easier to use, and many DJs who grew up on Pioneer's DJ controllers would not have issues using this.

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This DJ controller is innovative and functional. Trust me when I say that you'll get the value for your money. You’ll experience your creativity come to life when you mix with this DJ controller. However, not all DJs would find this DJ controller easy to use as it was designed in a way that Professionals would best know how to handle it. A rookie DJ would be overwhelmed with this DJ controller at first. But that doesn't mean you won't be able to put it to good use as a rookie. You'll need a lot of patience with yourself to put this DJ controller to good use. Please take your time to master the use of this DJ controller as its features are fantastic. They would blow your mind away as a DJ.

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  1. You know I just got the prime 4 and I don’t know what it is that it will not work with Serato even after being told to download the latest firmware and still the audio connection error would pop up and I can’t control the controller. It has to be control with a mouse which makes navigating around difficult. It’s disappointing to have to use a different software and learn using the software all over again after hearing that it wouldn’t be necessary. Come to find out that it s the laptop audio driver that wouldn’t connect with Prime 4. Now we have to get another laptop. I was about to get Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 but was sold on Demon because I owned a MC6000 and loved the built quality of Denon controllers.


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